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Enrol on this training to learn the fundamental skills needed to start work as a Teacher and gain the more advanced personal skills you’ll need to teach the next generations in a rewarding career.

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Teachers are invaluable to the essential learning activities in schools and nurseries. They support pupils in all of their educational needs and social development, which may need to be applied individually, in selective groups, or in a whole classroom environment. Additionally, the role needs to be focused on supporting other teaching personnel, enabling them to prepare and deliver specialist resources and learning aids.

Gaining Awareness of SEN and Learning Difficulties

Many children will have challenges in learning and developing during education due to disabilities or neurological conditions. You will be given guidance on approaching pupils with these issues and finding the most appropriate ways to support their education. As such, you will be shown how to work in partnership with their families and welfare experts to help them reach their full potential in the education system.

Adopting Principles from EYFS and Early Learning Concepts

Young minds respond better to learning methods that embrace and encourage their development in their most formative years. Understanding the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) statutory framework for educational planning will give you an acute awareness of how to engage young minds, as well as the proven advantages of such learning techniques as phonics and other advanced concepts.

Child Protection, Safeguarding, and Healthcare

Children need to be protected from immediate harm and have the proper health and safety protocols enforced around them. You will be shown how to maintain high standards in this area and also how to perform paediatric first aid. You will also be given a masterclass in how to identify signs of neglect or abuse in a child, as well as ensuring that they are free from exploitation and any negative influences from adults.

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Learn the fundamental skills and techniques needed by Tas in the classroom and how to excel in the education industry



Become familiar with methods for supporting and developing the potential of SEN pupils



Know how to overcome challenges that these conditions can create for pupils



Discover how to gain the attention and interest of pupils with ADHD



Learn the integral education frameworks that help Early Years pupils develop



Make use of sound and images to promote Early Learning in the classroom



Know how to actively support and assist senior teachers in learning environments



Gain the ability to create and lead learning plans for individuals



Ensure children are kept safe in a learning environment and are free from abuse or neglect



Understand how children think and how they can be motivated to learn



Learn the latest theories and techniques for engaging children in education



Know how to react in a medical emergency and perform life-saving techniques on children



Gain awareness of the mental challenges and cerebral development processes that affect children’s actions.



Be able to perform teaching via online and remote platforms, whilst maninat9n high standards and adequate interactions

Joel Brookes

Faculty, Program in Graphic Design
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Joel Brookes

Faculty, Program in Graphic Design
One Education

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Skill-building Assignments and Specialist Knowledge

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First-class Coaching and Technical Support

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Career Path Advice

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Adaptable Study Structures

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