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ATHE Level 4 Diploma In Management for Health and Social Care



    Upgrade your business and management skills with the ATHE Level 4 Diploma In Management for Health and Social Care course. The expertise gained in this course will equip you with sought-after knowledge that many industries are looking for.

    From this course, you can progress to the Extended Diploma in Business and Management or to the Extended Diploma in Management for Health and Social Care. Also, you may progress to a level 5 (Gen Ed) qualification on successful completion of the required units at level 4. Completing the mandatory units listed will ensure learners have attained the first level of study for meeting the General Education (Gen Ed) core requirements. Also, you may progress to the second year of degree programmes at some universities.

    Enrol in the ATHE Level 4 Diploma In Management for Health and Social Care today to gain comprehensive knowledge and expertise in business and management, and thrive in your current role. Develop the skills to help your team members perform better, enhance your business communication skills, and gain a competitive edge in the job market

    Note: Learners will not get any additional study materials with the concerned units. However, all necessary forms and guidance will be provided to the learners for assignment submission.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Business and Management
    • Enhance your personal and professional skills to flourish in your workplace
    • Reach your goals to become successful in your current role and open diverse doors in your career
    • Maximise your earning potential by obtaining various level 4 qualifications and many extended qualifications over time.

    Guided Learning Hours:

    It is an estimated average amount of time that a trainer, tutor, facilitator and education provider will work with you as a learner to complete the learning outcomes of the units to the appropriate standard. In this course, Total Guided Learning Hours is 480 hours

    Total Qualification Time:

    As a learner, you will spend time studying, learning, preparing, being assessed, and participating in any other relevant activities. Total Qualification Time (TQT) is an estimated maximum time spent in completing this course. For the ATHE Level 4 Diploma In Management for Health and Social Care course, TQT is 1200 hours. 

    Method of Assessment:

    A learner must complete 4 mandatory units and ⅘ optional units totalling 120 credits for successful accomplishment of the ATHE Level 4 Diploma In Management for Health and Social Care course. 

    Who is this course for?

    This ATHE Level 4 Diploma In Management for Health and Social Care applies to the following:

    • Those who want to gain profound knowledge in business and management
    • Those who want to develop their skills and expertise in carrying out a range of responsibilities in their workplace


    This course is for learners who are typically aged 18 and above. And for those whom English is not their first language, the following standards of proficiency in the English language or an approved equivalent qualification are recommended:

    • IELTS 5.5
    • Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) B2
    • Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) 162 or above
    • Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic 42-49

     Some other requirements are:

    • GCE Advanced level profile with achievement in 2 or more subjects supported by 5 or more GCSEs at grades C and above
    • Other related level 3 subjects
    • Other equivalent international qualification

    Career Path

    Once learners have successfully completed the ATHE Level 4 Diploma In Management for Health and Social Care course, there will be many career opportunities waiting, such as the following:

    • Business Consultant
    • Administrative Assistant/Executive
    • Executive Officer
    • Business Analyst
    • HR Executive

    Course Curriculum

    Mandatory Units
    Unit 01: Health and Social Care in Context
    Unit 02: Communication Skills for Health & Social Care Management
    Unit 03: People in Organisations
    Optional Units
    Unit 04: Management of Activity Provision
    Unit 05: Safeguarding Children and Young People
    Unit 06: Safeguarding Adults
    Unit 07: Corporate Social Responsibility
    Unit 08: Resource Management
    Unit 09: Planning a Work Based Team Project
    Unit 10: Finance For Managers
    Unit 11: Planning a New Business Venture
    Unit 12: Manage Sustainability in an Organisation
    Unit 13: Working with Multi-disciplinary Teams
    Unit 14: Administrative Services
    Unit 15: Empowering Users of Health and Social Care Services
    Unit 16: Health and Safety in the Health and Social Care Workplace
    Unit 17: Contemporary Issues in Health and Social Care
    Unit 18: Employability Skills
    Unit 19: Personal and Professional Development
    Unit 20: Study Skills
    Unit 21: Equality and Diversity in Health and Social Care
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