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7 Steps to Create Your Own Fitness and Diet Plan

A guide for beginners

Ever wonder what makes a good abs? Do you think it is only the exercise that can give you good abs? Do you think is it only the diet plan to gain abs or a fit body? In reality, both of these are important. You have to combine both of these and keep going with them with continuous effort. This is why it is said “Six pack are made in the kitchen’. Thinking how to create your own fitness and diet plan? Read this article to know the steps to create a fitness and diet plan for you. 

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7 Steps to Create Your Fitness Plan

Fitness plans can’t follow “one size fits for all” theory, because our bodies are different so do the capabilities. Maybe the goal for fitness is the same but the way and the process you will follow may differ based on your body type and capabilities. So, let’s checkout the 7 steps to create a fitness plan for you. 

Step 1: Know Your Fitness Level and Your Body

Fitness is all about reaching a specific goal. Know where you want to reach, what you want to gain and how you want to gain. To get your desired body fitness, you need to know where you are standing right now. If you know that, you will know how much you need to lose, how much exercise is required to reach your goal and how long will it take to become fit. 

Besides, recording your progress will build your confidence, give you motivation to achieve your fitness goal. So here is the list of things you need to know before getting started with the fitness plan. 

Your BMI

Your BMI will tell you how much you have to lose to become fit. BMI refers to the body mass index, it is calculated using your age, height and weight. Which indicated whether you have a healthy body based on your age , weight and heights. BMI has 8 categories based on the BMI values  that indicate 8 different situations of your body’s health. These categories are 

So, as you can understand, your BMI score will indicate your goal, will tell you whether you should go for an intensive diet or a moderate diet and how much weight you should lose to become fit. 

Your Body Type

In 1940 Dr. W.H. Sheldon first introduces 3 body type compositions. These are Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. 


Body Type

Ectomorphs tend to be skinny, Mesomorphs tend to have predominance of muscle, rectangular shape with heavy and hard body type. Endomorphs tend to have soft roundness throughout the body. Based on your body type your fitness plan will differ. 

For example if your body is in the Endomorphs group then your body will gain weight fast but loose weight slowly. If your body is from a Mesomorph group then your weight loss and gain will happen in a balanced way.  The main idea is, to treat your body according to your body’s need so that you can reach your goal faster. Read this article about weight loss with PhenQ for more information

Your Metabolism

Metabolism is the consumption capabilities of our body. It is like a balloon, that indicates how much you can consume in a day to stay fit. Fitness is all about understanding your body and managing it accordingly. Knowing your metabolism will help you to achieve your goal faster, since you will know how much calories your body should intake after a long exercise. 

Step 2: Determine Your SMART Goal

SMART Goals Determine

Step 3 : Take Little Steps

Remember small changes add up to huge results. So keep it slow but steady. Do not start with heavy stuff and the toughest one. Start with something low impact exercise to help build your strength. Do not run 45 miles at the beginning rather run for 10 minutes and gradually increase your level.


Step 4 : Stay Positive and Keep Going

You have to go a long way. Your journey to fitness will not be easy. It will be harsh, it will be time consuming and sometimes it will be heartbreaking too. Because, you may expect to see results within 3 months but you may not see any changes, but do not stop if you do not see any changes within your expected months. 

Keep going, do not lose your hope and stay with a positive mentality that you can reach your fitness goal with continuous efforts. But, if you stop in the middle, you can’t reach your goal ever. So, keep doing what you are doing and keep tracking your progress. Today or tomorrow you will see the result. 


Step 5 : Create Your Exercise Schedule

Schedule your exercise routine and keep following it. Write down your daily exercise list with the number of reps and your target. Set reminders on your phone so that you never miss your exercise schedule. Write down your schedule in the dairy or in the calendar, you can create reminders in the Google calendar as well. Doing all these things will create a  positive exercise habit that stays with you throughout your life. 

Step 6 : Get Started

Now it is time to start your exercise according to your plan. Stick to your goal and keep going till you reach your goal. Stay positive and keep going. Listen to your body, do not try to achieve so many things on the first day. Just stay slow and steady, because slow and steady always wins the race. Make it a habit so that you can live with exercise and never ever have to leave it in the middle. Be flexible too, take rest if you feel like. The main idea is to enjoy what you are doing and keep going, in this way you will surely reach your fitness goal one day.  

Step 7 : Track Your Progress

Now it is time to track your progress. See how much you are progressing. No matter what result you get, just keep going. Measure your body weight, check your BMI, your changes. Write down your progress everyday after the exercise. Eventually you will see changes in your fitness goal. Just keep going and track your progress, and this is how you will reach your fitness goal one day. 

