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Learning Outcomes

Course Overview

Gain the skills, knowledge and understanding required to give care and manage life-threatening conditions, minor injuries and illness on the sports field with this Rugby First Aid course. Rugby is a hugely popular sport and pastime, but not without risks. It is estimated that 1 in 4 rugby players will be injured during an average season, with every player involved in around 20- 40 tackles per match. You can use this valuable training to ensure that you can take care of any athletes in need of support, regardless of whether they have sustained a major injury or minor graze.      

This Rugby First Aid tutorial offers thirteen useful online modules, each filled with important information that focuses on the most common rugby injuries encountered. You will be given an overview of the role and responsibilities that a rugby first aider must fulfil, along with the assessment capabilities they must master. From this point, you will be given a masterclass on how to treat common sports injuries and the specific wounds that a rugby player is most likely to suffer from. The full range of problems is covered in this comprehensive tuition, ranging from concussions to airway blockages and bone fractures to heat exhaustion. Keep sportspeople safe and enrol now.   

Please note that the Rugby First Aid course provides valuable and appropriate education for those wishing to provide medical assistance to athletes. However, it does not offer the required qualifications to immediately start a role as a first aider or perform medical procedures. Always check with professionals before performing any type of healthcare assistance.

Why Choose This Course?

Your Path to Success

By completing the Rugby First Aid course, you will gain a new understanding of emergency medical services and awareness of sports injuries. This will be highly beneficial training for those looking to work in healthcare or sports management roles.

Is This Course Right for You?

This course is designed to provide a helpful guide to core concepts of first aid and sports injury treatments. As such, it offers an excellent way to gain the skills and knowledge needed to work as a healthcare worker or community care specialist.  Full-time and part-time learners are equally supported, and it can take just 20 to 30 hours to gain accreditation, with study periods entirely customisable to your needs.

Assessment Process

Assessments (either in the form of multiple-choice questions or assignment questions) relating to sports injuries and medical emergencies will be given to all students and must be completed to pass the course successfully.

Course Curriculum

Module 01: First Aid and Rugby
First Aid and Rugby 00:10:00
Module 02: The Role of a Rugby First Aider
The Role of a Rugby First Aider 00:15:00
Module 03: Initial Assessment
Initial Assessment 00:20:00
Module 04: Moving Injured or Sick Athletes
Moving Injured or Sick Athletes 00:20:00
Module 05: Bleeding and Shock
Bleeding and Shock 00:20:00
Module 06: Head, Neck and Spinal Injuries
Head, Neck and Spinal Injuries 00:20:00
Module 07: Treating Concussions
Treating Concussions 00:20:00
Module 08: Breathing Ailments and First Aid
Breathing Ailments and First Aid 00:05:00
Module 09: CPR and AED Administration
CPR and AED Administration 00:20:00
Module 10: Fractures, Dislocations and Limb Injuries
Fractures, Dislocations and Limb Injuries 00:15:00
Module 11: Injuries and Wounds
Injuries and Wounds 00:20:00
Module 12: Medical Emergencies
Medical Emergencies 00:20:00
Module 13: Environmental Injuries
Environmental Injuries 00:10:00
Assignment – Rugby First Aid 00:00:00

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