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20 Best Job Search Platforms in 2021

There are so many job sites on the internet, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin looking if you are searching for a job. It’s also difficult to determine if there is a difference between the job sites, other than the name and interface.

The good news is that the best job search platforms in 2021 have tools that help you apply for a job or get the job quickly and easily. Advanced search functions are a common feature on these sites, along with industry relevant advice.

You can make your job search much easier if you know what sites you should consider before beginning your job search because there are plenty of great job-specific and niche job platforms out there.  All of which are featured below in our list of the 20 best job search platforms in 2021 sorted by alphabetical order.

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1. Adzuna

Adzuna is a handy source when it comes to job search platforms. It’s a search engine rather than a job board though. It sorts the job data online and brings them to you through the platform, allowing you to search for jobs easily and avoid missed opportunities.  

There are over 1 million opportunities featured on Adzuna across all industries. There’s also a cool feature on Adzuna which allows you to determine your market value. If you decide to visit Adzuna, look out for the ‘Value My CV Tool’ to find out what your skills and soft skills are worth today. 

2. Caterer

Some of the best hospitality and catering jobs feature at the Caterer website. It’s the UK’s leading hospitality site. Which means that if you are looking for work in hospitality and catering, you cannot exclude this site from your search. 

Caterer focuses on jobs in bars, restaurants, hotels, leisure facilities and tourist attractions across all experience levels throughout the country.  

3. Charity Job

Charity Jobs can be very rewarding, well paid and can also be great for building up skills if you are at entry-level. Or for gaining references and experience for future work. To find this kind of work all you need to do is check out the website Charity Job and you’ll find all of the charity jobs you’ll ever need. 

There will be a high chance that you’ll find interesting positions to suit your skills and requirements from entry-level to leadership. You’ll also find plenty of career advice and charity sector-focused career guides. This website is a handy resource, indeed.

4. CV-Library

CV-Library is one of the fastest-growing independent job boards in the UK. Their success lies in their ability to cater to all industries and professions. It also lies in the abundance of handy tools to help you bag the perfect job regardless of where you live in the UK or what skills you have.  

You’ll enjoy thousands of new roles every day, easy one-click applications, job alerts, and plenty of career advice. CV-Library is one of the best job search platforms in 2021 for sure.

5. CW Jobs

CW Jobs is the ‘go-to’ job search platform for anybody searching for positions in the technology or IT sectors. It is chock-full of live roles across the UK and caters for a wide variety of technical skills and professions. This is also the place where headhunters for leading businesses go to search for their talent. It’s worth uploading your CV here if you are in the tech field.

You can expect a niche site with relevant information, contacts and jobs to the technology niche. Alerts, headhunting, mobile applications, salary calculators and plenty of career advice.

6. Flex Jobs

If you like to be flexible with the way you work, FlexJobs is the kind of job platform for you. As you can probably guess from the name, it’s a job site that brings you a wealth of flexible jobs, many of which are remote, enabling you to work from around the world. 

It can be difficult to sift through open jobs to find remote work on traditional job boards which is why this approach, from Flex Jobs, is well worth considering. They make it easy to find the kind of work you enjoy or need, and that’s going to save you a LOT of time. 

However, you do have to pay to use the site. At the time of writing, it costs around $14.95 per month to join.

7. Glassdoor

You may have heard of Glassdoor. They seem to be very good at showing up on the Google search engine! That’s because they are a job site and an employer review site, which is a great idea! 

Not only can you find jobs, but you can also discover what it’s really like to work for the companies you’re interested in. 

There’s nothing worse than going through the whole employment process and beginning a new job only to discover that the culture is not something you can align with. Which is why Glassdoor is a great job board site. You’ll find jobs ranging from entry-level administrative work to HR management and other senior positions.

8. Guardian Jobs

The Guardian news is a popular establishment which you will probably know already. 

However, you may not know that they also have a job board featuring some of the best top quality roles across the country. Guardian Jobs is not an entry-level job search platform though; it features high-calibre roles for established leaders and professionals across the UK. 

But it’s worth knowing about as you progress in your career because it usually boasts some of the best job openings in the UK.

9. Indeed

Indeed probably needs no introduction since it’s the UK’s most popular job search platform. This is because it’s a search engine with a clear interface and easy to use systems. 

According to Indeed ten new jobs are published every second on their platform. So it’s worth regularly refreshing your search to make sure you pick up all of the new opportunities available to you.

