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Why be a Primary School Teacher?

Have you recently been thinking about primary school teaching? Then you must have pondered over this- Why be a Primary School Teacher? And how to become one?

Primary school teaching involves teaching young children aged 4-11 years, roughly. That is, key stages 1 and 2 are the focused areas of Primary School Teaching. This profession can be immensely rewarding but requires involvement. So for comprehensive decision-making, run all these questions at least once- 

  • What are the roles of a great teacher?
  • What qualifications do I need to be a Primary School Teacher?
  • What are the advantages of being a Primary School Teacher?
  • What are the disadvantages of being a Primary School Teacher?
  • Is Primary School Teaching going to be stressful for me?

These questions are important ones to ask. Keep reading further to have more insights on each one of these. 

Table of Contents

Wondering How, And Why Be A Primary School Teacher?

Primary school classroom

Why be a Primary School Teacher? Is it right for me?’- the answer to this question of yours isn’t too straightforward. Primary School Teaching can be an incredibly rewarding job. Is spreading out positive influence to youngsters fascinating to you? Are you passionate about staying in touch with your inner youth?  If yes, then becoming a Primary School Teacher is undoubtedly right for you! 

For becoming a Primary School Teacher, certain mindsets are important. Such as nurturing a love for students and being passionate about their growth. Alongside, you will need to earn the necessary skills and credentials for having a real impact. Keep scrolling for learning about this wondrous journey in detail. And you might have some definitive views on why be a Primary School Teacher!

What Are The Five Qualities Of A Great Teacher?​

How many of us remember the great teachers that affected us so deeply in our childhood that the impacts are still vividly present? Probably almost all of us.

Female primary teacher helping a student

Most of us really didn’t ask as kids why be a Primary School Teacher? Because the majority of kids just think that they want to be one too once they grow up!

The qualities of a great teacher might seem self-evident sometimes, but without taking notice, getting out of those qualities can slip real quick. So here is our selected list of qualities, that make any teacher a wonderful lifelong influence for their students. 

Great Teachers Are Great Friends To Their Students

Students playing with their primary teacher

A large part of what makes one a great teacher depends on two things. And they are- the thought process and personality of the teacher. At the heart, a great teacher keeps the idea that helping a human life being grown up and flourished is tremendously rewarding. 

So this leads great teachers to become great friends with their students. And being friends with students here doesn’t mean just being fun. But more than that, it’s about being accessible and empathetic. Undoubtedly, schools are filled with kids from diverse backgrounds and environments. Therefore, setting a one-size-fits-all solution for kids is the ultimate recipe for disaster. 

Great teachers understand and acknowledge the individuality of their students. So they operate from a real place of love. They pay genuine attention to what their students have to say and tailor learning opportunities accordingly. And this quality of a teacher is what makes students feel included in their schools. As a result, this directly impacts their learning, growth, and mental well-being. 

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Great Teachers Are Wonderful Collaborators 

A great teacher knows that a school kid is not separate from her surroundings. Because she constantly stays in interaction and is influenced by her family, parents, peers, and other teachers.

Student collaborating

Hence, the overall learning experience of a student largely depends on how these experiences are happening in her everyday life. 

When a teacher addresses this complex network of relationships, she understands how to unlock holistic well-being for her students. This is why great teachers try and learn more about their students. And they communicate accordingly with their parents, peers, and other teachers whenever needed. 

Great Teachers Possess A Growth Mindset

Instead of labelling students according to their existing abilities, great teachers believe in their abilities to grow.

Small trees

A successful teacher understands that every human is born with unique and endless potential, and s/he taps into the potentials of his/her students. 

When a student feels categorized, it can lead to his/her feeling trapped. This stops kids from trying to get better. An empathetic teacher acknowledges this problem, and instead of labelling his/her students into categories, s/he focuses on encouraging students as per their potential. 

Great Teachers Never Stop Being Students Themselves

A teacher herself needs to possess impeccable confidence in the subject material. Otherwise, it’s unlikely that she will be able to own the class. And such insecurity will keep the teacher from successfully communicating with the students. 

Primary teachers gettng higher education

Thus, great teachers themselves never stop learning. As a matter of fact, they keep getting updated on the recent findings of their subject material. They also curate their teaching materials and methods accordingly. Because making the lessons as digestible and fun to their students as possible is important to them. 

