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How To Become a Copywriter With No Experience?

So, you want to know how to become a copywriter with no experience? If  you are someone who is constantly coming up with quirky phrases or catchy prose, someone who makes his friends and family go livid with the jokes, chances are you have a good edge of making a career. You can use your witty sense of humour and become a copywriter today with this simple guide.

Copywriting is the art of persuading people to believe in a concept, a brand, or an ideology. The best copywriting combines a brand’s goods and ideology to establish branding. It is classified as an advertorial. Since, it aims to persuade customers to use a brand’s goods and services. 

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What is Copywriting?

Before we explain how to become a copywriter, let’s figure out what is copywriting at first. Copywriting is the language that a company uses to persuade a customer. It convinces the customer to make a purchase. Copywriting is often associated with promoting or selling a company, organization, brand, product, or service. Thus, it makes copywriting a type of marketing by definition.busy streetCopywriting can seem to be a minor aspect of marketing at first. But, as you go further, it becomes more clear & expansive. After a few years of copywriting, you know just how much there is to this job. Copywriting can be seen on the back of an orange juice carton or company flyers distributed at events. Business emails, sales sites, updates, advertisements, video scripts, Instagram messages, landing pages, LinkedIn profiles, brochures, billboards, etc., are different forms of copywriting.

Other forms of copywriting are:

  • Product descriptions.
  • Headline/Tag lines
  • White Papers
  • Lead Magnets
  • Presentations
  • Case studies

Each of these will be written by a copywriter for a company. The aim is to encourage readers to take action (buying something or doing something). A good copywriter will increase the conversion rate or the number of people who take action.

Requirement of Degree & Previous Work Experience

So, how to become a copywriter with bare minimum qualification? Each customer and each writing project have different needs to be fulfilled. Some customers may want to hire writers of a particular degree or qualification. In contrast, others may want to see examples of your work before they hire you. Many independent authors have studied English, literature and journalism. Others play their part by graduating in marketing and business.

The business of writing also takes place in politics and law. However, you can start copywriting with absolutely any degree or qualification even if you have studied sport, music, art or history, look for gigs to use your skills.

Regardless, the lack of a degree is not a barrier. Many clients are more interested in finding somebody with a flair for writing. Your in-depth knowledge of the subject and a strong writing example portfolio will get more preference.

Copywriting doesn’t necessarily require formal training. Are you starting with zero knowledge of this field? Then, it is better to take some. 

One education is one of the most competitive E-learning industries. It offers professional training and courses in collaboration with industry experts. The courses will highlight your resume and boot up your career.  

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How to Become a Copywriter?

Many people think they need years of education and experience to land a well-off job as a copywriter. However, that is a complete myth. Because, many famous industry experts didn’t have a formal university degree, to begin with.

Working as a writer is possible even though you have no previous experience. You’ll need a few essential skills to get started. It includes a good command of spelling and grammar, as well as the ability to produce interesting, engaging work. While no formal or professional training is needed, personal writing experience is advantageous in this field.

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Personal Objectives for Becoming a Copywriter

You must’ve written essay papers for your high school history class. And the chances are that you might’ve got straight A’s for your analysis papers. However, copywriting is far different from writing an essay paper. Then, how to become a copywriter? You don’t have to be eloquent or verbose to become a copywriter. What you need is fierce editing skills along with uniqueness.

British man and woman in an office at night

A good copywriter has to grab the attention of their readers and consumers in just a few words. So chances are you might not be a good copywriter. Even though you have received excellent grades in your writing seminar classes. You have to change specific tactics of your writing if you have serious thoughts about a copywriting career. Because the industry is astoundingly competitive.

Analyse the Advertisements or Copies Near You

To become a good copywriter, scrutinize the crafts of experts in the industry. You can do that by analysing the copies you see around you. For instance, on the internet, in magazines, newspapers, billboards or while watching television. Think of the emotion the advertisement is trying to stir up. Figure out which age group could be the targeted audience.

In addition, Specialist Essay Tigers advises taking notes of the ad’s solution to the problem. You can also observe the whole plot and think about what you could have done differently. The flaws in the copy might prevent it from resonating with the audience.

Practice Scrap Writing

If you are asking yourself how to become a copywriter, the answer lies within scrap writing. To stand out with your copywriting work, you need some fabulous samples to build up your portfolio. That is why it is essential to practice scrape writing on your own before you get your foot in the door.

To be a good copywriter, you must enjoy writing and do it daily. Every professional started as a novice. So don’t be discouraged if your copy isn’t quite up to par. Make a firm commitment to improving every day. The more scrap copy you compose, the more professional you will appear.

Expand & Learn Human Psychology

Expert copywriters aren’t only interested in writing copy. They also research other topics that are closely related. You can do it as well. The obvious options are marketing and sales. However, look at fields like storytelling, human psychology, critical thinking, and business management. The more you delve into them, the more you can grow.

To learn how to become a copywriter, you have to understand human psychology. You have to write persuading copy and compel the human mind to take action right away.

