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20 Great Jobs to Consider if you have Good Communication Skills

Communication skills are a must when you are part of a workforce. The level of communication skills required at a workplace is proportional to the role you are in. And, if you are a good communicator and love interacting with people, then you have come to the right place! Because this article will give you in-depth knowledge on 20 great jobs to consider if you have good communication skills.

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What Are Communication Skills?

What Are Communication Skills

Communication skills are also known as soft skills or interpersonal skills. These skills may sound very basic and easy to acquire, but they play an essential role in shaping your personality. Good communication skills include

  • Verbal communication
  • Non-verbal communication 
  • Written communication.

They are a vital part of our everyday lives. Communication skills help us resolve conflicts, ace an interview, or even maintain our relationships. Therefore, every individual should try to work on their communication skills more and more, to make it even better than before.

Who is a Good Communicator?

Since we now know what communication skills are, who do you think is a good communicator? So the answer is, a good communicator is someone who is good at all forms of communication. It includes writing, reading, listening and speaking.

Additionally, they will know how to convey a message in written form so that people from all walks of life can understand your meaning. They will also be good at reading because communication is a two-way street! You’ll be able to understand complex ideas in written form. Reading lots of books also improves spelling and grammar, so if you think you need to work on your writing skills, start by reading more.

Moreover, a good communicator will always make an effort to be understood. This means using body language to help convey intent, as well as choosing the right words. 

Someone who has good communication skills will also be a good listener who practices active listening. Active listening means focusing on what a person is saying instead of thinking about what you will say next. It involves paraphrasing what you have just heard to show that you have understood what the person meant. Don’t worry if you paraphrase and get something wrong, as the person speaking will soon correct you! 

If you have strong communication skills, you’ll be good over the phone or on video calls. If you want to improve your telephone skills, try smiling when you talk, as this conveys a warm and friendly tone. You’ll also be good in meetings, knowing when to speak up but also avoiding interruptions. You might even be an excellent public speaker or enjoy taking part in competitive debates.

Importance of Good Communication Skills in the Workplace

Good communication skills are necessary for all walks of life and in every profession. They are an essential tool in achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships. Good Communication Skills

Thus, employers have to work harder to deliver clear lines of communication and build trust with employees. They have to make sure that they provide a good sense of comfort and build everyone’s trust. On the other hand, employees who communicate effectively will always stand out as being prime assets of an organisation. They can get promotions quickly and get new tasks assigned. Employees with good communication skills also have a lot of self-confidence. It makes them go a long way in their profession. 

Additionally, strong communication skills will set you apart from the competition when applying for jobs. It is because you would express yourself and showcase your skills to the hiring manager more efficiently.

20 Great Jobs to Consider if you have Good Communication Skills

To be honest, having strong communication skills will set you up nicely for any job. But, still, here are our top 20 great jobs to consider if you have good communication skills.

1. Journalist

Journalists are storytellers, so they need to be strong communicators. They write and report news stories about everything, from social issues and politics to sports and entertainment. A journalist needs to present information to allow the reader to form their own opinion or make prudent decisions. A journalist will need to practice active listening skills while interviewing sources. They will need to have a strong email and phone manner and be full of ideas in meetings.

2. TV Presenter

A television presenter is the host of a TV program. The job involves presenting information and opinions on different topics. It also consists of introducing people or sections of the show and interviewing guests. 

TV Presenter

Being a TV presenter is all about having strong communication skills and a big personality. You’ll need to be able to convey messages with feeling and confident body language. You’ll also need to be able to read and remember scripts or live autocues. It means reading from a screen behind the camera as if you are speaking naturally.

3. Communications Executive

This one might seem a little obvious as the clue is in the name, but it’s worth mentioning if you didn’t know this was a career option. 

A Communications Executive can translate complex information into easy-to-read, bite-sized pieces for any kind of audience. They will write engaging copy for websites, blogs, articles, leaflets, social media, and newsletters. In addition, they plan and direct an organization’s overall communication strategy. They also look after internal and external communications, including marketing a company’s image.  

4. Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers have many responsibilities, such as building strategies and budgeting. Budgeting for marketing campaigns and working with advertising agencies are also a part of their job. 

Marketing Manager skills

They also review advertising material such as print, radio, TV commercials, and digital marketing. Therefore, they need to have strong negotiation skills, plus a keen eye for detail when proofreading press releases or advertising copy. In addition, marketing managers need to have strong email and telephone skills and take charge of a meeting or give presentations.

5. Counsellor

become a counsellorCounsellors are trained to listen well without judgement to help people make sense of their thoughts and feelings. A counsellor must keep these thoughts and feelings confidential to protect the privacy of the client. They use active listening to reflect the needs and desires of a client and make them feel heard. This is also termed talking therapy, where clients can explore the life moments that might make them feel low.   

6. Doctor

Doctors are responsible for diagnosing disease and providing treatment and care to their patients. To do this, they need to be strong communicators and good listeners as they will often rely on a patient’s description of symptoms to make a diagnosis. 

how to become a doctor uk

They need to communicate to a patient clearly, how to take medication or improve their health with a particular diet or exercise. Doctors need to be abread patient stories and make sound judgements based on the information they have.

7. Nurse

Nurses provide care to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, at home, or other settings.  They take care of patients suffering from chronic, acute, physical or mental disorders. Nurses need to have a caring and compassionate nature. They should also have the ability to deal with emotionally charged and pressured situations. 

