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ATHE Level 5 Diploma In Computing



    Sign up for the level 4 ATHE Diploma in Computing and get a direct entrance into a Bachelor’s degree programme in the second year of University straightaway

    If you wish to become an IT professional in the future, this course is the quickest and most effective pathway towards your dream job. 

    Once you enrol in this course, you will start acquiring skills and knowledge about: 

    • Programming 
    • Software engineering 
    • Network management 
    • E-commerce 
    • System analysis and design
    • Information system management and much more

    This course thoroughly explores computer programming, computer systems and software, relational databases, system analysis, e-commerce, and other core topics. This course is regulated by Ofqual, a widely acknowledged organisation in the UK, enabling you direct access to a university degree programme.

    Some of the compulsory units have been broadly discussed in this course so that the learner can gain basic knowledge of Computing. This course provides you with the opportunity to enhance your career and become a top-notch asset in the IT sector. 

    You will be awarded the ATHE Level 4 Diploma In Computing on successful course completion.

    Get started by signing up for this course and get one step closer to your dream job.

    Note: Learners will not get any additional study materials with the concerned units. However, all necessary forms and guidance will be provided to the learners for assignment submission.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Understand the ethical, legal and regulatory issues relating to IT
    • Learn about the integration of hardware and software components
    • Learn how to use different tools and techniques to design, implement and test programmes
    • Gain an understanding of database systems and data analysis and modelling 
    • Develop excellent knowledge of software engineering and its different methods and techniques 
    • Have an understanding of different e-commerce models and applications and how they can be used to develop a small business

    Guided Learning Hours:

    Guided Learning Hours(GLH) estimates the amount of time that a tutor, trainer, workshop facilitator, etc., will work with a learner to enable the learner to complete the learning outcomes of a unit to the appropriate standard.

    Total Guided Learning Hours is 480

    Total Qualification Time:

    Total Qualification Time (TQT) estimates the amount of time a learner would take to complete the qualification, i.e., to achieve all learning outcomes.

    The ATHE level 4 Diploma in Computing is a 120 credit qualification. Each credit represents 10 hours of total qualification time. Therefore, 120 credits represent 1200 of total qualification time.

    Total Qualification Time for this qualification is 1200 hours

    Total Guided Learning Hours

    Guided Learning Hours(GLH) is an estimation of the amount of time that a tutor, trainer, workshop facilitator, etc., will work with a learner to enable the learner to complete the learning outcomes of a unit to the appropriate standard.

    Total Guided Learning Hours is 480

    Method of Assessment:

    Learners have to submit an assignment for each unit. To get the certificate, a learner must have to complete all the given assignments.

    Who is this course for?

    This course is also perfect for beginners and for the following:

    • Those who plan to move into a career in private or public sector business.
    • Who are passionate about learning computer skills with no prior experience


    ATHE Level 4 diploma in Computing is designed for students who have –

    • GCE Advanced level qualification with achievements in 2 or more subjects 
    • 5 or more GCSEs at grade C and above
    • Other related levels 3 subjects 
    • Access to higher education certificates approved by a further education institute
    • Other equivalent international qualifications 
    • For those whose English is not their first language, IELTS 5.5, CAE 162 or above, PTE 42-49 or an approved equivalent is recommended.
    • Last but not least, the learner must be aged 18 or above

    Career Path

    Upon successfully completing the Level 4 Qualification in Computing, the learner will have a plethora of progression opportunities. These are:

    • A level 5 ATHE qualification such as the ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Computing 
    • Opportunities for employment in a computing and/or a technology role at an appropriate level
    • Entrance to Bachelor’s Degree Programme in the second year

    Additionally, the learner may also choose to pursue the following careers such as:

    • Software Developer
    • It technician 
    • Web Developer 
    • Computer System Analyst 
    • Computer Hardware Engineer
    • Computer Network Architect and so on.

    Course Curriculum

    Unit 1 : Cyber Security
    Unit 2 : Database Design and Development
    Unit 3 : Web Based Development
    Unit 4 : Network Design
    Unit 5 : Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Issues and Professional Responsibilities in IT
    Unit 6 : Strategic Management Information Systems*
    Unit 7 : Innovative Technologies in Computing
    Unit 8 : Computing Research Methods
    Unit 9 : Managing a Computing Project
    Unit 10 : Software Development Methodologies
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