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Dog training is a great business opportunity for you if you’re wishing to be self-employed or make money while helping others. In this dog training course, you will explore how to run a successful dog training or dog-related business, and provide excellent services to attract your ideal clients and build long-lasting customer relationships.

This course is led by an experienced instructor, who will provide you with essential tips and practical training on how to launch an independent career in this field successfully and earn a solid income by receiving referrals from satisfied clients. Learn how to set rate plans for each session, group classes, including home-based evaluations and successfully combine other related services such as dog walking or pet sitting.

Highlights of The Dog Training Business:

  • Gain extensive knowledge of working with dogs in a variety of different capacities
  • Understand the science of animal behaviour and the importance of training a dog
  • Discover the best ways to learn the business and gain hands-on experience
  • Tips and tricks for attracting your target market and ideal clients
  • Explore what to include during an effective dog training consultation
  • Learn how to set price, use payment plans and money-back guarantees
  • Get plenty of tips on how to get started on setting up and successfully running your dog training business
  • Understand the powerful methods of marketing your dog training business

Course Design

The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

  • Text/Video lessons
  • Online study materials

Certificate of Achievement

Endorsed Certificate of Achievement from the Quality Licence Scheme

After successfully completing the course, learners will be able to order an endorsed certificate as proof of their new achievement. Endorsed certificates can be ordered and get delivered to your home by post for only £79. There is an additional £10 postage charge for international students.

CPD Certification from One Education

After successfully completing the MCQ assessment of this course, you will qualify for the CPD Certificate from One Education, as proof of your continued professional development. Certification is available in PDF format, at the cost of £9, or a hard copy can be sent to you via post, at the cost of £15.


This course has been endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme for its high-quality, non-regulated provision and training programmes. This course is not regulated by Ofqual and is not an accredited qualification. Your training provider will be able to advise you on any further recognition, for example progression routes into further and/or higher education. For further information please visit the Learner FAQs on the Quality Licence Scheme website.

Method of Assessment

To assess your learning, you have to participate in an automated multiple-choice question exam. You have to score at least 60% to pass the exam and to qualify for Quality Licence Scheme endorsed and CPD accredited certificates. After passing the exam, you will be able to apply for a certificate.

In addition, to enhance the depth of your knowledge regarding the course and further assess your learning, you are advised to complete the assignment questions provided at the end of the course, which you can complete anytime you wish. After submitting the assignment, our expert tutor will assess your assignment and will give you feedback on your performance.

Why Study This Course

This dog training course is ideal for those who would like to have their own dog training business and marketing strategies in place, including for those who already have a dog-related business, such as dog walking, dog grooming, pet sitting, etc. There are no learning requirements or formal degrees necessary to begin this course, and it can be studied on a full-time or part-time basis.


The Dog Training Business course is open to all, with no formal entry requirements. All you need is a passion for learning, a good understanding of the English language, numeracy and IT, and to be over the age of 16.

Career Path

Upon successful completion, learners will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to become a part of the animal service industry, start even a home-based dog training business with low start-up costs and learn marketing tactics that actually generate desired outcomes.

Course Curriculum

This Is What You'll Get From This Course
This Is What You’ll Get From This Course FREE 00:02:00
Creating An Unforgettable Brand
3 Elements Your Brand Must Have 00:06:00
Your Personal Brand 00:10:00
Branding Errors 00:05:00
Your Branding Aim 00:02:00
Creating An Unforgettable Brand – Handout 00:15:00
Creating An Unforgettable Brand – Video Slides 00:31:00
How To Choose A Niche Or Target Market
Finding The Right Niche Or Target Market For You 00:09:00
Why People Don’t Niche And What They Miss Out On 00:06:00
How To Identify Your Niche Or Target Market 00:03:00
How To Choose A Niche – Handout & Workbook 00:04:00
How To Choose A Niche – Video Slides 00:13:00
How To Attract Your Niche or Target Market
How To Avoid The Common Mistakes Often Made When Attracting Your Target Market 00:09:00
7 Ways To Find Out Your Potential Client’s Pain Points 00:04:00
How To Create ‘Benefit Statements’ That Will Get People Wanting To Work With You 00:06:00
How To Find Your USP (Unique Selling Point) 00:03:00
How To Attract Your Target Market – Handout 00:08:00
How To Attract Your Target Market – Video Slides 00:35:00
How To Create Transformational Packages That Your Clients Will Love
3 Things To Do In Order To Get Paid Well And Stop Trading Time For Money 00:04:00
The Best Ways To Deliver Your Transformational Packages 00:06:00
How Much To Charge And Suggested Packages 00:09:00
Student Question Answered On Creating Transformational Packages 00:11:00
How To Create Transformational Packages – Handout & Workbook 00:06:00
How To Create Transformational Packages – Video Slides 00:19:00
Pricing, Payment Plans And Money Back Guarantees
How To Select The Right Price 00:07:00
How To Plan Your Financial Goals 00:04:00
Payment Plans – Should You Use Them And If So What’s The Best Way To Do So 00:03:00
The Magic Of Money Back Guarantees – What Most People Don’t Realize… 00:08:00
Pricing, Payment Plans And Money Back Guarantees – Handout 00:03:00
Pricing, Payment Plans And Money Back Guarantees – Video Slides 00:24:00
How To Sell With Integrity
How To Sell Authentically 00:03:00
7 Steps To Closing A Sale With Integrity 00:09:00
Getting A Yes – Then What? 00:02:00
How To Track And Test What’s Working And What’s Not 00:03:00
How To Sell With Integrity – Handout 00:04:00
How To Sell With Integrity – Video Slides 00:22:00
Bonus Section
**Bonus** How To Get A Great Testimonial 00:03:00
**Bonus* How To Create An ‘Elevator Speech’ For A Memorable 1st Impression 00:04:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Dog Training Business 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Dog Training Business 00:20:00
Assignment – Dog Training Business 3 days, 20 hours
Recommended Materials
Workbook – Dog Training Business 5 days, 17 hours

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