Complete Solar Energy Design Course From Zero To Hero

Complete Solar Energy Design Course From Zero To Hero

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The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

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Course Curriculum

Solar Energy Promo
Solar Energy Promo 00:04:00
Section 01: Solar Energy Panels
1. Introduction to PV System 00:25:00
2. Types of Busbars and Solar Cells 00:15:00
3. V-I Characteristics of a PV Panel 00:27:00
4. Different Connections of Solar Panels 00:17:00
5. Shading and Half Cut Cells 00:20:00
6. Mounting and Tilt Angle of a PV Panel 00:27:00
7. Calculation of the Tilt Angle in a Location 00:08:00
8. Practical Tilt Angle during Different Seasons 00:12:00
9. Orientation and Azimuth Angle of Solar Panels 00:09:00
10. Sun Chart and Distance between PV Rows 00:19:00
11. Important Note Regarding the Sun Chart 00:08:00
12. Panel Parameters and Measurements 00:27:00
13. Junction Box in PV Panels 00:18:00
14. Solar Wires and Cables Installation Process 00:28:00
15. PV String Maximum Voltage 00:18:00
16. Important Definitions in the Global Solar Atlas 00:22:00
17. Global Solar Atlas PV Simulation 00:18:00
18. Hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal Panel (PVT) 00:10:00
Section 02: Types and Components of PV Systems
1. Off-Grid, On-Grid, and Hybrid PV Systems 00:24:00
Section 03: Batteries in PV System
1. Introduction to Batteries 00:08:00
2. Practical Recommendation of Battery System Voltage 00:12:00
3. Components of 24V and 48V PV Systems 00:15:00
4. Battery Capacity and C-Rate 00:14:00
5. C10, C20, and C100 Batteries 00:11:00
6. Battery Connections 00:13:00
7. Cycle of a Battery and DoD 00:14:00
8. Deep Cycle Batteries and Car Batteries 00:11:00
9. Specific Energy and Specific Density of a Battery 00:05:00
10. Self Discharge of a Battery 00:06:00
11. Shelf Life, Cycle Life, and Calendar Life of a Battery 00:14:00
12. Lead Acid Batteries 00:24:00
13. Maintenance of Flooded Lead Acid Batteries 00:15:00
14. Lithium Batteries 00:17:00
15. Nickel Batteries 00:07:00
16. Flow Batteries 00:03:00
17. Cost of Batteries 00:06:00
18. Battery Balancer 00:08:00
19. Lead Acid Battery and Lithium-Ion Charging Cycle 00:09:00
20. Datasheet of a Solar Battery 00:28:00
21. Small Correction in Datasheet 00:05:00
Section 04: Charge Controllers in PV System
1. Introduction to Charge Controllers 00:03:00
2. PWM Charge Controllers 00:22:00
3. MPPT Charge Controllers 00:21:00
Section 05: Inverters in PV System
1. Function, Types, and Data Sheet of Inverter 00:55:00
Section 06: Design of an Off-Grid Solar Energy System
1. Example 1 on Design of an Off-Grid PV System 00:58:00
2. Helpful Notes Regarding Example 1 00:07:00
3. Example 2 on Design of an Off-Grid PV System 00:34:00
4. Helpful Notes Regarding Example 2 00:06:00
Section 07: Protection of a Solar Energy System
1. Overcurrent Protection Guide 00:21:00
2. Example on String and Array Protection 00:26:00
3. PV Combiner Box 00:09:00
4. Selection of Fuses and Cables for Example 1 – Off Grid 00:38:00
5. Selection of Fuses and Cables for Example 2 – Off Grid 00:30:00
Section 08: Off-Grid System Design Using PVSyst + 3D Shading Analysis
1. Design an Off-Grid System Using PVSyst 00:54:00
2. Notes about the Off-Grid Example 00:06:00
3. 3D Shading Analysis in PVSyst for Off-Grid System 00:45:00
Section 09: Design of a Hybrid PV System
1. Example on Design of a Hybrid PV System 00:29:00
2. Helpful Notes Regarding Hybrid Design 00:03:00
Section 10: Design of an On-Grid Solar System
1. Design of an On Grid Solar Energy System Using PVSyst Program 00:12:00
2. PV Energy According to Area 00:02:00
Section 11: Design of a PV System Using PVsyst Program
1. Design of an On Grid Solar Energy System Using PVSyst Program 00:12:00
2. Mega PV System Design Using PVSyst Program 00:29:00
Section 12: Solar Water Pumping System
1. Introduction to Water Pumping System and Steps of Design 00:24:00
2. Solved Example on Solar Pumping System Design 00:23:00
Section 13: Design of a PV System Using Excel File
1. Design of an Off Grid PV System Using Excel Sheet 00:26:00
Section 14: Basics of Autocad and Single Line Diagram of PV System
1. Starting Autocad and Changing Background 00:11:00
2. Mouse Commands and Selection Methods 00:09:00
3. Drawing a Line 00:09:00
4. Drawing a Rectangle 00:06:00
5. Drawing a Circle 00:10:00
6. Drawing a Polygon 00:07:00
7. Drawing a Polyline 00:06:00
8. Drawing an Arc and an Elipse 00:08:00
9. Drawing a Point and Construction Lines 00:08:00
10. Hatch and Rotate 00:08:00
11. Trim and Extend Commands 00:06:00
12. Adding Text to Autocad 00:04:00
13. Copy and Erase Commands 00:03:00
14. Block and Explode Commands 00:10:00
15. Insert, Scale, and Mirror Commands 00:07:00
16. Move and Align Commands 00:08:00
17. Join, Offset, and Break Commands 00:07:00
18. Divide, Fillet, and Chamfer Commands 00:16:00
19. Drawing Properties and Match Command 00:07:00
20. Distance, Area, and List Commands 00:05:00
21. Adding Dimensions and Styles 00:22:00
22. Layers in Autocad 00:22:00
23. Multi-Spiral Lines and Leaders Commands 00:14:00
24. Purge Command in Autocad 00:04:00
25. Changing Drawing Axes 00:09:00
26. Drawing Fluorescent Symbol and Replace Block Command 00:07:00
27. Printing Options of an Electrical Drawing 00:14:00
28. Autocad Menu Bar and Autosave Feature 00:14:00
29. Organizing and Preparing Architectural Drawing for Electrical Design 00:24:00
Section 15: Single Line Diagram of PV System
1. Single Line Diagram of PV System and Selection of Fuses and Breakers 00:45:00
Section 16: Solar Energy Simulation Using Simulink in MATLAB
1. Simulation of PV Cell in MATLAB and Obtaining V-I Characteristics 00:28:00
2. How to Solve the Single Output Problem in the To WorkSpace Function 00:04:00
3. Get a Complete Grid Connected PV Solar Energy System in MATLAB Simulink 00:25:00
Section 17: Extra Lessons
1. Fantom – Phantom Electric Loads in the Solar Energy System 00:06:00
2. Power Tolerance in PV Panels 00:09:00

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