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A Beginners Guide To Start a Window Cleaning Business

With a low amount of investment and a handful of people, you can think about making money more than you can think of if you look at the window cleaning business. For doing a company like this, you need to have patience and passion for doing this work. The starting up of a window cleaning company is like an enticing undertaking. You become your manager, there’s no lengthy or costly preparation, overhead costs are minimal, and many opportunities are available to expand. 

There’s always plenty of work to do, from window cleaning premiums to learning how to prize workers. A company of window washing cleans maintained or per assignment domestic, industrial and institutional windows. As the window washing company owner, you are responsible for hiring customers and washing the windows on a onetime or daily of housing, apartment buildings, warehouses, colleges and universities, funeral homes, car dealers’ facilities, and other assets. You can launch your company on your own or purchase your expertise and help from a franchise operation.

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Window Cleaning – is it the Right Career for You?

Before jumping into how to start a window cleaning business, you need to consider if the job is right for you and your career. A career in window cleaning can be very satisfying and rewarding, but the work environment can seem dangerous.

Window Cleaning

Every day you will be meeting a lot of people and working in different places. Sometimes, you may have to work on high rise buildings. This can get risky at times if you are less careful and do not have the proper equipments.

But, nowadays, many types of equipment are available that allow people to clean windows safely from the ground. For example, you can use lightweight, extendable poles with a soft-bristled brush to clean windows from a safe distance. So, if you use modern equipment, the risk of workplace accidents will be significantly reduced.

Also, if you are the owner, you should always prepare yourself if something worse happens. For example, if the company fails, you will have to cover all the losses on your own. But, the market demand for window cleaning will remain the same if not increased. So, there is definitely less risk involved in this business.

How Much Do Window Cleaners Make?

Before getting in-depth on how to start a window cleaning business, first, it is important to know how much can you make in this profession. The average salary of a window cleaner in the United Kingdom is £10.17 per hour or £20,958 per year. However, the annual wage of window cleaners starts from £16000 and can reach up to £23000. Also, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make more than the salary mentioned above. For example, if you are a business owner, you will make more money than just as a window cleaner.

As with many other businesses, the salaries will vary depending on several factors. These factors may include the company’s size, job location, employer, skills and others. For instance, after completing a job, some property owners may tip you more than others. So, it is challenging to give an accurate number for your salaries.

Also, if you invest in the right tools now could pay off nicely in the future. For example, if you have proper equipment and systems in your reach, you could finish a job in a short time efficiently. Therefore, your hourly or annual salary will increase, and you can start another work also.

What are the Working Hours?

The working hours of a window cleaner are not fixed. It changes depending on the job or arrangements you have with your customers. However, the total weekly hour varies between 36 and 38 hours.

Windows Cleaning Working

Also, you will work in a contract or self-employment. However, for those who are looking for flexible jobs, some part-time positions are often available.

Most window cleaner works revolve around buildings. This is because you will be working most of your time outside a building. Although, sometimes, you may have to clean the interior side of the building window. So, in short, wherever there is a building, there may be a potential workplace for you.

Types of Window Cleaning

Types of Window Cleaning

There are two ways by which a window can be cleaned. Firstly Traditional way and lastly Water-fed pole way of cleaning windows.

Despite the latest technologies, it is essential to learn traditional window cleaning skills for yourself and your employees. For the washing of interior glass, many companies do use them.

Consumers will also ask for the conventional cleaning of windows because they do not trust water-fed poles. Water-fed poles can experience equipment loss from time to time and could not access windows that are difficult to access.

You would still need to hold the pole water equipment, as that is a more expensive expense.

However, several window cleaners state that the effects are higher than conventional approaches when using water-fed poles in the last analysis. You must evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy and consider what is best for you.

The Equipment You Would Need To Start Your Window Cleaning Business

Window Cleaning Business Equipment

For traditional cleaning, you should go for –

  • Ladder 
  • Applicator and squeegee
  • Scrim or microfiber cloths
  • Bottle of fairy
  • Pouch to put your clothes and other bits in to keep your hands free
  • A bucket belt is convenient

So, after having some of the essential tools, you will need to have these too.

  • 20-foot ladder
  • Wedges,
  • ladder mats,
  • ladder footer
  • ladder clamps
  • padlocks
  • 12″ squeegee 
  • 12″ applicator
  • holster
  • pouches
  • belt
  • scraper
  • short handled extension
  • small extension for shops
  • ladder clamp for detailing pole work
  • scrims 
  • microfibers 
  • Spare squeegee rubbers
  • Spare scraper blades
  • Medkit

Now we look down to the water fed pole equipment

  • A baffled water tank.
  • TDS Meter
  • A pole and brush.
  • Pump.
  • Pump Controller
  • The filter system, DI and Ro
  • Leisure battery to power pump
  • Metal hose reel
  • 100m x 8mm Yellow ‘Microbore’ Hose
  • Heavy Duty ‘Garden’ Hose to connect the tank to pump and pump to hose reel
  • Connectors clips.

Costs That are Involved in Window Cleaning Business

Washing windows is not cost-effective, particularly at a moderate level of entry. And if you are the own employee at first and take on a job on one- or two-story facilities, you have to pay for at least one transport car, essential appliances, cleaning materials and liability insurance. Some of the basic costs are –

1. Gear and equipment

Over 700 dollars. This will be the price of a small extension ladder, pans, squeegees for low-level operation, tubes and water-fed posts. If you expected, the costs would increase the more your jobs or your workforce take. Add to the basic inventory harnesses and helmets. Cranes may be leased and scaffolded if necessary.

