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10 Tips on How to Convince a Customer in Call Centre

Marketing and advertising aren’t a piece of cake. You often only get one chance to impress clients. However, if you are new in a call centre role or failed to manage customers previously, you have reached the right place! Here are 10 tips on how to convince a customer in call centre to make your work easier.

Here are the ten tips on how to convince a customer in call centre, following:

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1. Gather Sound Knowledge About Your Offerings 

The first duty of a call centre agent is to gather a deep understanding of the offerings. Undoubtedly, you should know all the features so that you can convince a customer. 

How to Convince a Customer in Call Centre

An agent should be up-to-date with the recent product updates to sell it. Moreover, you should possess ideas about the client’s needs and wants. Finally, while working, you should know how to answer customers in call centre.  

2. Analyse Your Strength and Weakness 

After gathering all the information and knowledge, now it is time to analyse them. So here is one call centre tip for you. That is, use the recording of your previous customer service experience

Strength and Weakness
Strength and Weakness

Afterward, use those recordings – dissect and analyse them. Then, try to figure out your mistakes and faults and take lessons from them. 

Lastly, convert your weaknesses into strengths. In the same vein, figure out your power and use these weapons to impress your clients. 

3. Practice a Lot 

You must have heard the saying, “Practice makes a man perfect.” Just like other jobs, customer support jobs require a lot of practice to be perfect. So before answering your first call, practice how to answer customers in call centre. 

Similarly, you have to practice handling and convincing customers, which may take time. Day by day, you will gain experience of different flavours. Gradually, you will improve by handling them. Learn how to convince a customer in a call centre job. Also, make sure you are applying those tricks while convincing people. 

You may consider taking this effective online course, “Call Centre Agent Training.” The system will help you with the areas you should focus on while working as an agent. The contents focus on-

  • Basic communication skills, 
  • Telephone etiquette,
  • Handling difficult phone calls and customers, 
  • Managing customers, 
  • The right ways of responding to the client’s questions. 

Finally, after completing this course, you will be able to work in any organisation as a call centre agent.  

4. Keep Notes While Calling Customers 

Another tip for you is to note down everything while on a call. It will help you in two ways. Firstly,  it is an excellent exercise for being an active listener. It allows you to focus on the conversation. 

call ee customer service

Secondly, you make sure that you are not missing out on anything from the other side of the phone. Subsequently, this will help you to collect all the details and ensure that you will remember everything.  

Your customer may say something vital. But later on, you may miss that vital piece of information. As a result, your customer will get angry at you, and you may suffer consequences. So, don’t forget to note it down.

5. Transfer the Call

Who likes getting transferred? It sometimes looks like the employees are shifting from one department to another as they prefer passing the responsibility to someone else. Moreover, customers may get frustrated because of getting transferred. Even this may make customers angry with you.

how to answer customer in call center

While transferring the call, one good call centre tip for you is to follow these steps following-

Firstly, explain the reason behind transferring the call. Tell them to whom you are passing on the call politely. Secondly, ask them if they don’t mind being transferred. Thirdly, make sure that the person who should pick up the phone is available to talk. Also, inform them of the nature of the call and the name of the person on the other side.

By going through these three steps, you will prove that you are a real professional, and the client will not get mad at you. Moreover, they will like your attitude.

6. Minimise the Waiting Period and Optimise the Whole Process

To provide a top-notch customer experience, minimise the waiting time by optimising the whole process with the client.

how to handle a customer in call center-min

a. Answer Quickly and Be Ready

When you are on a call, answer promptly to the questions so that clients’ time is saved. Prepare yourself for all possible and probable questions. Similarly, arrange the answers in your head before saying them. Answer the questions smartly.

b. Don’t Leave People Hanging on Hold.

You might have heard, customers often complain about hanging them on hold. It often irritates them. Some customers hang up the call while on hold. Don’t miss your opportunities because of doing this act. Be Available 24/7.