Strong communication skills must convey empathy when dealing with patients. They need to make them feel more comfortable during a very stressful and challenging time.

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8. Lawyer

A lawyer’s duties are to provide legal advice and counsel, research and gather information or evidence, draw up legal documents related to divorce, wills, contracts, or real estate transactions, and prosecute or defend in court. A lawyer needs strong communication skills and a solid understanding of the law to offer legal advice. Lawyers must be good at public speaking when appearing in court, delivering statements, and cross-examining witnesses.  Lawyers must also have a keen eye for detail when drafting or proofreading legal contracts.

9. Teacher

A teacher’s job varies depending on the age of their students and the subject they teach. If teaching nursery or primary school students, teachers usually cover a broad range of subjects. However, teachers in high school will typically specialise in one particular subject such as Maths, Music or Physics. 

become a Teacher

Teachers do need strong communication skills to translate complex ideas for young people in an engaging way. Teachers need to spot when their pupils struggle and need extra help and adapt their communication style accordingly.

10. Social Worker

Social workers help people to cope with challenges throughout their lives. They can help with various things, from adopting a child to being diagnosed with a terminal illness. Social workers protect children from abuse and work with families in the hopes of keeping them together despite complex relationships. Social workers can work with anyone, from children to people with addictions or disabilities. 

Social Workers need strong communication skills to mediate between family members and children and empathy to make people feel at ease.

11. Financial Advisor

Financial advisors help people with long-term financial planning, such as investments, pensions, life insurance, and mortgages. They can also help with inheritance tax, estate planning, and ethical investing. Financial Advisors need to communicate complex information to their clients in an easily digestible way, so good communication skills are a must!

12. Pharmacist

Pharmacists dispense prescribed medications along with crucial information like side effects or clashes with other medicines. Pharmacists guide customers with dosage instructions to ensure the medicine is taken correctly. 

how to become a Pharmacist

In addition, they look after the stock levels of a retail or hospital pharmacy. A Pharmacist needs strong communication skills because they need to understand prescriptions and communicate with patients using empathy.

13. Sales Representative

Sales Reps are responsible for selling a company’s products to other businesses or customers by identifying leads and educating prospects with presentations, phone calls, or training. 

Sometimes Sales Reps will work outside, approaching potential customers on the street; other times, they will work in a central retail shop. Therefore, sales representatives must master excellent communication skills to upsell products over the phone or when approaching a stranger in the street.

14. Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives assist their customers with product enquires, complaints and any other questions. They also place orders, schedule deliveries, etc. Their role is quite similar to the role of a sales representative. So it is because they both deal with http://www.rustburgpharmacy.com customers enquiries. They typically provide services by phone, but some also interact with customers face to face, by email or text, via live chat, or through social media.

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representatives need strong communication skills to show empathy to sometimes angry customers; making them feel heard can often resolve the dispute. Thus, it is one of the 20 great jobs to consider if you have good communication skills.

15. Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists belong to the health care industry. They work with people of all ages with different medical issues. Through several therapeutics treatments, they help patients with injuries, illnesses, or disabilities recover and improve their working and daily living skills. An occupational therapist needs good communication skills to explore what might be wrong with a patient and proactively suggest treatment options.

16. Travel Agent

The primary responsibility of travel agents is to book flights for clients, reserve hotels or other accommodations, and provide the best holiday deals! Therefore, travel agents need good communication skills. They need to write emails detailing the holiday itinerary and make quotes either in person or over the phone. It will help them understand their clients’ needs and sell package holidays that will excite them.

17. Trainer

how to become a personal trainer

A Trainer will often give presentations to organizations requiring training on Health & Safety in the workplace or a new computer programme. Trainers are much like Teachers, except they work with adults in a professional setting. Public speaking is a must skill for trainers to have, as well as listening skills. It is to understand if clients have understood the information.

18. Career Advisor

Many high schools or colleges have career advisors that help students evaluate their interests and abilities.  A career advisor will likely use written aptitude tests to pair students’ skills with potential career paths. A career advisor might also help individuals who are struggling with work-related stress. They need strong communication skills to guide students or individuals to their chosen careers. Since many people aren’t sure about what they want to do with their lives.

19. Researcher

how to become a Researcher

A research scientist is a scientific professional specializing in laboratory research. Researchers need to make large presentations or lab reports based on their findings and need strong communication skills. You can also get market researchers who conduct studies for organisations on product usability or recall.

20. Police Officer

how to become a police officer

Police officers primary job responsibility is to keep the community safe and crime-free. Police officers enforce the law by arresting criminals and detecting and preventing crimes. Police officers work for law enforcement agencies and swear an oath to protect and serve the citizens they represent. Therefore, they need strong communication skills and empathy when dealing with victims of crimes and even criminals. This what makes this one of the 20 great jobs to consider if you have good communication skills.

Effective Communication Skills
In the Effective Communication Skills course, you will master advanced communication skills to build and maintain strong working and personal relationships.
Effective Communication Skills
In the Effective Communication Skills course, you will master advanced communication skills to build and maintain strong working and personal relationships.

Closing Note

The demand for good communication skills at the workplace will always remain high. 

Therefore, the detailed descriptions of the 20 great jobs to consider if you have good communication skills will help you choose the right career for you, especially if you are an outstanding communicator! On the other hand, you make your communication skills even better; you can enrol in our Effective Communication Skills Course. The course materials will brush up on your communication skills and make you job ready!

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