Adobe Lightroom Masterclass

Adobe Lightroom Masterclass

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Go from beginner to expert in Adobe Lightroom in just one week, with this step-by-step video training course.

The Adobe Lightroom Masterclass is a complete guide for learners of all levels. Through this practical online training, you will learn how to perform a wide range of creative tasks, familiarising yourself with Lightroom’s basic to advanced tools. This course has been specially designed to teach you in the most effective way, through easy to follow video instruction. 

By the end of this course, you will be an expert in image manipulation, with a formal qualification that will add instant value to your CV. This course has no specific entry requirements and is a best-seller for complete beginners and those looking for a refresher course.


After completing this course's assessment, you will be eligible for:

The CPD QS Accredited Certificate Is Available In PDF Format, At The Cost Of £9, Or A Hard Copy Can Be Sent To You Via Post, At The Cost Of £15.​

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Course design

The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

Why study this course

It doesn’t matter if you are an aspiring professional or absolute beginner; this course will enhance your expertise and boost your CV with critical skills and an accredited certification attesting to your knowledge.

The Adobe Lightroom Masterclass is fully available to anyone, and no previous qualifications are needed to enrol. All One Education needs to know is that you are eager to learn and are over 16.

Course Curriculum

Section 01: Introduction
Introduction 00:07:00
Section 02: Lightroom Fundamentals
Folder Setup 00:01:00
Creating a Catalog 00:01:00
Catalog Settings 00:05:00
Introduction to Preferences and Import Dialog 00:04:00
Import Dialog Continued 00:02:00
Import File Handling 00:02:00
Import File Renaming 00:03:00
Metadata Presets and File Destination 00:06:00
Import Dialogue Consolidated View 00:02:00
Preferences Import Options 00:02:00
Section 03: File Formats and Color Space
Editing in External Applications 00:04:00
Intro to File Formats 00:03:00
Color Bit Depth 00:02:00
Camera to RAW File 00:03:00
RAW vs JPEG 00:01:00
RAW vs. DNG vs. TIFF 00:04:00
Color Spaces 00:03:00
Color Space Comparison 00:03:00
External Editing Continued 00:09:00
Section 04: Basic Configuration
File Handling Options 00:06:00
Interface Preferences 00:02:00
Identity Plate Setup 00:03:00
Watermarking with Text 00:03:00
Watermarking with Graphics 00:01:00
Section 05: The Library Module
Introduction to the Library Module 00:02:00
Snapshot of Collections 00:02:00
Importing to Library 00:04:00
Filtering by Filename 00:03:00
Painting Keywords 00:03:00
Keyword Lists and Suggestions 00:02:00
Keyword Sets 00:02:00
Library Module Interface 00:01:00
Introduction to Library Views 00:03:00
Library Grid and Loupe View 00:01:00
Compare View 00:05:00
Survey View 00:02:00
Quick Collections 00:02:00
Introduction to Collections 00:05:00
Populating Collections 00:02:00
Populating Collections Continued 00:03:00
Populating Collections Continued 00:08:00
Exporting and Administering Collections 00:03:00
Applying Star Ratings 00:05:00
Pick and Reject Flags 00:03:00
Color Labels 00:03:00
Sorting Previews 00:02:00
Introduction to Smart Collections 00:03:00
Custom Rules for Smart Collections 00:06:00
Practice with Smart Collections 00:02:00
Library Attribute Filter 00:03:00
Library Metadata Filter 00:02:00
Adding Folders 00:02:00
Auto Import with Watch Folder 00:04:00
Building Smart Previews 00:03:00
Advantages of Smart Previews 00:03:00
Smart Collections with Smart Previews 00:03:00
Intro to Quick Develop Panel 00:03:00
Quick Develop White Balance and Tint 00:03:00
Quick Develop Exposure Correction 00:03:00
Quick Develop Clarity and Vibrance 00:02:00
Metadata Panel 00:03:00
Section 06: The Develop Module
Introduction to Develop Module 00:05:00
Develop Module Preset Panel 00:03:00
Creating Snapshots 00:05:00
History Panel 00:03:00
Collections Panel Revisited 00:01:00
Screen Modes and Lights Out 00:02:00
Loupe View Options 00:02:00
Copying and Pasting Adjustments 00:02:00
Compare View 00:02:00
Histogram and Exposure Correction 00:07:00
Crop Overlay Tool 00:06:00
Spot Removal Tool 00:06:00
Clone Tool 00:03:00
Red Eye Reduction 00:04:00
Graduated Filter 00:07:00
Radial Filter 00:05:00
Adjustment Brush 00:04:00
Masking for Adjustments 00:05:00
White Balance Correction with Color Picker 00:04:00
Basic Adjustments Panel 00:03:00
Creating Adjustment Presets 00:02:00
Tone Curve Adjustments 00:07:00
HSL Adjustments 00:07:00
Split Toning 00:02:00
Introduction to Noise 00:02:00
Image Sharpening 00:06:00
Noise Removal 00:04:00
Lens Corrections 00:07:00
Transform Panel 00:03:00
Artistic Vignetting 00:03:00
Grain Effects and Dehazing 00:02:00
RAW White Balance and Calibration 00:05:00
Write to XMP 00:04:00
Section 07: The Map Module
Introduction to Map Module 00:03:00
Map Overview 00:02:00
Geotagging Images 00:03:00
Filtering and Saved Locations 00:07:00
Section 08: The Book Module
Introduction to Book Module 00:03:00
Book Settings and Auto Layout 00:03:00
Book Layout and Page Numbers 00:03:00
Adding and Customizing Pages 00:03:00
Adding Pages Continued 00:01:00
Guides and Cell Padding 00:03:00
Photo and Page Text 00:02:00
Text Formatting 00:03:00
Applying Backgrounds 00:02:00
Exporting as PDF and JPEG 00:03:00
Exporting to Blurb 00:05:00
Section 09: The Slideshow Module
Introduction to Slideshow Module 00:01:00
Slideshow Module Overview 00:02:00
Slideshow Templates 00:03:00
Layout Options 00:04:00
Text Overlays 00:04:00
Text Overlays Continued 00:02:00
Intro and Ending Screen 00:03:00
Adding Music 00:01:00
Adding Video 00:03:00
Playback Options 00:04:00
Exporting Slideshow 00:04:00
Section 10: The Print Module
Introduction to Print Module 00:01:00
Introduction to Soft Proofing 00:02:00
Soft Proofing Adjustments 00:06:00
Print Module Overview 00:02:00
Print Templates and Page Setup 00:02:00
Layout Style and Image Settings 00:02:00
Layout Options and Guides 00:03:00
Page Options 00:02:00
Print Job Configuration 00:04:00
Custom Templates 00:05:00
Saving Templates and Printing 00:04:00
Section 11: The Web Module
Introduction to Web Module 00:02:00
Layout Options 00:04:00
Color Palette 00:02:00
Appearance Panel 00:02:00
Output Settings and Uploading 00:03:00
Publishing a Web Gallery 00:04:00
Section 12: Publishing Images
Introduction to Publishing and Basics 00:06:00
Publishing to Flickr and Facebook 00:04:00
Flickr Photostream Upload 00:02:00
Exporting to DVD and Email 00:02:00
Section 13: Tethering
Introduction 00:01:00
Tether Capture 00:06:00
Assignment – Adobe Lightroom Masterclass 00:00:00

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