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Everything You Need to Know about Funeral Service

The life of a soul on earth lasts beyond departure. You will always feel that life touching yours, that voice speaking to you. He/She lives on in your life and in the lives of all others that knew him/her.
Angelo Patri
Italian-American author and educator.

Who wants to live a life without a dear one? I still remember the day when my dad departed this life; the moment came to all of us like a bombshell. No worldly goods could fuel this great void in our lives. 

The grief is normal, but it is wiser to make our beloved person’s farewell a warm and tender one. So I’ve summoned up all the necessary things you need to know about funeral service

Don’t twiddle your thumbs and continue reading. 

Table of Contents

What is the funeral service?

At first, let’s define a funeral service to get a clear perception. 

A funeral service is a procession of people escorting a corpse to burial. It is a service that is held to memorialise a deceased person in the presence of their body. 

As it helps us to leave from life before death to afterlife, funerals are there from the very beginning of human history. And since then it has become an indispensable part of life. 

Purpose of a Funeral Service

Before arranging a funeral, you have to know the intent of a funeral service. You are here as someone close to you has passed away. The funeral service will fill your crucial needs.  

Purpose of a Funeral Service

Typical Components of a Funeral

So what are the heart elements of a funeral? These elements can help you begin the healing process. The main parts are:

1. The Visitation

In this, the family and friends of the demised gather together and express their condolences to one another.  

The visitation usually happens the day before the funeral or just before the funeral. It is commonly done at the funeral home or church. It may also be held at the family home or some other suitable location. 

The Visitation in funeral

2. The Music

It is believed that music heals the pain faster than anything else. This is also true for funeral music. This music set a perfect melody to the funeral service. It will help you to embrace the loss, deal with it and move on with the grief.   

You can select any tasteful and appropriate music to create harmony with the wake. The deceased’s favourite song will bring forth specific memories for the loved ones.

3. The Eulogy

A eulogy is an appraisal speech or writing that is delivered by a close person of the deceased. In the UK, it is said during the service, at a crematorium or place of worship, before the wake.

You can prepare more than one eulogy at the funeral. Just make sure they are precise and brief

4. The Readings

Funeral readings offer you to express your emotions about the great loss. There may be two or three readings, but you can add more as per your wish. Any tasteful and appropriate passage can be used regardless of the genre.

The Readings in funeral service

5. The Symbols

Do you know what psychologists and experts say about symbols? Well, they state that symbols immensely help us to express our feelings and griefs. 

You can use religious and secular symbols like flowers, candles, crosses, angels, etc. The selection of symbols will reflect your and the demised’s cultural and spiritual beliefs. 

6. The Memories

In this part, the guests and family members of the departed soul shared their best and evergreen memories with him/her. You may also portray photographs, slideshows, or a tribute video. There are many ways you can unite memories from different dimensions of that person’s life.

7. The Committal Service

A committal service is a Christian ritual, mostly prevalent in Orthodox or Catholic denominations. Following the funeral, it involves a range of prayers and sometimes a farewell from the community to the demised. 

The committal service is a graveside ritual performed at the time of interment. But it can also take place in a crematorium or at the site of burial for a person’s ashes.

8. The Reception

If your purse allows you, you can also choose to hold a reception. It will provide a casual and warm aura to share memories of the deceased. You can catch up with friends and family members, and support each other in agony.

Proper Documentation of a Funeral

For a meaningful funeral, precise and proper paperwork is compulsory. The information may comprise:

You may also have to provide the following optional details:

Decide the Method of Final Disposal

It’s the most sensitive and essential part of a funeral service. Fixing your beloved person’s final disposition is a very personal decision. Remember, it influences his/her beliefs, faiths, and ethics. Choose whether you want a traditional burial, mausoleum entombment, or interment in a cremation garden precisely.

Funerals and Burial Instructions

Sometimes people pre-arranged or pre-paid their funeral arrangements. If your loved one did the same, locate the info and contact the funeral home as per his/her wish. 

funerals and burial instructions in funeral service

A letter of instruction simplifies the communication of guidance and desires at the time of your beloved person’s death. This will definitely save your time, money, and make it easier to take other tough decisions.  

Funeral Rites

Death is no more a biological occurrence; it has become a fundamental socio-cultural issue now. It brings about beliefs, attitudes, and rituals. 

Anthropologically, a funeral rite is a ceremony in which behaviours, gestures and postures, words or songs uttered possess virtues or powers. There is also a belief that objects handled, manufactured, destroyed, or consumed in a funeral, are supposed to produce specific effects.

Chief moments of funeral rites (Catholic) are:

Vigil Service (Wake)

It mainly takes place during the visitation at the funeral home. It is the time when you remember the life of the late and to commend him/her to God.

Funeral Liturgy

It is the Christian Community’s central liturgical celebration. The Church foregathers with the family and friends of the deceased to give praise and thanks to God for Christ’s victory over sin and death. It is not merely an expression of grief hence an act of worship.

Rite of Committal

It is the final act of the community of faith in caring for the body of its deceased member. You can celebrate it at the committal place.

How much It Costs

Funeral cost depends on your plans and conditions. Broadly, expenses of funeral service may be classified into three categories

Basic Service Fee

It includes common services like the funeral home, funeral director and attendant, coordinating burial arrangements, death certificate, etc. 

Optional Service Cost

These fees involve optional services. It includes transporting the body, embalming, use of the home, hearse or limousine, burial containers, cremation and interment.

Cash Disbursement

This cost covers goods and services that a funeral home purchases from other vendors. This includes flowers, clergy services, obituary notices, pallbearers and other service providers such as musicians.

In the UK, the average funeral expense for cremation is £3,946, and for burial, it is £4,893. It seems that cremation is 42% less expensive than burial. Depending on the urn you choose, the cost of the urn may vary between  £50 and £300.   

These prices are based on the fees of the funeral director, burial or cremation costs, medical fees and the cost of a minister or celebrant. It also depends on the location you decide to perform the funeral. 

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Cash Disbursement in funeral service

Last Words

In this blog, I’ve tried to assemble all the vital info that you need to know about funeral service. I attempted to inform you from tip to toe about funeral service. I believe now you acquire a clear concept about it. 

Losing someone is not the thing we wish for. We want to stay with our dear ones until hell freezes over. But it’s the circle of life, the elder one goes, and a new one comes. Stay strong and arrange a funeral that defines your beloved. Pencil it in such a manner that beholds the deceased dignity and pride. 

May God gives you patience and makes it easier for you! My best wishes are always with you.


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