Ultimate Wind Energy Course for Electrical Engineering:

Ultimate Wind Energy Course for Electrical Engineering:

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The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

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It is to inform our learners that the initial exam for this Sleep Therapy course is provided at no additional cost. In the event of needing a retake, a nominal fee of £9.99 will be applicable.

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Upon successful completion of the assessment procedure, learners can obtain their certification by placing an order and remitting a fee of £9 for PDF Certificate and £15 for the Hardcopy Certificate within the UK (An additional £10 postal charge will be applicable for international delivery).

Course Curriculum

Wind Energy Promo
Wind Energy Promo 00:05:00
Section 01: Basics of Wind Turbine
Introduction to Wind Energy Course 00:20:00
Selection of Type of Wind Turbine 00:17:00
Rotor Solidity and Selection of Number of Rotor Blades 00:19:00
Gearbox in Wind Turbines 00:06:00
Power Available in the Wind Spectra 00:09:00
Power Extracted by the Wind Turbine 00:10:00
Betz Limit and Maximum Rotor Efficiency 00:12:00
Factors Affecting Wind Speed and Density – Height of Tower 00:19:00
Factors Affecting Air Density 00:08:00
Example 1 00:07:00
Example 2 00:05:00
Applied Force on Wind Turbine, Torque Coefficient and the Importance of the TSR 00:16:00
Example 3 00:05:00
Wind Turbine Generator Characteristics 00:10:00
Example 4 00:12:00
Effect of Rotor Diameter and Generator Size on Power 00:06:00
Wind Turbines Spacing 00:04:00
Section 02: Wind Feasibility Study and Probability Distribution Functions
Wind Farm Feasibility Study 00:17:00
Important Statistical Definitions 00:07:00
Example 5 00:04:00
Example 6 00:06:00
Method of Bins 00:09:00
Weibull and Rayleigh Probability Density Functions 00:19:00
Determination of Weibull Parameters 00:10:00
Important Note on Weibull Distribution 00:07:00
Example 7 00:16:00
Determination of Weibull Parameters Using Graphical Method 00:08:00
Example 8 00:13:00
Example 9 00:08:00
Quick Note on Weibull Example 00:04:00
Section 03: Power Control of Wind Turbines
Power Control of Wind Turbines 00:06:00
Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines 00:20:00
Pitch Controlled Wind Turbines 00:19:00
Passive Stall Controlled Wind Turbines 00:07:00
Active Stall Controlled Wind Turbines 00:08:00
Section 04: Maximum Power Point Tracking Wind Turbines (MPPT)
Introduction to Maximum Power Point Tracking Wind Turbines (MPPT) 00:19:00
Tip Speed Ratio (TSR) Control 00:28:00
Optimal Torque Control (OT) MPPT Algorithm 00:08:00
Power Signal Feedback (PSF) Control 00:04:00
Perturbation and Observation (P_O) or Hill-Climb Searching (HCS) 00:10:00
Section 05: Types of Wind Electrical Generators
Electricity Generation Using Wind Turbines 00:03:00
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG) 00:13:00
Wound Rotor Synchronous Generator (WRSG) 00:05:00
Doubly-Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) 00:23:00
Brushless Permanent Magnet DC Generator (PMDC) 00:10:00
Squirrel-Cage Induction Generator 00:11:00
Wound Rotor Induction Generator 00:08:00
Section 06: Different Types of Towers
Introduction to Different Types of Towers 00:01:00
Tubular Steel Wind Turbine Tower 00:06:00
Lattice Wind Turbine Tower 00:05:00
Concrete Wind Turbine Tower 00:04:00
Hybrid Wind Turbine Tower 00:04:00
Section 07: Braking System in Wind Turbine
Introduction to Brakes in Wind Turbine 00:03:00
Rotor Brakes in Wind Turbine 00:06:00
Pitch Drive or Aerodynamic Brakes in Wind Turbine 00:04:00
Section 08: ETAP Simulation for a Wind Energy System
Simulation of a Wind Turbine System Using ETAP Program 00:24:00
Section 09: MATLAB Simulation for a Wind Energy System
Introduction to MATLAB Simulation of Wind Turbine 00:14:00
Introduction to Cp Model and Lookup Table in MATLAB Simulink 00:05:00
Cp Plotting in MATLAB Simulink 00:14:00
Cp Lookup Table in MATLAB Simulink 00:13:00
Modeling and Simulation of Wind Turbine Part 1 00:20:00
Modeling and Simulation of Wind Turbine Part 2 00:14:00
Introduction to MPPT in MATLAB Simulink 00:08:00
MPPT Simulation in MATLAB Simulink 00:11:00
Resource – Wind Energy Basics for Electrical Engineers 00:00:00

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