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Top 10 Eyelash Extension Kits for the Professionals

Who doesn’t wish to satisfy his/her clients?  Professionals who love to doll up their customers, eyelash extension kits are a must for them. Makeup is an art, so why not make their eyes a canvas to express the artist’s version of you! To make their eyes more attractive, more lively, I’ve come along with the top 10 eyelash extension kits that the professionals use.


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Central tools of a complete eyelash extension set

Before going to the products directly, let’s have some insights about the must-have supplies of a perfect eyelash extension kit. Almost all kits contain individual lashes, lash glue, lash glue remover, eye shields, tweezers, micro brushes, and curlers as these are the most rudimentary elements. As for the material of the lashes, some best options can be:

A blessing for the professionals as they are easy to put on, maintain their curls, and pretty much similar to the real ones and also will blow the client’s mind with its soft, shiny, natural looks.

Quiet similar to the mink lashes but a bit matte in appearance. If your customer is not a dramatic eye lover, to put glam and boldness in her eyes, you should give silk lashes a go.

To add drama and fiction in eyes, synthetic lashes are the best as they hold the most amount of shine and gloss.

And the glue is more important than the lashes, as a professional who knows it better than you! It is that tool that makes a connection between fake lashes with the real one. So this bridge must be the safest and durable, otherwise, you will lose customers, not for your skills but for that bloody glue. A good quality glue always holds your back in satisfying the consumers.

As per lash curlers, blimey, there are tons of curl types. Some are:

What a weird combo, I must say!

Done with the basics, here comes the main part of the blog!

Top 10 Eyelash Extension Kits for professionals


1. Prognas Eyelash Extension kits

Let’s start with Prognas Eyelash Extension kits as it holds the very first position. Fairly priced products without compromising quality and durability are the key reason for making it the best product ever. Moreover, they provide a mannequin’s head with the kits which will help you to achieve a mastery level as an eyelash technician. It comes along with all the necessary supplies in a high quality compact bag which is very handy and you don’t need to pay extra money in the long run, voila!

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2. Anmas Rucci Eyelash Extension kits

Another best choice can be Anmas Rucci Eyelash Extension kits. Anmas Rucci also provides all the necessary features that professionals need to create charm in their customers’ eyes. This package comes with high quality false eyelashes of different lengths. These kits help to create long lasting eyelashes and also they don’t fall off that often. Moreover, it won’t hurt your customers’ eyes and eyelashes with any discomforts, which they always desire first. 

3. NUXIUS Eyelash Extension set

If you are new to this profession, NUXIUS Eyelash Extension set is the exact eyelash extension kits you should invest in. This set is equipped with the best quality products and guess what? I’m pretty sure that the price is ready in your hands! Also, the kits come along with an eye catchy carry bag.

4. OULVNOU Eyelash Extension kits

This 19 piece set offers way more than just a few tools. It comes with cotton swabs, an eyelash comb, grafting ring, gasket, tape, a mannequin head, two forms of tweezers, false eyelashes, scissors, drying materials, a makeup bag, glue remover, eyelash cleaner, and much more that you want as a professional. These kits have a human-like mannequin head and this will help you to wrap up your pitch-perfect goal. To create an appealing and unique bridal or party look on your customer it can be a top choice and the handy product manual will lead the way to even a smoother journey.

5. MIA Lash Laboratory Eyelash Extension Kits

MIA lash lab’s extension kits are the first pick for top class professionals. The best quality and natural-looking lash they provide, you can easily fulfill customer demands.  All top-of-the-line items in one kit. It has 14 individual tools with 0.20 C + 0.20 D Mixed Premium Eyelash Extensions and as per the glue, it’s one of the finest qualities. In short, this set provides all the necessities that an eyelash tech like you long for.


6. Hoka Eyelash Extension Kits

Looking for a splendid set of eyelash extension kits, HOKA is here for you. It is the supreme value packed gear that has 1 Pro-Grade Mannequin Head, 100 pcs Disposable Mascara Wands, 100 pcs Glue Rings, Eyelash Glue & Lash Glue Remover (for mannequin head only), 4 precision Eyelash Extension Tweezers, 0.15 mm Individual Eyelashes, 3 pcs Eyelash Tape, 10 Self Adhesive Practice Lashes, 1 Air Blower, 10 Under Eye Patches Pads, 1 Silicone Forehead Sticker, and 1 Eyelash Applicator Wand, Lash Cleanser, Lash Scissors. Oh, my my! Do you need anything else as a lash pro? 

7. KC Republic Eyelash Extension Kits

The supplies in KC Republic’s eyelash extension set are lit! As a professional lash artist, you have to serve individuals of different purposes. You confront clients who attend formal events and casual occasions as well. With KC, you will never face extra tension of keeping additional lash extensions, it comes up with a whole set of lashes with different length and size. The kits include single Mink Lashes 8mm, 10mm, 12mm in C Curl, Eyelash Extension Cleanser, Sensitive Glue, short and long mascara wands, and lash care primer.

8. Luckyfine Pro Eyelash Extension Kits

Are you a professional eye artist who works as a freelancer also? Luckyfine is here for you. All the kits are equipped in a super portable handsome carry bag. In addition, it comes with 22 pieces of eyelash extension kits along with straight and curved tweezers with whom you can play your tricks.

9. Yegi Beauty Classic and Volume Eyelash extension

This is everything you need to quench your client’s desire! It has every single kit for grooming the lashes, 37 tools to be exact! A bit expensive but it worth every penny. Beyond doubt, Yegi is a lash GODDESS and won’t stir you wrong. Unleash the lash tech in you, go for Yegi without thinking twice.

10. Baisidai Eyelash Extension Kits

These kits are great to make your consumer’s eyebrows and eyelashes well furbished for every freaking event. They also provide a disk of the user manual to make you even more professional. And the fun part is all the 23 kits come along in a traditional case box which has a KEY! So you don’t need to think about safety I must say. 

One pro tip before ending, beauty products don’t work the same for all. Do a skin test before applying any products to your clients as well as yourself. Avoid this risk.  

I’ve made an attempt, to sum up, the top 10 eyelash extension kits that are tried, tested, and loved by lash technicians around the globe. Give them a go, vanquish the lash artist in you, be the queen of that world! 


Eyelash Extension Training Course
Master the techniques of making your eyelash bigger and extended with the Eyelash Extension Training Course.
Eyelash Extension Training Course
Master the techniques of making your eyelash bigger and extended with the Eyelash Extension Training Course.
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October 19, 2021

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