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Top Courses That can Help to Develop Lucrative Side Jobs

It seems like every day we hear more about the rise of the ‘gig economy’ and the number of people who now juggle several different jobs. Whereas students often used to be able to get steady employment in the holidays, these opportunities have become much harder to come by and competition can be fierce. However, young people are increasingly creative in their money-making methods and often utilise modern technology to increase their earnings. We’ve put together the top courses that can help people of all ages, but particularly youngsters with flexible schedules, make the most out of lucrative side jobs.

1. Up-skill with a first aid course

Take some inspiration from American high school movies over the years and consider becoming involved with summer sports coaching. There are numerous swimming pools and community fitness clubs across the country that offer programmes during the holidays and could be looking for seasonal assistants. With our sports first aid class that is certified by CPD Qualifications Standards and CiQ, you can prepare with essential guidance on how to handle a range of emergency situations, such as first aid for fractures. This online first aid course is also ideal if you are considering a professional career in coaching or athletics as you can gain an idea of the kinds of issues and situations that you would be expected to handle later on.

2. Enhance your Photoshop abilities

If you spend hours taking and editing your own photos, designing artwork and memes, or shooting your own YouTube videos, then consider developing those skills further with some guided instruction. At One Education, we offer a range of Adobe Photoshop CC courses from beginner’s and intermediate classes to advanced. Once you’ve perfected your skills, you can begin to offer a variety of photography, editing, and design services through online freelance platforms. You’ll be able to pick your own jobs and clients, offering you the ultimate flexibility and convenience at work.

3. Follow your passion with a beauty course

With the popularity of YouTube beauty gurus and online cosmetics reviews, many young people have developed a higher level of hair and makeup skills at home than ever before. With one of our specialised beauty courses, you can now turn that passion and skill into a lucrative side job. Consider opting for a Diploma in Makeup and Hairdressing in order to perfect your skills and gain a valuable accreditation that is recognised in the UK and abroad. Once you’ve completed the class, you can begin offering services to new clients on the weekends and during the holidays, which is just when parties, weddings, and other events usually take place. It’s the perfect way to earn some extra money doing something that you love whilst choosing your own hours and side jobs to suit your busy schedule.

August 27, 2021

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