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Motorcycle Types for Beginners: What You Need to Know

So, you’ve been bitten by the motorcycle bug and want to learn more about them, maybe you’re thinking about getting your first bike. But you just don’t know what to get, well we’re going to tell you all about the different Motorcycle Types for Beginners and what you need to know about them.

In this blog, you’re gonna find out the Motorcycle Types, plus we’re also going to be mentioning a few recommendations for each of the types of motorcycles.

Let’s get started.

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Motorcycle Types for Beginners

There are a number of motorcycle types available on the market. But the following ones are the most prominent and commonly used by the beginners.

Naked Bikes/Standard Bikes

This is the most common type of motorbike you’ll see out there. This type of bikes has little to no fairings hence the name “naked.” The best thing about this type of bike is that they are generally very nimble and are comfortable to ride in town with. 

Motorcycle Types for Beginners

The sitting position is upright, and the seat height is generally very welcoming for all types of people. This type of bike is a great option for beginners, as they are nimble and easy to manoeuvre. 


One thing you should know about naked bikes is that they are not the best when it comes to riding on the motorway. As they have no fairings, there’s very little wind protection, and when you’re going at motorway speeds, there’s a lot of wind hitting you directly, and it can get a bit tiring after a while.

For short commutes and riding around town, naked bikes are a lot of fun.

Our recommendation for the best naked bike/standard bike for a beginner:

If you are a complete beginner, then the Yamaha MT-03 can be an excellent choice for you. It has a very manageable 321 CC engine that’s a joy to ride around in, and it comes with the bulletproof reliability of the Yamaha brand and its A2 license friendly.

If you are looking for something that has a little bit more oomph and a bigger engine, then consider the Honda CB500F; it has a generous 471 CC engine, which should be plenty for any beginner rider. 

Sport Bikes

This is the type of bike that every non-rider thinks about when they think of bikes. And there are good reasons for it. Sportbikes are known for their aerodynamics, and they are meant to go fast- I mean really fast; they are fantastic for cornering tight turns and leaning.

Motorcycle Types for Beginners

The things that set them apart from the naked bikes are their fairings and the aggressive body position they put you in. The sitting position is very aggressive on sportbikes, and they do this to give you a tucked in position which is more aerodynamic, and it allows you to go faster and corner better.

The disadvantage of sportbikes is they are very uncomfortable for riding for a long time and city riding. As you sit in an aggressive body position, and the footpegs are high up, it can cause back pain after a while.  

For riding on the track and sheer looks, you can’t do better than a sportbike.

Our recommendation for the best sport bike for a beginner:

Before hopping on to a sportbike, you should know that they are very powerful, and if you’re not careful, you may die! So be sensible and ride safely. 

If you are a complete beginner, then you should consider the Yamaha R3, it has the same 371 CC engine as the MT-03, but it is tuned differently. It’s great a great bike for anyone who wants to learn how to ride sportbikes and wants to go to the track or mountains occasionally.

If you want something a bit more powerful, then consider the Kawasaki Ninja 400, it has a bigger 399 CC engine and has more pull.


Known for their comfort and low seat height, cruisers are great for people who want to enjoy their rides and don’t care much about speed or cornering. 

This type of bikes are very comfortable to ride in, and they are our most favourite motorcycle types for beginners. They have a very low seat height which makes them perfect for shorter riders and beginners.

Cruisers prioritise comfort over everything else, they are great for long rides and riding around in the town where you have to stop from red light to red light. Cruisers are generally slower than sportbikes and naked bikes, but what they lack in speed they make up for in comfort. 

If you are a beginner rider than cruisers are one of the best motorcycle types for you.

Our recommendation for the best cruiser bike for a beginner:

The Honda Rebel 300 is a great entry-level cruiser bike that offers great comfort and reliability. Not to mention there are tons of mods that you can do to them to make the bikes truly customised for you.

If you want something a bit bigger, then Honda also offers Rebel 500, it has a bigger 499 CC engine that’s great for going at higher speeds.

