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Jobs for 16 Year Olds in the UK: A Guide for Freshers

You no longer need a college degree to join the workforce in today’s world. There are plenty of jobs for 16 year olds in the UK. Even teenagers aged 15 can work some of these jobs during their holidays. So, if you want to make some extra cash while gaining some practical experience, getting a job is definitely worth it!

This article will give you a rundown of everything you need to know before joining the workforce as a teenager. We’ll also walk you through some of the popular jobs for 16 year olds in the UK. So, let’s get started!

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12 Easy Jobs for 16 Year Olds in the UK

The youngest age to work in the UK is 13. However, you must be 16 or over to leave school and get a job. You can find jobs for 16 year olds at many local businesses. We have curated the 12 most convenient jobs for 16 year olds that you can find in the UK. So, choose your pick from any one of these!

    1. 1. Babysitting
    2. 2. Dog Walking
    3. 3. Car Wash
    4. 4. Gardening
    5. 5. Pubs & Restaurants
    6. 6. Work at Shops
    7. 7. Participate in Paid Surveys
    8. 8. Tutor Young Kids
    9. 9. Delivery Person
    10. 10. Writer/ Blogger
    11. 11. Graphic Designer/ Web Designer
    12. 12. Lifeguard

Read about these jobs in more detail to understand which one of them would be a good fit for you and the future you envision.

  • 1. Babysitting 

Babysitting is one of the easiest jobs for 16 year olds in the UK. And it is also a very popular choice of job among teenagers. You can easily find jobs for babysitting in your local area. Because parents are always keen to go out in the evenings, have jobs or other engagements. 

As a babysitter, you have to watch the children until the parents come back home. It is a pretty easy job, considering you don’t have to make meals or do any chores for the babies. You just have to make sure they are safe and alive till parents get home.


The easiest way to get a babysitting job in your locality is through referrals. Offer to babysit for your neighbours and relatives. You can usually get an early start in a babysitting career as the age requirement for the job is just 13. Also, you get paid on an hourly basis. However, the rate of payment varies depending on the neighbourhood and the generosity of parents. 

  • 2. Dog Walking

Dog walking is another one of the easiest jobs for 16 year olds. Most dog owners in the UK don’t have the time to walk their dogs twice every day. However, some are prepared to pay other people to walk their dogs for them. On top of that, quite a lot of professional dog walkers are out there. And they get paid to take the dogs out on a walk every day. 


Dog walking could be one of the great jobs for 16 year olds if you get along great with dogs. It is a great way of making some regular money and enjoying walking as well. So, how to get the job? Be proactive and offer your services. It might sound a  bit cheeky but seen anybody walking their dog on the street and seeming a bit rushed? That is a cue! Approach them and strike up a conversation about the service you can offer. It will definitely pay off!

3. Car Wash

Did you know there are over 30 million registered cars in the UK? Safe to say, they all need washing every now and then. Car washing is one of the most simple jobs for 16 year olds in the UK. Just walk up to the owner’s driveway and offer to wash their car. 

Most owners in your neighbourhood will definitely end up accepting your services. Do you know why? While there are professional car washes, they are expensive and requires the owners to drive there. So, if they can get a decent job done on their car in their garage at a lesser cost, they’ll certainly give it a try. Make sure to leave their car sparkling, waxed and dried.


However, you have to make an upfront investment to buy a bucket, sponge, wash, and wax. You can get them from your local garage or Halfords. The summer season is the best time to make good money washing cars. However, you can find car washing gigs all out through the year. 

4. Gardening 

Gardening is one of the most comfortable jobs for 16 year olds. And it is especially true if you got “green fingers”. You might find some work in your neighbourhood to keep people’s gardens tidy. Your gardening duties might just include cleaning up leaves and watering the lawns. Moreover, weeding, pruning, and planting are good skills to add to your portfolio. It will give you an edge over your competitors. Rest assured, you will be compensated fairly.


You can easily find gardening jobs in your neighbourhood if you offer great service and don’t charge expensive rates. 

5. Pubs & Restaurants

Working at pubs or restaurants is one of the most fun jobs for 16 year olds. Meeting the general public on a regular basis can be good for your confidence too. However, due to the laws regarding alcohol, some restaurant, and pub jobs might not be open to teenagers. You can serve alcohol only if it is ordered with a meal at a restaurant you are working. Moreover, in some parts of the UK, you are allowed to serve alcohol drawn from the pump. 

However, for young people kitchen jobs provide more flexibility. Because you don’t have to be directly in contact with alcohol. Plenty of work positions are available at your local bar, pub, cafe or restaurant. For example, you can work as a washer up or food assistant. You could ask your friends and family to learn if they know any such bar or restaurant that are hiring. 


6. Work at Shops 

Some local shops stay open quite late in the evening. So, if you want to work at a store during term time, you can! Just find out the stores in your area and submit your resume at the front desk. You can also find weekend jobs for teenagers in local shopping centre stores. Moreover, working in supermarkets is another one of the good jobs for 16 year olds.

Moreover, during the summer holidays, trading in stores reaches its peak. And they require more help for balancing out the extra load of pressure. If you are under 16, you can only work part-time. However, you can easily earn a good amount of money working part-time during peak season. 

On top of that, gaining retail experience at this early age will put you in a prime position for future full-time retail work after finishing high school. Moreover, retail staff members are also privy to perks and benefits other than the salary. For example, some stores provide staff discounts on products available at the store. 

7. Participate in Paid Surveys

Companies and research organisations are very keen to learn what consumers and the general public think about their products. Teenagers are a perfect demographic for this sort of work. You will share your opinion and idea on the products and services while participating in paid surveys. 


