ATHE Level 6 Certificate in Healthcare Management

ATHE Level 6 Certificate in Healthcare Management


Become a skilled healthcare management professional with the most sought-after skills and thrive in your career! This 25 credit ATHE Level 6 Certificate in Healthcare Management course is your firearm to step up your career and also a means to dedicate your time to doing good for others.

The global awarding organization, ATHE, has accredited this ATHE Level 6 Certificate in Healthcare Management course. The Awards for Training and Higher Education (ATHE) is a long-standing, Ofqual-regulated awarding organisation dedicated to continuous growth and learning.

This course is a perfect opportunity for you to comprehend a firm understanding of healthcare management, allowing yourself to gain all the in-demand capabilities of this sector. You will get to study the international healthcare policy thoroughly with the option to choose any topic from any of the optional units. 

Register today and drive your career to the next level.

Note: Learners will not get any additional study materials with the concerned units. However, all necessary forms and guidance will be provided to the learners for assignment submission.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Introduce yourself to the vast world of healthcare management 
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of International Healthcare Policy 
  • Obtain excellent leadership and management skills
  • Develop analytical and understanding capabilities
  • Understand how to coordinate in a professional environment

Guided Learning Hours:

Guided Learning Hours is an approximation of a mentor, classroom facilitator or any other professional educator’s time on average to consult with a student either face to face or in real-time, to prepare the student to achieve the learning outcomes of the course to a suitable standard.

GLH for this qualification is 100 hours.

Total Qualification Time:

Total Qualification Time (TQT) estimates the overall amount of time it will take a learner normally to complete the various tasks required to show the accomplishment of the learning outcomes of the whole qualification and obtain the certification. 

TQT encompasses all of the tasks listed in guided learning hours (GLH), as well as an estimate of how many hours a learner is required to spend on training, study, or another mode of learning, including assessment, that is guided by but not supervised by a teacher, or mentor. The credit value for certification is determined by TQT. Each credit is 10 hours of learning time which is equivalent to 10 hours of total qualification time.

For this qualification, Total Qualification Time is 250 hours and the Total Credit Value is 25.

Method of Assessment:

Assessment may take place in form of:

  • a research activity resulting in the compilation of a report
  • an academic paper or article for publication
  • the compilation of a case study
  • a critical review and evaluation of a chosen company’s policies, procedures and systems
  • a set project completed for an employer (also known as an ‘employer-engagement’ activity)
  • the production of a portfolio of evidence relating to a particular unit

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for:

  • Individuals interested in entering the healthcare industry 
  • Existing healthcare management professionals


  • A learner who are aged 19 or above
  • One or two years study of Healthcare Management or related qualifications at a Higher Education Institution
  • A level 5 qualification in Healthcare Management or related subjects for example an ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Management for Health and Social Care
  • Other equivalent international qualifications

For those whose English is not their first language, we recommend the following standards of proficiency in English language skills or an approved equivalent for this qualification:

  • IELTS 5.5
  • Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) B2
  • Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) 162 or above
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic 42-49

Career Path:

  • Healthcare Department Manager
  • Healthcare Finance Manager 
  • Healthcare Quality & Improvement Manager 
  • Healthcare Administrator


To learn about what each qualification means, please check out this file.

To learn about the differences between Award, Diploma and Certificate, please read this file.

After enrolling, you will receive your log in details for our learning platform. Here you will find the resources, guidance, assignments and tips you need to succeed with your studies. You will get dedicated support from a student mentor who will provide you with the tips and guidance throughout the course. The mentor will guide you in understanding the guidance, learning outcomes and assessment criteria for the course and will also suggest additional study materials so that you can study the topics thoroughly. You will have a clear understanding of the requirements of each unit for getting qualified. You can contact with the mentor through email any time. After submitting all the assignments, you will get detailed feedback from our qualified assessor, if needed. It will help you prepare in the best possible way and find out any flaws that can prevent you getting qualified.

Yes, all the costs are included in the price. However, you may have to pay some extra for certain condition and qualification.

Yes. As well as being accredited by an industry leading Institute, your course is also regulated and approved by Ofqual, the governing body for Qualifications in the UK. This means you can study any of our courses safe in the knowledge that upon completion of your studies you will receive a certificate of your educational achievement which will be recognised globally.

To learn about the difference between CPD course and Regulated Qualification, please read this file.

UCAS points (also known as UCAS Tariff points) are a way of measuring the relative value of all post-16 qualifications in the UK.

Course Curriculum

Application Form
Application Form 00:00:00
Unit 1: International Healthcare Policy
Learner Manual
Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria 00:00:00
Indicative Content 00:00:00
Suggested Resources 00:00:00
Support Materials
LO1 Understand healthcare policy formation in an international context
Definitions And Healthcare Policies 00:00:00
Understand Healthcare Policy Formation In An International Context 00:00:00
LO2 Understand the social context of healthcare
Concepts of Health 00:00:00
Determining social class 00:00:00
LO2_ Understand the social context of healthcare 00:00:00
Religion and Health 00:00:00
LO3 Understand healthcare provisioning
International Healthcare Organisations 00:00:00
LO3_ Understand healthcare provisioning 00:00:00
Practical barriers to provision of healthcare 00:00:00
LO4 Understand the role of public health and health promotion in the provision of healthcare services
LO4_UN_1.DOC 00:00:00
LO5 Understand contemporary issues in health and social care
LO5_ Understand contemporary issues in healthcare 00:00:00
Assignment- International Health Care Policy Assignment 00:00:00
Unit 2: Managing Quality and Service Delivery
Learner Manual
Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria 00:00:00
Indicative Content 00:00:00
Suggested Resources 00:00:00
Support Materials
LO 1
1. Understand How to Identify and Meet Stakeholder Needs in Service Delivery 00:00:00
2. Seven Domains of Healthcare Standards 00:00:00
3. 9 Rules of Success in Delivering a Professional Service 00:00:00
4. A 10 Step Approach to Customer-Driven Programme 00:00:00
LO 2
1. Understand How to Manage Quality of Service Delivery 00:00:00
2. The Requirements of ISO 9001 00:00:00
3. The Nine Criteria of the EFQM Excellence Model 00:00:00
4. Process of Implementing ISO 9000_9001 00:00:00
LO 3
1. Understand How to Promote Continuous Improvement of Service Delivery 00:00:00
2. Eight Stages of Continuous Improvement Explained 00:00:00
3. Case Study_ Establishing a Capability for Continuous Quality Improvement in the NHS 00:00:00
4. Quality Circles 00:00:00
5. System-level Measures in the Four Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Categories 00:00:00
Managing Quality and Service Delivery Assignment(1) 00:00:00
Submit your assignment
Submit Your Assignments : ATHE Level 6 Certificate in Healthcare Management 00:00:00

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