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Touring Bikes

When it comes to comfort, it’s hard to beat a touring bike. They are practically couches on two wheels. This type of bike is meant for long motorway rides and for touring. 

They offer all the bells and whistles you can expect from a bike, from built-in radios to leather seats to ample space for carrying luggage, touring bikes are for people who want to go the distance with their bikes.

The disadvantage of touring bikes is that they are often extremely heavy and are very unwieldy in city streets. Therefore if you are a beginner, then we don’t recommend you get a touring bike.

When it comes to comfort and long rides touring bikes reign supreme.

Dirt Bikes

The complete antithesis of touring bikes, dirt bikes are meant for off road riding, and they are a tonne of fun. 

Dirt bikes are generally very lightweight and have high seat height and long seats. The seats are generally not very comfortable though. But the fun you can have riding one of these is incomparable to anything else.

They typically don’t have lights or turn signals, so they are not allowed on the streets. But once you go offroad and start riding them, they are a blast. And they are very cheap to maintain, and replacement parts are readily available.

Great for off road riding and having fun with friends dirtbikes are not for the faint of heart.

Please note: there are dirt bike type bikes that are allowed on the road and this type of bikes are called dual sports. They are almost as capable as the dirt bikes but still fall a little bit short. The advantage of this type of bike is that they can go on the roads.

Our recommendation for the best dirt bike for a beginner:

If you are a beginner and a bit tall, then the Honda CRF250X can be the perfect trail riding machine for you.

If you are more modest in terms of height, then the Honda CRF150F can be a great option for you.

Adventure Bikes (ADV Bikes)

This type of bikes is a bit complicated to define. Adventure bikes are essentially touring bikes that can go offroad. And being able to go offroad makes them very versatile for adventures hence the name “adventure bikes.” 

These bikes offer plenty of space for luggage and are generally very capable on both roads and trails. If you want something that is just as comfortable on the city streets as it is in the mountains then and ADV is the right choice for you.

Motorcycle Types for Beginners

The disadvantage of this type of bikes is that they are typically heavier than dirt bikes and this makes them not as capable off road as a dirt bike. 

Great for everything you can possibly think of doing on a motorbike ADV bikes are the one for all solution for the do it all rider.


Our recommendation for the best AVD bike for a beginner:

If you are a beginner, then the Kawasaki Versys-X 300 is a fantastic ADV bike that is going to be plenty for you to get started with.

If you want something more powerful (and a bit more stylish), then the KTM 390 Adventure can be a great option.


This type of bikes is very lightweight and very easy to manoeuvre. And visually they look very different from all the other types of motorcycles.

The ergonomics of a scooter is very comfortable, and they are great if you live in an urban area and primary commute to work and short distances. Unlike most motorbikes, modern scooters come with an automatic transmission, this makes scooters perfect for anyone who finds manual transmission daunting and hard to learn.

The disadvantages of scooters are that they are not at all good for riding on the motorway and some people think scooters are not real motorcycles.

Motorcycle Types for Beginners

Despite what anyone may think of scooters, they can be the perfect choice for any urban commuter who just wants to go from point A to point B comfortably.


Our recommendation for the best scooter for a beginner:

If you are looking for a scooter, then the Honda PCX 125 can be a good option for you. 

You can also look at the BMW C400 GT if you want a powerful scooter with a killer looking dashboard.

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Helpful tips

No matter which type of motorcycle you end up choosing, you need to make sure that you are taking good care of it. Motorcycles can last a lifetime if maintained properly. 

There are times when you will need to take the bike in for a tuneup by a professional. Still, there is also some basic maintenance that you can do by yourself that’s going to save you a lot of money and also make you more familiar with your bike.

If you want to learn how to maintain a motorbike and learn some motorbike maintenance skills, then consider our Motorbike Maintenance course.

Learn the basics of Motorcycle Maintenance
Motorbike Maintenance Online Course
Learn the basics of Motorcycle Maintenance
Motorbike Maintenance Online Course
October 29, 2021

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