• Mental Health and Psychiatry Training - Online
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    Learning Outcome


    Learn to help and support individuals with “inner wounds” and urgently need treatment to cope with this Mental Health and Psychiatry Training Course. The importance and recognition of mental health problems have never been more visible in the UK healthcare system than it is now. Children, young people, and adults all require professionals to guide them during periods of neurological disorders and life-affecting conditions. With this intensive training, you will be capable of providing much-needed expertise in this area and find a path into a satisfying and necessary profession. The course contents have been filled with information and theories from industry experts and will quickly give you the impetus you need to succeed in any Psychiatry-driven role.            

    This Mental Health and Psychiatry Training Course will coach you to understand and treat most of the mental health ailments that are encountered in UK healthcare. You will learn what constitutes “good” mental health and how to identify the symptoms of serious, as well as the role of Psychiatry in their treatment. The causes of the most common disorders are explained, as well as the levels of treatment needed for the different age brackets. You will be shown how stress and anxiety are a reason for many problems, the range of appropriate treatments for each case, and the UK laws that exist to protect those that are mentally vulnerable. The whole course can be taken from any online device and at the times that are convenient for you. Enrol today and help support the nation’s mental wellbeing. 

    Career Path

    This course is aimed at those working directly with individuals who may be diagnosed with mental health issues. As such, it covers the following careers and roles:

    • Professional Psychiatrist 
    • Professional Counsellor
    • Mental Health Nurse
    • Medical Healthcare Professional
    • Community Care Worker

    Who is This Course for?

    This course is designed to help those in a professional or supportive role, where they will interact or treat individuals with diagnosed mental or psychiatric disorders. This may be in a community care capacity or healthcare basis.

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