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Welcome To Our Thorough Barista Training Programme, Where You Will Be Fully Immersed In The Art And Science Of Coffee Brewing. Whether You’re A Novice Coffee Drinker Or A Seasoned Shop Owner, Our Course Provides The Ideal Mix Of Academic Learning And Real-World Experience.

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Descriptions of Barista Training Course

We Will Go Into The Lengthy Origin Narrative Of Coffee In The “Art Of Coffee” Part, Learning How Coffee Beans Are Grown And Their Cultural Significance Around The World. From This Barista Training Course Gain A Deeper Understanding Of The Ways In Which Various Elements Affect The Flavour Profiles Of Coffee Beans.

Find Out More About The Complex Field Of “Espresso Extraction Perfection” As We Walk You Through The Subtleties Of Drawing The Ideal Espresso Shot. Learn About Essential Components Including Dose, Grind Size, And Tamp.

The Methods For Creating Velvety-Smooth Microfoam For Traditional Espresso-Based Beverages Like Cappuccinos And Lattes Are Revealed In The “Art Of Milk Frothing” Section. Additionally, You’ll Delve Into The Fascinating World Of Latte Art Where You’ll Discover How To Create Alluring Designs That Leave A Lasting Impression On Clients.

With “Specialty Coffee,” Broaden Your Knowledge Of Single-Origin Beans, Alternate Brewing Techniques Like Pour-Over And French Press, And Different Coffee Brewing Equipment. Improve Your Coffee Selection To Accommodate A Range Of Tastes And Wow Your Clientele With Distinctive Coffee Experiences.

Making A Tempting “Beverage Menu” Is An Essential Part Of Our Training. Discover How To Create Coffee Beverage Menus That Appeal To Your Target Market, Including Unique Coffee Concoctions And Signature Drinks That Distinguish Your Coffee Business From Others.

Led By Industry Experts And Conducted In Small Class Sizes, Our Barista Training Course Offers Personalized Attention And Hands-On Experience With State-Of-The-Art Coffee Equipment. We Also Provide Internship Opportunities And Job Placement Support To Help You Launch A Successful Barista Career.

Join Us And Become A Coffee Virtuoso, Creating Delightful Coffee Experiences That Captivate The Senses And Warm The Hearts Of Coffee Enthusiasts Everywhere.

What you'll learn

The Outcome Of A Barista Training Course Is That A Well-Rounded And Skilled Barista Can Deliver Exceptional Coffee Experiences And Contribute To Any Coffee-Related Establishment’s Success. Participants Who Complete The Training Can Expect The Following Outcomes:

Method Of Assessment​

To Assess Your Learning, You Have To Complete The Assignment Questions Provided At The End Of The Course. You Have To Score At Least 60% To Pass The Exam And To Qualify For Quality Licence Scheme Endorsed, And CPD Accredited Certificates.

After Submitting The Assignment, Our Expert Tutor Will Assess Your Assignment And Will Give You Feedback On Your Performance.

After Passing The Assignment Exam, You Will Be Able To Apply For A Certificate.

Barista Certificate

After completing this course's assessment, you will be eligible for:

OE Certificate@2x-100 (1) (1) (1)

The CPD QS accredited certificate is available in PDF format, at the cost of £9, or a hard copy can be sent to you via post, at the cost of £15.

You can Order Your CPD QS Accredited Certificate from here.

After successfully completing the course, you will be able to order an endorsed certificate as proof of your new achievement. Endorsed certificates can be ordered and get delivered to your home by post for only £119. There is an additional £10 postage charge for international students.

You can Order Your QLS Endorsed Certificate from here.


This Course Has Been Endorsed By The Quality Licence Scheme For Its High-Quality, Non-Regulated Provision And Training Programmes. This Course Is Not Regulated By Ofqual And Is Not An Accredited Qualification. One Education Will Be Able To Advise You On Any Further Recognition, For Example, Progression Routes Into Further And/Or Higher Education. For Further Information, Please Visit The Learner FAQs On The Quality Licence Scheme Website.

Key Features

Key Features Of Barista Training Course:

Who Should Take This Barista Training Course?

The Barista Training Course Is Suitable For A Wide Range Of Individuals Who Are Passionate About Coffee And Interested In Pursuing A Career In The Coffee Industry. The Following Groups Of People Would Benefit From Taking The Course:

Why Study This Barista Training Course?

Studying A Barista Training Course Offers Numerous Compelling Reasons To Individuals Passionate About Coffee And Seeking To Pursue A Fulfilling Career In The Coffee Industry. Here Are Some Key Reasons Why Studying Barista Training Is A Valuable And Rewarding Choice:

Frequently Asked Questions

Barista Training Equips Individuals With Skills In Espresso Preparation, Milk Frothing, Latte Art, Coffee Brewing, Customer Service, Coffee Equipment Handling, And An Understanding Of Speciality Coffee Concepts.

After Completing Barista Training, You’ll Have The Necessary Skills And Knowledge To Work As A Barista In Coffee Shops, Cafes, Or Restaurants And Even To Consider Starting Your Own Coffee Shop Or Speciality Cafe.

Course Curriculum

Section 01: Introduction to Coffee
Coffee Tree and Brief History of Coffee 00:15:00
Coffee Varieties 00:21:00
Coffee Growing and Harvest 00:06:00
Coffee Processing Methods 00:08:00
Coffee Grading 00:09:00
First, Second and Third Wave of Coffee 00:11:00
Coffee Defects and Sorting 00:06:00
Section 02: Espresso Machine
Introduction to Espresso Machine 00:21:00
Manual, Semi-Auto and Full Auto (Volumetric) Espresso Machines 00:05:00
Working Principles of Volumetric Machines 00:02:00
Espresso Machines Boiler Types 00:05:00
Section 03: Espresso Grinder
Espresso Grinder 00:10:00
Grinder Burrs 00:03:00
How to Adjust the Grinder 00:03:00
Section 04: Introduction to Espresso & Espresso Mechanics
Dosing 00:02:00
Distribution 00:02:00
Tamping and Tampers 00:13:00
Inserting the Portafilter 00:03:00
Starting the Pump 00:01:00
Flushing the Group and Cleaning the Portafilter 00:02:00
What is Naked Portafilter? Why is it used? 00:02:00
The Importance of Water 00:04:00
Section 05: Let's Wrap Up
Understanding Time Concept and Practices 00:15:00
Under and Over Extraction 00:10:00
Chanelling 00:11:00
Section 06: Milk Frothing
Steam Boiler and Steam Wand 00:04:00
Milk Selection 00:06:00
Milk Frothing and Heat Targets 00:17:00
Milk Splitting 00:04:00
The Difference Between Cappuccino and Latte Foam 00:05:00
Section 07: Latte Art
First Half 00:05:00
Second Half 00:07:00
Maneuvers 00:04:00
Heart – Positioning and Cutting 00:01:00
Pouring Workouts 00:07:00
Section 08: Menu
Espresso Variations 00:04:00
Espresso with Water 00:03:00
Espresso with Milk 00:15:00
Espresso with Ice 00:03:00
Section 09: Behind The Bar
Coffee Bar Layout 00:07:00
Work Flow 00:06:00
Clothing & Apparel 00:04:00
Hygiene 00:03:00
Real Life Scenarios and Simulation 00:07:00
Espresso Machine Cleaning and Maintenance 00:11:00
Assignment – Barista Training 2 weeks, 3 days
Order Your Certificate
Order Your Certificate QLS 00:00:00

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