While you won’t make a fortune doing paid surveys online, it is one of the easiest jobs for 16 year olds. You can easily work if you have internet access. And you can even choose which paid survey you want to take part in. 

8. Tutor Young Kids

Are you passionate about certain subjects and bring really good results every single time?

 Then you can definitely find some home tutoring work around you. Maths, English, Science or language are common subjects students usually need help with. You might not be able to get the same wages as a specialist who holds a degree in that subject. However, you will still earn a decent income doing something you enjoy. 


You can easily qualify to teach kids aged 5-14 if you have already earned a good GCSE grade. And make sure you screen the parents as some might not be genuine clients. 

9. Writer/ Blogger

You can make good money writing or blogging. It is another one of the easiest jobs if you have a way with words. Being knowledgeable on different topics and events of the world will come in handy as a writer. You can join a blogging network that will offer a guaranteed per post wage. Moreover, some of these networks will also give you a share of their advertising revenue. 


You can even create your own blog on wordpress and work for yourself. And that way, you get to have more control and earn the advertising revenue. Also, you can sign up for AdSense or promote products from different brands on your website. 

If you are new to blogging, taking a blogger for beginners course will be perfect for you! Learn how to create a blog account, set up your domain, and optimise your blog for search engines. The course will also enhance your expertise in bringing organic traffic to your blog website.

10. Delivery Person 

You can easily apply for a delivery job in your city. Make sure you apply for a driver’s license beforehand. You can work as a part-time delivery person even during your term. Moreover, food delivery jobs come with additional perks of getting tips from customers after delivery. On top of that, you can work on weekends and in the evenings if you want.

Most times, national chains require you to be 18 to get a delivery job. However, most local eateries will hire you to deliver even if you are 16. You can visit the restaurants nearby and inquire if they are hiring. You can also work as a delivery driver for retail stores.


11. Graphic Designer/ Web Designer

If you are passionate about creating designs and logos on the computer, turn your skill into money. Graphic designing is one of the highest-paid jobs for 16 year olds in the UK. Nowadays, companies and individuals are doing their best to make their presence known online. And for that, companies need to have a separate domain address where everyone can go to. So they hire graphic and web designers to enhance the website interface.

You can start by designing your own website and highlighting your graphic skills on it. Research into company websites and offer them to redesign their websites for a lesser price than professionals.  

12. Lifeguard

If you are a good swimmer, you may as well put it to use by getting certified as a lifeguard. Plenty of job positions for lifeguards open up, especially in the summer season. So, if you want to put your skills to the test and make quick cash, then opt for being a lifeguard. 

However, being a lifeguard will not be easy. You have to assert your dominance with rambunctious kids. And you also have to maintain control of the pool all the time. Your job may be year round if you land a position at an indoor pool or in a temperate climate.

Jobs for 16 Year Olds - Common Concerns & Questions

Being 16 and looking for jobs, there are tons of questions that can come to mind. And most times, not everybody has all the answers. So, it falls upon you to properly do the research and learn about your rights as a worker. 

While there are many jobs for 16 year olds, there are also many rules and regulations. And it applies to both employers and employees. So, we’ve curated a list of common questions and answers that might come to your mind while looking for jobs for the first time.


Can I Work 2 Jobs as a 16 Year Old?

If you are 16 years or older, you can definitely work two part-time jobs provided it doesn’t obstruct your school lessons. Moreover, you can easily work two or more jobs during the holiday season. On non-school days, you can easily work an 8 hour shift. And during the holidays, students are able to work 40 hours per week. 

How Much can I Get Paid?

Your minimum wage will be £4.62 per hour if your age is 16 or over. Registered employers will record and report your earnings in their running payroll. Many employers will even pay you more than that. Plus don’t forget the generosity of different customers if you are working in the food industry. 

However, if you earn over £120 per week, you will be eligible to pay income tax and national insurance. And your employer will take this money out of your pay before you receive your wage. 

To find out more about the national minimum wage and income tax, please visit the UK government website

What is the Latest a 16 Year Old can Work?

If you are between the age of 15 and 16, you can work a maximum of two hours on weekdays when school is open. Usually, teenagers are not allowed to work between the hours 10 pm to 6 am. However, some retail stores will allow you to work until 11 pm as long as it’s not a school night. 

Working Laws to Follow in Jobs for 16 Year Olds

A lot of laws are at a place in jobs for 16 year olds in the UK. You should go to your local council and gather in-depth details of the rules you have to follow through. Moreover, some areas allow 16 year olds to work longer hours. So, that is definitely worth a check! 

However, remember 16 year olds are not entitled to the benefits and rights of a full-time worker. That’s because you are still a child in the eyes of law. However, you are entitled to a few special rules. For instance, you can have at least 1 hour of a break after working a 4 hour shift. Also, you can have a two-week break away from school working your job once a year. 

Leaving School & Getting an Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship could be a perfect career move if you want to learn a new skill in a practical setting. If you are over 16 and not in full-time education, you can apply for an apprenticeship. A common misconception about an apprenticeship is that it is available only for skilled labours in the industry. As a matter of fact, many employers actively encourage younger applicants to apply and want to hire them. 

There are hundreds of different types of apprenticeships available in different industries. For example, health, beauty and cosmetics, construction and property etc. 


Most of the jobs for 16 year olds are easy ways to make money and gain some experience. But you should consider whether it suits your personality, skills, and future ambitions before taking the job. If you don’t want to work for anybody, then do the legwork to get your own business venture running or take up freelancing! It’ll take some practice to perfect everything while on your first job. But you will soon get the hang of it! So, choose any of the career options you prefer and get going!

February 1, 2022

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