2. Signage vehicle

A truck of $7,000 more will be the expense of a suitably used van and wrap-around signs. This vehicle is essential for the transport of heavy and bulky equivalent and supplies and the employment of one or more employees.

3. Petrol and repairs

A minimum cost of $4,000 a year is required. This actual cost depends on the number of cars you own or run, car age and quality, operating location, the number of customers, existing gasoline prices and other factors. This number might result in your situation, as you might expect.

4. Room for office/storage

If you have a budget, you can run your company from home and keep all your machinery and supplies of cleaning in your van. When your company gets on with it, you will feel like you have to rent enough space to meet and store your equipment. Null at or over $12,00 a year can be required.

5. Supplies for cleaning

With 200$, You can only begin with sufficient cleaning material for work that has already been contracted. If you keep the inventory limited, cash flow and storage problems can be avoided.

How Can You Start A Window Cleaning Business With Some Easy Steps?

How Can You Start A Window Cleaning Business

Before you can begin the process of becoming a certified window washer, you first need to know how the company works.

1. Search For A Mentor

At the end of the day, you have to launch your company as best you can. If you have a trainer to show you cords, in the first few years of service just outside the door, you will make side-step errors from several business owners.

If you should do anything to succeed, it is to learn from others. By learn from other people who did this before, you will shorten your path to success.

Can you learn yourself from this business? Absolutely, but finding someone you trust will help you streamline the process.

2. Enhance the Capacities of the Customer service

The window cleaning market is dynamic, so that you don’t have to invite your rivals to the table, They are already on the table. This is why customer assistance is necessary here for attracting the customers. You should concentrate on improving in these fields before you ever worry of supplies.

customer service

a. Appearence​

It is essential to look professional because you are the face of your business. Get your instruments tidy, your truck and yourself or employees presentable to future customers. Simple matter such as requiring the customer to wear shoe coverings or masks placed a step above the others.

b. Communication​

This requires straightforward and succinct correspondence on forecasts, invoices and perceptions of time frames. Well communicated, the clients will be more reliable. Treating and professionalizing your customer also helps to develop your relationship.

c. Efficiency

You want the work completed with as few mistakes as possible as soon as possible. The software will play an essential role in making this a possibility for the window cleaning industry, be it planning, pricing or management.

3. Establishing Own Business

You have benefited from the most; you have all the tools you need, and both you and your soft abilities have been refined to shine. Now is the time to become a legal corporation in your country.

You’re going to want your company to file as a sole owner or as an LLC. An LLC license could cost you more, but it is best that you are isolated and separated individually. It’s the right way from a legal perspective if you want to extend the company to have additional staff than you.

Next, you want to open your company bank account and register with business software that is confident in recording business costs and still awaiting open stores.

4. Securing With Insurance

Though you are careful, accidents will happen in all workplaces. Since you often need scaling ladders and extension poles in a window washing market, you are more likely to be injured while at work. That is where the insurance, the staff and the corporation have their back. Besides, your status before your customers is significantly enhanced by being insured.

5. Supplies Budgeting

You will use the best equipment to get the job done. Fortunately, conventional window purification tools are inexpensive and widespread.

If you equate it to other work occupations, the overhead for beginning a window washing company is comparatively small but still present. The good news is that if you choose suitable instruments and technologies, the startup expense will be up to $1,000.

This should not be said merely because it is more cost-effective to use insufficient resources and applications. If not more substantial than the local competitors, you want to ensure that the job you are leaving is equivalent to repeating industry.

6. Deciding the Price of Services

It would be best if you compromised how to market your window cleaning work for your window cleaning business strategy.

You will want to pursue charges on the square foot if you’re going to work on office buildings. For these workers, a time consuming and expensive per-window-cleaning estimate is needed. On the other hand, it might be best to charge per window if you work with a private, smaller home.

You will want to set prices for medium-sized households depending on bills, generally between $2 and $6. At the same time, you would most probably want to take the hourly journey for performance for big homes.

7. Reaching Out To New Customer

It’s not easy to get to your first customers until you know the tricks. Luckily for you, a list of items we might do to enhance the procedure-

a. Canvassing and cold-calling

When you visit homes and businesses in the city, canvassings are necessary and ask potential customers for some jobs. It is the directest and quickest way to attract new customers.

b. Marketing

Instead of reaching out to meet consumers with proper ads, You don’t have to contract a costly firm to get started or waste loads of money.

8. Selecting Employee

Selecting Employee is not the right thing to do with emerging companies. However, it’s essential to scale up after you’ve spent a while on your company.

Be sure that you first keep the number stable as you plan to add a few new faces. Just wait a while to see how they fit together and how much you can do. Only then would you consider hiring a few more workers.

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Wrapping Up

The Cleaning business can be a real profession for you, and you can enjoy this job for many beneficial reasons. But first, you need to learn many things that will make you a pro at your job. For this, you might want a enrol on a course that will provide you with knowledge and a professional guideline.

Window Cleaner Course
This course, you will explore safety guidelines for working at height and with chemicals.
Window Cleaner Course
This course, you will explore safety guidelines for working at height and with chemicals.
June 30, 2022

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