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ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Accounting



    The ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Accounting has been programmed to evolve the vital comprehension and proficiency one needs to deliver the cognizance of accountancy and tax regulatory environment. The course further covers the operational essentials of the accounting and finance function and  expands to provide the requirements of a professional accountant.

    Note: Learners will not get any additional study materials with the concerned units. However, all necessary forms and guidance will be provided to the learners for assignment submission.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • The learner will be well-versed in accountancy and tax regulatory environment 
    • The learner will gain an in-depth knowledge of accounting and finance function  
    • The learner will achieve expertise in accountancy 
    • The learner will acquire the identity of a professional accountant

    Guided Learning Hours:

    The ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Accounting is available in 2 type of course plan: 

    1. 60 Credits (240 Guided Learning Hours) 
    2. 120 Credits (480 Guided Learning Hours)

    Total Qualification Time:

    Total Qualification Time (TQT) is the approximate length of total time a learner will take to complete all the necessities to achieve the qualification. In simpler terms, the total amount of time a learner will take to accomplish all the learning outcomes.

    TQT is judged by credit values where 1 credit equals to 10 hours of learning. 

    Who is this course for?

    The ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Accounting is suitable for individuals and students who are looking forward to building their career in the accounting profession, to enrich their numeracy knowledge and to gain a formal certification for their existing knowledge. 

    The course is also useful for business owners trying to look after their business and accounting workers seeking promotions or variety in their profession field.


    • The learner has to be over the age of 18
    • GCE Advanced level profile with achievement in 2 or more subjects supported by 5 or more
    • GCSEs at grades 4 to 9 (C and above)
    • Related level 3 subjects such as ATHE Level 3 Diploma
    • Higher Education Certificate by an approved further education institute and validated by an Access Validating Agency
    • The learner must have an understanding of appropriate standard of English to complete the unit assignment 
    • The learner must have equivalent international qualifications

    Career Path

    After the successful completion of this course the learner can pursue his career in the following range:

    • Private Accountant
    • Public Accountant
    • Financial Analyst
    • Budget Analyst 
    • Tax Accountant etc.

    Course Curriculum

    Unit 1: Financial Accounting
    Unit 2: Financial Accounting
    Unit 3: Budgetary Control 4 15 60
    Unit 4: Cost and Management Accounting 4 15 60
    Unit 5: Personal Taxation 4 15 60
    Unit 6: Business Environment 4 15 60
    Unit 7: Economics for Business 4 15 60
    Unit 8: Law for Accounting
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