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Project Management

Enrol now to learn how to take charge of activities, resources and people motivates and lead a team towards its group objective. You can gain the confidence and expertise to ensure the completion of an important plan or task and gain a reputation for efficiency.

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Project Managers are an invaluable asset to high-performing organisations as they track critical work that needs to be completed, measure progress in terms of deadlines, and delegate tasks to specialists within a working team. They will also identify any potential risks and ensure that appropriate mitigation is in place for them. Project completion is ultimately dependent on the directions of the Manager, the decisions that are made, and reports that are supplied to the management.

Gaining Awareness of Scrum Methodology and Operations Management

Complex tasks can only be organised with coordination between the participants and an understanding of the objectives which need to be fulfilled within a certain time. You will be shown how Agile Project Management is implemented in the workplace and the benefits that it gives to managing job flows and operations. This is a major factor for breaking down tasks into their key components and tracking their progress.

Learning to Work More Effectively and Manage Crises

Embracing the principles of improvement processes such as Lean Six Sigma means that a team works in a more efficient and productive way, avoiding waste and potential mistakes. You will be taught how to incorporate these values into your working methods, as well as being able to anticipate the unexpected and learn to cope with barriers to success or impediments to progress.

Improving Quality and Producing Results

Executives in an organisation and stakeholders in a project like nothing more than seeing positive results, especially when they exceed expectations. With this training, you can learn how to continually improve your techniques and methodology when managing workflows, ensuring that others see not only productivity but also high standards of quality in the outcome.

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Learn how to lead a team to complete a sequence of critical tasks and delegate responsibilities



Discover the most proven and popular way to control and measure the progress path of a project



Know how to manage activities and ensure that the results meet expected standards



Understand the principles behind process improvement strategies and implement them into structures



Be capable of assessing risks and dealing with problems to an important task



Become able to organise and coordinate efforts to elevate service delivery and organisational values



Know how to inspire others in the workplace and support them in reaching their true potential



Appreciate the importance of providing better outcomes and outstanding services



Learn how to remain open to improvements at all times and continually adapt existing practices for the better

Joel Brookes

Faculty, Program in Graphic Design
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Joel Brookes

Faculty, Program in Graphic Design
One Education

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