10. Jobsora

If you’re in a fix and you need work quickly, then you’ll need to know about Jobsora. They guarantee that every company you apply to will give you a reply within 24 hours of application. 

It’s fast-paced no-nonsense and perfect for getting to work quickly. Jobsora is also a great resource for entry-level positions too.  

There is a downside to this job search platform, though. Chances are you won’t find specialist jobs here since those jobs usually require a longer recruitment process. And while Jobsora seems to promote work across the UK, they tend to be more aligned with the cities, such as London, Birmingham and Manchester.

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11. LinkedIn

You might be surprised to learn that LinkedIn doesn’t just rely on networking to create work opportunities. It also has its own job search platform and is a hot spot for fantastic work opportunities, and for demonstrating your abilities to future employers. 

You can choose to turn your regular LinkedIn profile over to allow you to be discoverable to recruiters. Meaning that you might wake up today with an opportunity waiting for you in your inbox. You’ll need to keep your profile up to date, packed with skills and experience though to optimise your success.

12. Milkround

If you are a graduate, or at entry-level, Milkround should be your go-to job search platform. Head there, and they’ll take good care of you. 

Milkround’s speciality is in finding you placements, internships, graduate schemes and graduate jobs, many of which are interesting, exciting and perfect for enhancing your career. 

You’ll also discover advice, top 100 lists, psychometric surveys and lots of other facilities to help you kickstart your career the right way.

13. Monster

If you’re looking for a well-known job search platform, with job listings across industries and positions all over the UK, then it will be no surprise to you that Monster will be the job search platform we recommend for these facilities. 

You’ll find all kinds of positions on Monster, from teaching assistants and other public sector roles, to plenty of jobs for all skill levels in the private sector too. 

Monster is another great site to publicly display your CV so that job searchers can find you.

14. Reed

The UK’s first job search platform is still going strong. Reed wants the world to ‘love Mondays’, and they continue to lead the way in accomplishing their goal. Reed promotes vacancies for over 25,000 top recruiters every year, and the jobs you find here are likely to be rewarding.  

Reed’s website overall is easy to use and is packed full with all of the advice and information you need to succeed.

15. Retail Choice

A lesser-known Job Search platform perfect for anybody looking for a retail role is Retail Choice. It focuses exclusively on retail roles which can range from entry-level store-based roles through to senior head office based roles. The positions are nationwide, and you can post your CV for recruiters to review to fast-track your job search.

16. Jobs.ac

Jobs.ac.uk focuses on high calibre and academic roles across the UK and beyond. It’s one of the world’s leading job search platforms for academics. Jobs.ac.uk know that these types of roles are time-consuming with long processes and thorough CV’s, the website helps you out with the process significantly by streamlining it and helping you to find the best jobs quicker.

17. TES

Sticking with the specialist job search platforms, we move onto TES who focus on Teaching and education jobs. From teaching assistants through to headteachers, this job search platform has them all. TES also keep you up to date on all teaching news and information that you need to stay relevant in your future role.

18. Total Jobs

You now get two in one with Total Jobs because they’ve recently partnered with Jobsite another very large and well-known job search platform. This means that Total Jobs have an extensive database that spans a huge range of roles and locations. As a household name, you can be sure that recruiters are also actively searching for you on this site, so be sure to post your CV for them to see.

19. UK Startup Jobs

This job search platform has an interesting niche, as you may realise from the name, it focuses on startup jobs. If you like risk, flexibility, new approaches, innovation, and want to make a name for yourself a job in a startup might be the perfect option for you.

UK Startup Jobs is more than a job site, though. It also boasts job boards, communities, and plenty of tips for finding the best startup jobs out there today.

20. We Work Remotely

Remote roles are convenient both for workers and employers. They are flexible, and you can work from anywhere as long as you can connect to the internet. However, it’s not easy to find remote work.  

Enter We Work Remotely.

We Work Remotely is THE job search platform for anybody who wants to work remotely. It offers work opportunities internationally and is easy to browse. 

There’s one downside though, some jobs are not open to international applicants, and you can’t filter these out which means that you’ll need to spend some time scrolling through. 


We recommend that you don’t limit yourself to just one website during your job search. Instead, scroll through this list and pick out the sites that appeal to you the most. 

Do this and you’ll never get into a search funk ever again. These are the best job search platforms for 2021, and there is undoubtedly one or more on this list that will suit your needs and preferences the most.

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One Education courses cover core competencies and skills across all subject areas, Taught by expert instructors, CPD Accredited courses, 24/7 support, Self-paced learning from any device.

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