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7 Steps to Create Your Diet Plan

As mentioned before, fitness can not be fulfilled without a proper diet plan. 

No matter how good you exercise, without a proper diet plan you can’t reach your goal. 

Wondering how to create such a diet plan? Do not worry, here are the 7 steps to create a perfect diet plan to achieve your fitness goal. 

Diet plan - 7 steps to follow

Step 1 : Track Your Daily Food Habit

We often don’t consider it and just jump into the taking diet. It is not healthy. Because, you can not change suddenly. So, track your daily food intake. Just write down what you eat every day. Do it for 3 days, on the fourth day look at your notes. Checkout your eating habits. Now note down what is healthy and what is unhealthy. Eliminate unhealthy food from your list. In this way you can understand your unhealthy eating habit and can set your mind to stay fit with eating healthy food to reach your fitness goal. 

Step 2 : Enrol In the Online Nutrition Masterclass

Now you know what is making you unhealthy. You can stop eating them, but they are not enough. You have to follow a perfect diet that can help you to reach your fitness goal.

OneEducation is one of the renowned online course providers in the UK. They offer Nutrition Masterclass: Build Your Perfect Diet & Meal Plan course.  In this comprehensive course you will get in-depth ideas about nutrition and get complete ideas, strategies and techniques to create a perfect diet and meal plan for yourself. 

The course is fully online, so you can do it at your own pace from any parts of the world. Even you will never miss any class and will get complete knowledge from your most comfortable zone. After doing this course, you will know how to make a perfect diet and can implement it in your real life. In short Nutrition Masterclass: Build Your Perfect Diet & Meal Plan course is the perfect course if you want to make a perfect diet and meal plan for yourself. 

Step 3 : Exclude Processed Food

Exclude processed food from your diet plan. Include unprocessed food as much as possible. Nutrition value remains the same in the unprocessed food. So, the more you take the unprocessed food the more you can reach your goal faster. Salad, fruits, fruit salad, unprocessed vegetables etc can be in the list of your unprocessed food. Take at least one third of the unprocessed food in your diet plan. 

Step 4 : Include Fresh Fruits and Vegetable

Fresh fruits and vegetables have high nutrition value. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your list. While including fresh fruits and vegetables make sure those fruits and vegetables have levels of vitamins and minerals. High vitamins and minerals which are also high in nutrition. Such fresh food intake can increase your immunity system and keep your body safe and sound. 

Step 5 : Avoid Artificial Sugar

Avoid artificial sugar. If you do not have diabetics keep it at a minimum level. As mentioned before, you have to avoid processed food as much as possible. Artificial sugar is in the list, so avoid it, bring it in the minimum level if you can’t leave it completely. One spoon or less artificial sugar is enough for a day. 

Step 6 : Stay Positive and Steady

We often become frustrated and become hopeless when you can’t reach our goal. When it happens, we often starve or start to eat very less. Such an act can bring you faster results, but it can affect your health for a long time. So never, ever starve to get your expected result. Remember, starving is not the answer, understanding the nutrition value, and the body’s metabolism are important. If you starve your body will never get proper nutrition as a result you will feel weak and can have serious health issues in the future. So, never skip your meals or never ever starve to gain your goal it will affect your health. 

Step 7 : Control Your Brain

Sometimes it is not our stomach that is hungry, rather it is our brain that needs food. Which means sometimes we just eat to satisfy our emotions. It mostly happens when people feel depressed and stressed. No doubt these kinds of eating are not healthy. Since it is not for your stomach, it will hamper your health. Control your brain, when you feel craving for the food, ask yourself, if you are really hungry or not. If the answer is yes, only then order food or eat food, but if your answer is to satisfy your brain, skip it. This is how you should control your emotion that triggers excessive eating. 


Diet and a fitness plan is a long task. You have to be patient, hard-working and positive to gain your desired fitness goal. Do not forget about the nutritional value of the food while making a perfect diet plan. However, perfect nutrition is a must in your diet plan. 

To understand the nutrition value and how to use it in the diet plan. Learn in-detail about nutrition value from Nutrition Masterclass: Build Your Perfect Diet & Meal Plan course to fast track your Fitness and Diet Plan. 

Nutrition Masterclass: Build Your Perfect Diet & Meal Plan
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Nutrition Masterclass: Build Your Perfect Diet & Meal Plan
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