The Importance of Health and Wellness Training

Understanding proper nutrition is becoming more important than ever, with the latest Government statistics showing an increase to 27% of adults in England classified as obese, and a further 36% listed as overweight. Nutrition is about so much more than just weight, however. Learning about nutrition can help us to cater for special diets and allergies such as vegetarian, or gluten-free. We can also learn about the link between nutrition and life stages, e.g. expectant mothers, or child development. Most importantly, finding out more about the science of nutrition helps us to understand the links between what we eat and diseases such as diabetes or cancer.

Growth of Interest in Nutrition

The Importance of Health and Wellness TrainingPeople are being encouraged to take more interest in their own health, through the management of their food and lifestyle choices. There has also been a rise in food bloggers and wellness websites, with trends such as ‘clean’ eating and the emphasis on healthy fats and proteins.

Set against a background where the market value for health and wellness reached circa £21.3 billion euros in 2016, now is a great time to learn more about the importance of nutrition, whether from a personal or professional interest.

Understanding more

To really understand nutrition, learn from tutors who are expert nutritionists and dieticians, who can teach you about every aspect, including lifecycle nutrition (from pre-conception, to teenagers and old age); special diets (digestive disorders, food intolerances and nutritional deficiencies); and dietary health (eating disorders and mental health, managing obesity, nutritional and better sleeping advice)

An online course can be an affordable and accessible option for those worried about finding the time, whether learning more about the science of nutrition for your health or if you are upskilling. Interactive learning is more engaging and effective, so choose a nutrition course that offers webinars and quizzes, as well as online content.

Advance Diploma in Principles of Nutrition 

Take this One Education course to achieve your ongoing fitness goals and gain long-term results for your health and knowledge. Join us and live to learn more, increase your nutritional expertise and earn a diploma for your successful continuous learning.

February 4, 2021

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