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What will hair salons be like after coronavirus?

Did you face any other horrific- year like 2020? The answer is no for most of us, then what do you expect your salons to be like after coronavirus? 

A silent question for many of us, how post-coronavirus salons deal with customers and maintain health and safety. I heard this question from many people around me.

2020 is very strange for us as it has brought mega crises throughout the world unlike anything else. It is almost 7 months, the world is suffering from coronavirus. Now every one of us trying to get rid of it and back to normal life. The salon is one of the common places to go for all of us but the fact is how you act to your salons and what are the challenges you will meet after the pandemic.

Now today I will depict some situations you may face and the conditions of salons you probably encounter. 

About reopening salons in the UK

However you are struggling with your hairdressing, salons cannot be reopened until the government permission, and the date to reopen is not certain yet. 

However, in the UK, famous chains like Toni & Guy, Regis, Francesco are aiming to reopen in July. Many of the salons are already initiated to reopen by following the precautions. 

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Checkout the Professional Hairdresser Course

What about appointments?

You probably have to face this challenge, It is very difficult to maintain a huge number of appointments after the pandemic. For fulfilling customer’s needs and appointments, the salons have to be opened for long hours in a day, they have to create standard health and safety strategy for 60+ old and vulnerable people. 

Several familiar salons are saying that they would take their appointment over the phone or by any virtual consultation and some of them will accept card payment only. Many salons will offer video consultation to minimise the time in the salons.

When You Arrive in the salon

Under the new circumstance, while you wait for your turn in the salon, it is certainly assumed that you will not have coffee or magazines because of the safety issue. At some salons, you will have to accept plastic screen and hand sanitising before entering.

Some will approach their clients by using a phone to let them know the right time of their appointment to come in as there will be no waiting area in the salons. Some are saying that the customers will have to wait in their car and the salon’s authority will inform entering by messaging and clients should handle their own outfits.

Protections in the salons

The salon authorities probably deliver the highest priority to their staff and clients’ health and safety. You probably have disposable mask and gown as same as the stylist. They expect to ensure the safety for everyone and one by one. 

Famous salon Toni & guy says that they will follow “single-use protection pack” including mask, towels and hand sanitisers for each of the section. 

Assuming the reception and back-wash areas as the riskiest area, many salons will have sneeze screens fitted to maintain the highest protection. 

Social distancing

When the lockdown is over, you have to follow some rules to avoid further issues. You may have to follow 2 m social distancing while on the outside. But in reality, when your stylists are going to cut your hair, what would happen then? In this point, there is no way to maintain distancing as your stylists have to stick around you. But what you can do is maintain distance all other times. At all the other times you should maintain 2 m distance between you and the salon’s staff. As well as in the small salons, you will expect to see plastic protection put up between each styling station.  

You will encounter a completely different way of salon life. Famous Toni & Guy had introduced a “gold standard” hygiene program that included limiting the number of people looking after one client and widening the space between the stations. 

For kids, many salons are initiating unusual ways like toy vehicle distant seats while having their trims and when you call stylists at your home, the authority may give you some requirements for maintaining the highest safety.

Thermometer and other stuff

Maybe a thermometer is going to be our frequently used device in the post-coronavirus state. However, the salon’s authority will take the initiative of buying the thermometer if the government will say so. To face this crisis, the salon owners will ensure all the essential protection stuff as they are all advised to take the standard protection plan. 

Some salons are planing to no dry hair cut for safety reason, the hair must be washed before cutting. They have to have enough safety equipment including hand sanitiser, disposable musks or plastic shields, separate outfits etc advised by the relevant authority. So, surely, you will be going to experience such a new world outside of your home. 

How can you protect yourself more?

Even if you have everything ensured in the salon, you have to protect yourself first. It would be best if you are concerned about your self-protection. Here are some more safety plans you can take:

Ultimately, considering the situation, going to the salon is your personal decision, it’s all up to you. But if it is your crying need then make sure the above instructions. So, the post-coronavirus scenario will be different and strange, it will take some time to cope with but everything will be alright.

When you want yourself protected, you are 100% protected from your side and nothing to say more.

Checkout the Professional Hairdresser Course
The Professional Hairdresser course is a complete guide covering an insight into the skills and knowledge related to providing flawless hairdressing and styling, including a detailed overview of working in a beauty salon or freelance hairdresser.
Checkout the Professional Hairdresser Course
The Professional Hairdresser course is a complete guide covering an insight into the skills and knowledge related to providing flawless hairdressing and styling, including a detailed overview of working in a beauty salon or freelance hairdresser.
August 23, 2021

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