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ATHE Level 5 Extended Diploma in Accounting



    The ATHE Level 5 Extended Diploma in Accounting course is intended to improve students’ knowledge and expertise in tax and accounting regulations, as well as how these structures are implemented in the workplace. Learners who complete this certification will have a thorough understanding of the skills and knowledge needed to be a competent accountant, including the ability to generate and comprehend a wide variety of financial data and accounts.

    It serves as an opportunity for learners to gain a broad understanding of accounting topics, particularly in SMEs, and a foundation for lifelong learning to develop as a person, by expanding one’s awareness, understanding, and abilities.

    Note: Learners will not get any additional study materials with the concerned units. However, all necessary forms and guidance will be provided to the learners for assignment submission.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Be able to define, demonstrate, and implement basic accounting, finance, management, marketing, and economic principles.
    • Know how to use information to aid business processes and activities including problem solving and decision-making.
    • Learn how to apply quantitative expertise to assist in the analysis and resolution of business issues, as well as the identification and utilisation of business opportunities.
    • Be able to employ communication skills both orally and in writing.
    • Understand an accountants ethical and social obligations in ensuring the accuracy of financial records.
    • Develop a working knowledge of internal control issues and the regulatory environment’s effect on financial reporting.

    Guided Learning Hours:

    The immediate instruction or supervision of an instructor, supervisor, mentor, or other suitable providers of education or training is referred to as guided learning. 

    The Total Guided Learning Hours is 480.

    Total Qualification Time:

    This is a rough estimation of how long it would take a learner to reach and show the degree of achievement required for the certification to be awarded; i.e. to complete all learning objectives. 

    The following are some examples of tutor-directed activities that can help with TQT:

    • Prepping for classes and assignments
    • Additional research, background reading, compiling a work experience portfolio, e-learning, watching a pre-recorded podcast or webinar 

    The Total Qualification Time is 1200 Hours.

    The Total Credit value is 120.

    Method of Assessment:

    ATHE promotes student participation by allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of a subject, as well as consider how they could apply that knowledge in a given situation. It’s better to avoid writing essays and instead use a variety of assessment methods, such as: 

    • A research operation that results in the creation of a report,
    • An analytical paper or article for publication,
    • The creation of a case study,
    • Critical analysis and assessment of a chosen company’s policies, practises, and processes,
    • A set project completed for an employer (also known as an employer engagement activity),
    • The creation of a portfolio of evidence relating to a specific unit

    Who is this course for?

    This ATHE Level 5 Extended Diploma in Accounting applies to the following: 

    • Those aiming to better their skills, abilities and credibility. 
    • Those that want to advance to the next stage of their career and expand their opportunities.

    Those who complete the course can advance to a Level 6 Diploma or a Bachelor’s degree top-up programme at a reduced cost.


    This course is open to anyone who is capable of meeting the appropriate requirements and should be free of any obstacles to entry or advancement.

    • The learner must be at least 18 years old
    • ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Accounting
    • Other related level 4 subjects such as the ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Business and Management
    • Other equivalent international qualifications.
    • The following levels of proficiency in English language skills or an approved equivalent are recommended for those who do not speak English as their first language: IELTS 5.5, Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) B2, Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) 162 or above, Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic 42-49.

    Career Path

    Learners who complete this course will be eligible to enter the final year of a Bachelor’s degree, pursue a Level 6 Diploma, or choose a BA Degree. They can also apply for jobs such as:

    • Financial Accounting Manager
    • Accounting Analyst
    • Accountant
    • Technical Accounting Manager
    • Fund Accounting Manager
    • Revenue Accounting Manager
    • Accounts Assistant
    • Finance Executive
    • Corporate Tax manager

    Course Curriculum

    Unit 01: Financial Reporting
    Unit 02: Financial Management
    Unit 03: Financial and Management Control
    Unit 04: Business Taxation
    Unit 05: Quantitative Methods
    Unit 06: Assurance
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