7. Focus on Building Rapport

If you’re curious to know how to convince a customer in call centre, then your answer is a warm personality with a solid professional attitude. It will take you miles closer to handling your customers. That’s why you must focus on building a stable personality. If you fail to develop a rapport with your customer. You should try to remember the following-

how to handle a customer in call center job

a. Gain Confidence 

Firstly, confidence is everything. Who doesn’t like a competent and confident person? Try to know the ins and outs related to your work. This will help you to seem confident in front of people.

b. Be Consistent

Secondly, try to be consistent. Simultaneously, keep up your positive energy every day. Try to talk at the end of the day as good as when you started working in the morning.

c. Work on Patience 

Thirdly, call centre customers are a bit impatient. That’s why you have to pour all your patience into them. Hear and answer them with all your patience.

d. Be Professional

Moreover, a call centre agent has to be very professional as well as empathetic. Never say anything inappropriate to your clients. Also, don’t do anything out of your work ethic.

e. Be Polite

Furthermore, there is no room for impolite behaviour in this profession. Treat customers like kings and queens. Talk assertively yet be polite.

f. Offer Incentives

Additionally, you may apply another useful tactic of empowering your customers through referral incentives. Ask them to mention your work to their friends and family once the trust http://theshoalspharmacy.com has been established. If they do so, offer them attractive incentives and gifts.

Finally, when customers experience an awesome vibe with your brand, you gain their trust. Moreover, they tend to buy more products from you.

8. Positive Attitude

If you want to influence people, you must show them a positive attitude. When you can manage your customers well, they buy products or services from you again and again.

Positive Attitude

a. Never Say No

People hate listening to the word “No”. Therefore, try to manage every possible thing for them.  And change your no to yes and tell them what is possible. Similarly, help them with your whole.

b. Address your Clients by Name

Always address your clients by their names. It is a simple yet effective way to provide a great experience. They feel like you understood them. To do it correctly, analyse your customer and figure out how they like to be addressed.

For instance, if a customer presents himself as “This is Robert Johnson”, you can either politely ask him, “May I call you Robert?” or directly call him Mr. Johnson.

c. Think About Your Tone of Voice

Your customers know you by your voice. If you are in a rush while a call comes in, remember that people can hear a smile.

The person has called you to purchase something or get some advice. Don’t put them off with a hurried or hassled tone. Stop what you are doing for a while and turn away from your task. Pick up the call nicely and professionally. You are guaranteed a better outcome.

9. Acceptance is the Key 

Nobody is perfect. Learn to accept your mistakes. This will open the door to learning more.

Acceptance is the Key

a. It’s OK Not to Know Something.

Firstly, your customers may ask you something that you don’t know. Accepting this to them will show your honesty. Tell them you will give them the correct information later soon.

b. Never Argue Back

Secondly, you may find what your customers are saying is incorrect. Yet, don’t get into any heated argument with them. Make them understand your point in a gentle manner. Ask pardon if necessary.

c. Show Empathy

Thirdly, you have to show your customers that you care about them. Make them feel you are doing everything within your power to resolve their needs. Your concern for customers will conquer their heart.

10. Work on Stress Management 

Meanwhile, if you achieve success in winning over the customer, you might get exhausted and stressed.

Stress Management

 However, it is essential for your job performance and your health that you learn how to de-stress yourself under immense pressure.

a. Drink Coffee or Enjoy Music 

You may take a hot cup of coffee to rejuvenate your tired neurons. Or listen to your favourite music and relax. Likewise, breathing exercises or meditation may be practical. If you are religious, you can spend some time in daily prayers. 

However, these are few suggestions. There is no fixed way to deal with your stress. In short, only you can find what works best for you.

b. Control Your Anger

Anger is a common human trait. It can stress you out. Therefore, relax and calm yourself when something unexpected occurs. At most, subtly express your anger without showing any strong emotions towards your customer. However, you should practice controlling anger as it will surely ruin your relationship with the customers.

Some call centres offer resilience training for this purpose. It helps you learn how to handle angry customers and manage them in a better way.  

c. Enjoy Your Job 

When you like your work, you don’t stress out. But, on the other hand, there is immense pressure of work in call centres.

However, loving your job can lessen your workload and absorb stress-free from time to time. 

Final Thoughts on How to Convince a Customer in Call Centre  

Call centre jobs are getting more popular day by day. If you want to stand out from others, you must learn to convince a customer in call centre. Afterward, you will have to practise this skill a lot. For this purpose, you can join this excellent Call Centre Agent Training course to help you excel in the call centre industry.

Practising and training will help increase your productivity and handle customers in a better way.

Call Centre Agent Training
A call centre agent is a person who handles incoming or outgoing customer calls for a business.
Call Centre Agent Training
A call centre agent is a person who handles incoming or outgoing customer calls for a business.
February 14, 2022

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