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ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Business and Administrative Management



    The ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Business and Administrative Management is an Ofqual regulated 120 credit qualification designed to provide the core knowledge, understanding, and skills to support learners planning to further their studies in business management.

    The ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Business and Administrative Management course is accredited by ATHE, the fastest growing Awarding Organisation across the UK. The ATHE is a long-standing, Ofqual-regulated Awarding Organization, ensuring that your certification is professional and recognized.

    This ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Business and Administrative Management qualification course is designed to provide you with in-demand business management abilities and administrative qualifications to undertake management procedures while working in a Business environment successfully. You will also learn about the decision-making process, branding, risk management, logistic and supply chain management, resource management, and many more new skills that you have never heard of before. It also provides instructional guidance on business organisations in a global context, HR management, and administrative managerial skills.

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    Note: Learners will not get any additional study materials with the concerned units. However, all necessary forms and guidance will be provided to the learners for assignment submission.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Learn about the strategic decision-making process
    • Understand the advance finance for the business manager
    • Develop communication skills for business
    • Familiarise yourself with resource management
    • Understand the corporate social responsibility
    • Learn about entrepreneurship and customer relationship management
    • Explore the European business
    • Evaluate and develop the business ethics

    Guided Learning Hours:

    These hours comprise all guidance or supervision of a learner by a lecturer, supervisor, tutor, trainer, or other appropriate education or training providers.

    The GLH for this qualification is 480

    Total Qualification Time:

    This is an estimate of the total length of time it is expected that a learner will typically take to achieve and demonstrate the level of attainment necessary for the award of the qualification; i.e. to achieve all learning outcomes.

    Total Qualification Time is GLH and an estimate of the number of hours a learner is likely to spend in preparation, study, or any other learning including assessment, which takes place as directed by, but not under the supervision of a lecturer, supervisor or tutor. The credit value, where given, for qualification, is determined by TQT, as one credit corresponds to 10 hours of learning.

    Total Qualification Time for this qualification is 1200 hours.

    The Total Credit value is 120

    Method of Assessment:

    We recommend avoiding essay writing and focusing on more varied types of assessment, which may include the following:

    • A research activity resulting in the compilation of a report
    • An academic paper or article for publication
    • The compilation of a case study
    • A critical review and evaluation of a chosen company’s policies, procedures and systems
    • A set project completed for an employer (also known as an ‘employer engagement activity’)
    • The production portfolio of evidence relating to a particular unit

    Who is this course for?

    This ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Business and Administrative Management course applies to the following:

    • Graduates looking to gain a formal qualification to kick start their career
    • Business professionals who want to develop their skills and knowledge
    • Business professionals who are looking to progress to a management role


    • You must be aged 18 or over
    • 5 or more GCSEs at grades C and above or Grade 4 and above
    • Other related level 2 subjects
    • Other equivalent international qualifications
    • You must also have an appropriate standard of English, Maths, and IT
    • For those whom English is not their first language, IELTs 5.5 or an approved equivalent is recommended

    Career Path:

    On successful completion of this ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Business and Administrative Management course, learners will have a wide range of skills required to carry out effective business and administrative management, which is essential for the following professions:

      • Business Adviser
      • Business Manager
      • Finance Professional
      • Office Manager
      • HR Executive
      • Business Consultant
      • Business Analyst
      • Business Owner
      • Finance Executive
      • Administrative Executives
      • Executive Officers

    Course Curriculum

    Mandatory Units:
    Unit 1:Operations Management
    Unit 2:Information for Strategic Decision Making
    Unit 3:Advanced Finance for Business Managers
    Unit 4: The Context of Corporate Governance
    Unit 5: Organisational Analysis and Change
    Unit 6: Human Resource Management
    Unit 7: Knowledge Management Strategy
    Unit 8:Leadership, Motivation and Group Dynamics
    Unit 9:Business Research
    Optional Units
    Unit 1: Economics for Business
    Unit 2: Organisational Facilities Management
    Unit 3: Islamic Finance
    Unit 4: Financial Systems and Auditing
    Unit 5: Small Business Enterprise
    Unit 6: European Business
    Unit 7: Business Ethics
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