We’re all too busy and distracted these days. So, your copy needs to catch the attention of your readers right away. If it doesn’t, then someone else might snub out your potential consumers.

Have Faith in the Process

The business of copywriting has been here for a long while. So, it’s obvious there are a few big sharks in the pool. The industry is very competitive. So, it might be a while until you get your first lead in the field. But you should trust the process and keep at it. Do not get frustrated and give up if your application to the first few gigs gets turned down. Because it happens to even the best of the writers.

Try to find out the mistakes in your sample and write an even better one the next time. Use resources online to hone your skills.  Most importantly, believe in yourself that you have what it takes.

Job Prospect of a Copywriter

Job Prospect of a Copywriter

Knowing how to become a copywriter is no use if you don’t figure out what the job prospects are. You need to know all about what the industry has to offer you. Then, make a wise decision about which direction you want to take a swing at. Remember to always play by your strengths, and you will be at the top in no time.

1. Build Your Niche

The first step in learning how to become a copywriter is deciding on a niche. Your future customers would want to know what areas of experience and specialization you have. The reason behind this is, they want to recruit someone knowledgeable about their business.

Concentrate on copywriting for a single niche industry. Then, you’ll gain a greater understanding of your target market and improve your skills. Think about what you have a lot of knowledge about? Choose one thing after narrowing it down. It’s better to concentrate on a single business, niche, or consumer segment. Choose a field in which you have a strong interest and are well-versed.

For instance, you might already know a lot about health and wellbeing and enjoy exercising. In that case, the fitness industry might be a good fit for you. If you select the fitness niche, you’ll know exactly who your target market is. You will have a better idea of how to pitch your services to them.

2. Search for Clients Independently

Are you confident of your niche? Have you done enough scaling and practising on your own? Then, it’s time to find you some well-paid gigs. Upwork is one of the largest global freelancing websites. Millions of opportunities are posted every minute on the website. This makes it so much easier to find a client for you. Once you set your profile, you can bid on any project you are willing to work on. The project could be about SEO, blog or copywriting.

These freelancing gigs might not pay well in the beginning. But remember, with more wisdom comes a bigger pay cheque. Additionally, if a client really likes the sample of your work, they might refer you to their acquaintance. The clients might even ask you to join as an in-house copywriter. So, if you are starting out, freelancing websites are great for networking. The gigs help build up your reputation and portfolio as well as gaining hands-on experience.

3. Work with an Agency

Invoicing clients and chasing unpaid bills are the most frustrating aspects of a new freelancer’s career. Also, it is very time-consuming. That is why for new authors, agencies are often ideal. Because they help you to gain experience and establish your writing credibility. You will also have access to support services and will be paid for your work.

An organization relieves the burden while it also ensures that you are paid fairly for your job. You won’t have to be constantly on the lookout for clients. Because the agency will review your submitted sample works. Then, it will send clients your way who want the content of the same genre you are specialized in.

The only downside to working with an agency is that you might not get paid as much as you’d have, had you directly landed the gig from the client. Additionally, many of these agencies pay by the hour. So if you are a fast writer, you might be getting paid less than you deserve!

Some agencies you can look up for work are:

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4. Become an In-house Copywriter

Becoming an in-house copywriter is the simplest answer for how to become a copywriter. An in-house copywriter has a standard 9-to-5 office career. As an in-house copywriter, you will write copy for just one company on a daily basis. You can work in the marketing department of an organization, writing everything from website copy to newsletters.

As long as you work for that organization, you can work with the same team, on the same brand, and against the same target as an in-house copywriter. There are a lot of positive aspects to working as an in-house copywriter. A prime one being that you won’t have to worry about where your next pay cheque will be coming from. Even though the work-life might become dreary and monotonous, the job will be a secured one.

Find your perfect job at

5. Make Offers to The Company You Want to Work for!

After having sufficient experience under your belt, reach out to the company you want to work for. Make sure you sound confident and convincing about your skillset. Let them know what you have to offer.

Cold calls don’t help most of the time. So, it is better to send the HR team an email with your resume. Also, attach a cover letter describing your passion and zeal for the position. You might not get a job right away. But it never hurts to try out your luck and hope for the best! Take the plunge and believe in yourself!

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Copywriting Course Level 4
Learn how to become an outstanding copywriter and become the go-to person for all manner of lucrative projects, just by taking our Level 4 Copywriting course.

5 Must-Have Skills for a Copywriter

Skills for a Copywriter

Today’s copywriters need key skills to survive in the brave world of digital marketing. Having a knack for writing is not enough to keep you afloat. You need some essential skills for a successful copywriting marketing approach. 

Make SEO Content

Copywriting is not just about advertising home appliances on television. Neither, it is about writing sports factoids at the back of cereal boxes any more. You are putting your copy out there for the world to see and learn about on the internet by browsing.

As a copywriter, you will often be tasked with creating SEO web copy. A good SEO copy can drive up the organic traffic by 1000%. So, make sure you learn the basics of SEO before diving into the business of writing a copy.