Great Teachers Are Tremendous Organizers 

Unless a teacher possesses good organizational skills, coordinating large groups of students can become http://www.slaterpharmacy.com impossible in a matter of minutes. Hence, a great teacher understands the importance of keeping the class organized, and picks up the skills needed to do so along the way. 

A teacher’s responsibilities consist of many kinds of activities. Curating course materials, study plans, collaborating with other teachers, parents, preparing question papers, checking scripts, and many more. Hence, organizational skills are key to hacking the profession of teaching.

What Qualifications Do I Need To Be A Primary School Teacher?

Becoming a Primary School Teacher isn’t too complicated. Though, given that it’s a profession that comes with the need for reliability, there are certain skills, knowledge, and credentials that you have to prove yourself with. 

  • Your GCSE grades will be taken into account during evaluation. Maths, Science, and English courses will specifically be checked. 
  • You will also need to take some tests in your numeracy and literacy skills. 
  • A DBS or police check will be done for assessing your profile as well. 

For earning credentials, if you have a degree, couple it with postgraduate qualifications. If you don’t, then opt for a course that will add to your QTS (qualified teacher status) scores. 

Top these credentials with some teaching experience. And you’ll be up with a great profile for applying to that teaching job!

The Advantages of Becoming a Primary School Teacher

Like any other profession, being a Primary School Teacher comes with its perks and limitations. But being a Primary School Teacher mostly comes with rewards that are rare in other jobs. Some examples are- 

Emotional Rewards

Students walking together

Being a Primary School Teacher allows you to directly impact the lives of young humans. And these impacts can often last a lifetime. Particularly if you happen to adore children, being a Primary School Teacher can be very rewarding emotionally.

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Stability of Pay

Primary School Teachers can rely on their paycheques. Because the work comes with a decent salary scale. The average annual pay for Primary School Teachers in the UK is around £27,000. And with consistent job performance, the jobs are usually secure.

Entertainment and Joy 

School environments can be more diverse than other job settings. So, with all the diversity in children and their talents, primary schools are the ultimate places to experience joyful work every day. 

Students standing on mud

Some of those days, little kids will bring you cute handmade cards. Sometimes, their adorable singing and dancing will melt your heart. And you’ll forget that you ever asked why be a Primary School Teacher! Because what Primary School Teachers get to experience, is special beyond words. 

Availability of Jobs

Primary School Teachers are always relevant, and they always will be. Human beings will never stop being interested in investing in their offspring. Even if AI takes over most of the jobs, most human beings will want their kids to be under the influence of a human teacher. Hence, there will always be a need for teachers who can shape the lives of children. 

Great Provisions for Vacations

Primary School Teachers get long vacations with their students. Around 3 months of holiday, every year besides the national holidays is not something that just any other professional gets to enjoy. 

Relevance of Passion

Paint colour pallet

Here is another wonderful perk of being a Primary School Teacher. If you are passionate about something, you can always channel it into the lives of your students. Because there is this great scope for inspiring, influencing, and growing in the classrooms. And this can also help you stay in touch with your creativity and passion without much extra work. 

Is Teaching At Primary School Stressful?

Primary school teaching can come with heavy duties some days. So, expecting that the workload will be less every day can be too much of an expectation.

Students and teachers inside a primary school classroom

But that’s not how all the days are. The work hours probably will be longer sometimes, but the annual number of leave is also much higher. 

And if the work reward on the opposite is measured, then the occasional stresses of primary school teaching become easily acceptable. The stress is there, for sure, but it is also well-compensated overall. However, some days will come that will get you worrying. And you might be wondering why be a Primary School Teacher at all! But when you remember these big and small rewards, you’ll instantly remember why.

Closing Note

Primary schools are the places where many of us have our fondest memories. It is the arenas of our primary schools where we have had the most crucial periods of our growth. And who doesn’t miss primary school life? Also, do you remember? Instead of pondering why be a Primary School Teacher, most of us actually wanted to be one when we were kids! 

Primary school teaching is the ultimate way to stay in touch with your childhood. Because it enables you to be around young children. And getting to contribute to their growth can be rewarding in unspeakable ways. Hence, if the overall aspects of this job seem optimal to you, don’t delay in getting started with this potentially life-changing profession!

Primary Teacher Training
With this course, you’ll develop your understanding of the qualities required for working with children in primary schools.
Primary Teacher Training
With this course, you’ll develop your understanding of the qualities required for working with children in primary schools.
December 13, 2021

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