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Top Online Courses For Teachers in the UK

Arguably one of the best things about the internet is the ability to take online courses to further your education or learn a new skill for work. Such courses help a large number of people in their personal and professional lives. Some of the most common and popular classes revolve around the categories of design, cooking, and technical skills. 

However, online courses also offer a great opportunity for teachers to learn more about teaching. They make it easy and simple for them to study whatever they need to learn via remote teaching. Resources like the excellent StudyDriver website can help you learn what you need to write a great paper, for example, and then you can use it to help in teaching your students how to do the same. Such resources are excellent for the professional development of any teacher who wishes to do better at what they do. 

These days, students and teachers alike can gain new skills on the web in whatever field they choose. They can even find a paper about careers for car lovers on the internet and gain the skills necessary to follow the one they like. For teaching professionals, having the chance to take such courses is often the first step in forwarding these skills to others. 

Let’s now take a look at some of the top online teaching courses that can help improve your understanding of different subjects. 

  1. Emerging Trends & Technologies in the Virtual K-12 Classroom

by University of California – Coursera

In the past couple of years, education really has changed a lot. An overwhelming number of schools have transitioned to online learning and that is just one reason why it’s vital for teachers to know all they can about online teaching. 

This course is excellent at what it does by teaching educators about the virtual tools they can use in remote classes. It focuses on things like game-based tools and technologies to keep young minds engaged, using software to design web-based curricula and understanding the role of MOOCs, etc. 

One of the best things about this program is that it is completely free and after completing the program, an instructor can also get a certificate for a fee. So, whether you are teaching English to your students or want to learn some graphic design to later pass on to your students, this course can help you do that. And to top it all off, what you learn in this class can also be used in traditional settings and for blended learning. 

  1. Analytics for the Classroom Teacher 

by Curtin University – edX

When it comes to teacher training, a very important aspect is learning analytics. This is especially important in today’s era of online teaching, whether you are a school teacher or a university lecturer. This course goes over all the practical basics of analytics for professional teachers even if they have no prior experience in the field. 

First, the program focuses on teaching how professionals use analytics in their decisions, and then it starts to talk about how you can improve education in the classes by using them. This is also a free program for learners with a curriculum that can be completed in six weeks. At the end of it, you can pay to get a certification. 

  1. Becoming a Better Music Teacher 

by ABRSM – FutureLearn

Whether you want to teach music or help students with their vocal skills, this is one of the best training courses you can take. It helps teachers in developing their curricula and planning their music lessons in a better way. 

This online teaching topic can be utilized via FutureLearn which is an online learning centre with plenty of other courses as well. To utilize the training courses on this platform, you can get a monthly subscription for $23.33. The total duration of this program is around 5 weeks and you can progress at your own pace. 

  1. English Teaching Courses

by the British Council

For teaching the English language, instructors don’t need to do much other than to access the free online programs offered by the British Council. Not only are there free online MOOCs for students but also a Teaching for Success series that aims to provide school, college, and university instructors alike who wish to train others in English. 

You may be able to use this knowledge to teach other languages too, even if you want to take the time to train yourself in British Sign Language and then train others in it.

  1. Various Courses

by Class Central 

There are over 30 free online courses on Class Central that are designed to help teachers do their jobs in a better way. The topics you can see include those related to cultural diversity, character-building, and online teaching pedagogies, among others. 

Whether you are currently teaching in a college or a university, it is safe to say that you will find a few topics on this website in no time that you’ll be interested in. A bunch of them also offer certificates when you complete them.  

  1. Foundations of Teaching for Learning: Introduction

by Commonwealth Education Trust – Coursera 

For instructors at a newer level of teaching, this is a great program to be a part of. This is a very short course that lasts only 8 hours in total. During it, professionals will be learning things like assessment, instruction, and professionalism. They will also be learning how to develop relationships and engagement with the students. 

This is a completely free online course perfect for those with a lower experience level but even seasoned instructors can go through it to relearn some basics. 

  1. Teaching for Home Learning 

by National STEM Learning Centre – FutureLearn

This is yet another program that helps you teach online. There are two different courses in the program. One focuses on Primary Science while the other one focuses on Secondary Science. Whether you’re an instructor or a parent, this course will help you understand the role you play in remote classes.

One very good thing about this program is that it also focuses on blended learning to help complement online education with face-to-face components. This type of learning is being adopted by business entities as well which makes such information even more useful for instructors since they can cater to both computer users and those who would prefer to meet in person.

  1. Learn Google Classroom

by Learn Free – GCF Global

Whether you want to start a freelance career in graphic design or enhance your understanding of 3D printing, the Learn Free platform is a great place to discover more than 2000 lessons from anywhere. For instructors, it offers lessons on Google Classroom which is a simple service that helps them create classes, assignments and materials for learners as well as do more like grading assignments and creating quizzes, etc.

All the lessons are free in this program and can be accessed directly from a web browser without the need to sign up. 

  1. Get Organized: How to be a Together Teacher

by Relay Graduate School of Education – Coursera

It can often be very difficult to multitask and manage your limited time in a college or university. That is where this program comes in. It will help you manage your plethora of tasks as an instructor in a much better manner. It consists of 6 modules that focus on things like assessing your strengths and weaknesses, creating a calendar, making to-do lists, and organizing everything needed. 

The program is completely free and offers proof of completion for a fee. It is also offered with subtitles in 7 different languages so anyone from different parts of the world can utilize it to boost their career. 


Just as you can see very useful information about pretty much any career online these days, you can also develop much better teaching skills if you know where to look. Luckily, there are heaps of online programs that can be joined, often for free, to gain some new information when it comes to educating young minds. With the 9 teaching courses on our list, instructors from the UK or anywhere else can easily gain new skills or polish existing ones to ensure that they excel at their work, no matter where they are. And the best thing is that most of these don’t require any kind of fees to be paid unless you wish to get physical certification that you have completed a particular lesson. 


January 19, 2022

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