Craft an Effective Call to Action (CTA)

Writing a concise and effective call to action is one of the most important aspects of being a good copywriter. Copywriters are employed to boost a company’s profits. And a copywriter’s effect boils down to one thing. That is the ability to persuade customers to want something badly enough to take action. The call to action is the culmination of all of this.

A call-to-action is the specific action that a company wants a customer to take. This could include anything and everything. From signing up for a newsletter to visiting a landing page to buying a product are the credit of an effective CTA.

Always Make the Reader Center of Your Attention

Readers can be self-centred. When a potential customer or subscriber reads your content, they want to see themselves in it. It’s the same thing when a friend tells you about a strange dream they had. If you weren’t a part of it, you’d probably zone out.

As a copywriter, one of the most important things to learn is how to prioritize the reader. Many companies write copy that focuses on themselves rather than their customers.   For instance, a company on their landing page could keep on rambling about how long they’ve in the business, what awards they’ve bagged rather than telling the customer what they have to offer. It can be seriously off-putting for many customers. 

Additionally, always write your messages or texts in active voice addressing the customer. For instance, meet the love of (your) life today or fix (your) TV with 5 DIY hacks etc.

Write for Reader’s Convenience 

Long-form writing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Long blogs, threads, landing pages, online tools, and books are all read on a daily basis. In reality, some readers do care enough about the content to consider every sentence. Hence, these readers are likely to be some of your best potential buyers.

With that in mind, the vast majority of visitors to a company’s website, landing page, or blog post will not read the entire thing. People want to know what they can get out of it with the least amount of time. People skim when they read on the internet. They sway back and forth.

It’s an unavoidable fact of life. This means that, particularly if you’re writing for the web, you have to make your copy skimmable. This is a fruitful way to get your key points or information across to the reader. Even if they are invested in reading the whole write-up, it’s good to provide choices.

Highlight both Features & Benefits of a Product 

One of the key principles A good copywriter knows how to write both the features and benefits. It provides a key lead on how to become a copywriter. It also makes certain your customers buy the product you are advertising. Features are the perks of a certain product. In contrast, benefits tell the customer why this product is engineered to meet their needs. Benefits should resonate with the emotions of a customer for a sure sale.

For example, the A14 bionic chip is one of the key features of the iPhone  12pro. Meanwhile, the benefit of this chip is that it gives the users a faster and smoother experience with apps and other software. 8/10 times, a customer buys the product after learning of the concise benefits a product has to offer. So, make sure you don’t sell short on the benefits section.

Along with the skills mentioned above, you must be a good communicator and a great team worker. You must have a keen eye and pay attention to details. Additionally, you have to always keep yourself updated with the latest trendsetters and have a talent for creativity. Always remember, your audience is buying your story/ slogan along with the product. So, you must have the ability to think outside the box and be quick on your feet!


Salary Expectations of a Copywriter

Junior copywriters normally earn between £25,000 to 32,000 a year as a starting salary. Copywriters with three or more years of experience are known as ‘middleweights’. Their pay scale is between  £30,000 to £50,000.

Senior copywriters with ten to fifteen years of experience can expect to gain up to £90,000. Creative copywriters who have received awards and gained popularity for their campaigns’ success earn the most. Their pay range is more than £120,000. 

International currencies

Salary for copywriters varies depending on the size of the firm and where they work. You have the choice of switching in-between jobs and agencies. This might give you an edge to get better pay with additional benefits. According to Indeed, the highest paying city in the UK for a copywriting job is in Cheltenham. It is followed by London and Guildford in second and third position. 

Additionally, if you work as a freelancer, your wage may be stimulated by various factors. Such as the type of employer, project duration, working hours and your portfolio. With enough experience and clients under your hat, you may take the big leap and start your freelancing agency. Being your own boss comes with additional responsibilities, no doubts. Still, once the business is set up, you don’t need to worry about job security. Besides, you won’t have to worry about financial constraints and possibly earn hundreds of thousands of pounds annually.

Difference Between a Copywriter & a Content Writer

Difference Between a Copywriter & a Content Writer

The copywriter is attempting to persuade you to take action and purchase a product. The content writer is essentially a content creator. It may be in the form of a blog post or a summary. It can be about anything. The created content doesn’t have to be for the intention of selling or getting people to do something. It can also be very educational. If you enjoy writing but don’t have any marketing experience, content writing might be a better fit for you.

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Copywriters are more than just writers, despite their titles. They’re a combination of authors, salespeople, and behavioural psychologists. All of those aspects must be mastered in order to be a good copywriter. Your credibility will improve when you get more work. And you’ll be a seasoned freelance copywriter before you know it!

The industry is massive, and there is an absurd number of jobs to choose from. So, there’s something for everybody. In terms of the type of writing you want to do, your level of experience and wage expectation, you can have your share of the pie and be content in this field.

Creative Copywriting
This engaging course introduces plenty of tips and tricks that make you a better writer and in turn, an expert copywriter.
Creative Copywriting
This creative copywriting course enables you to step onto a future-proof job and get started in copywriting. This engaging course introduces plenty of tips and tricks that make you a better writer and in turn, an expert copywriter.
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