Food Hygiene Level 1 Training

Welcome to our Food Hygiene Level 1 Training course! This rich training is intended to provide students with the essential know-how and abilities needed to maintain food safety in a variety of settings. This course is a crucial foundation for anybody handling or producing food, whether you’re a seasoned expert or just getting started in the food business.

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This Food Hygiene Level 1 Training offers a crash course on food safety and hygiene principles. It encompasses the basics of safe food handling, the significance of personal hygiene, and the regulations that influence food safety. You will thoroughly grasp the fundamental concepts and processes required to guarantee food safety at the entry level.

Our Food Hygiene Level 1 Training course will help you achieve the first step towards a safer and more hygienic food environment. You will surely acquire the skills and confidence to deal with food safely and make an impact on food hygiene in your workplace and community. This will undoubtedly enhance your career prospects as well as improve your food-handling practices at home.

Enrol in this food hygiene training right now to get started on the path to preventing foodborne infections for your family, friends, and yourself!

What Is Covered in This Level 1 Food Hygiene Course?

In the food hygiene course level 1, you’ll delve into food hygiene and safety fundamentals. The curriculum comprises topics like:

By the end of the food hygiene course, you’ll have a robust understanding of food safety, empowering you with the necessary skills to handle food safely and hygienically. This course will open up opportunities for you to further advanced training in the food hygiene sector.

What you'll learn

Aims of The Course

This course can be considered as food safety level 1and its primary goals are:

Entry Requirements

Regardless of academic or professional experience, anybody interested in food hygiene is welcome to enrol in our Food Hygiene Level 1 Training. This course has no prerequisites. 

Course Duration

The Level 1 Food Hygiene course usually takes around an hour to complete. The course materials are accessible for up to a year, and you can learn at your own speed.

Who Should Take The Level 1 Food Hygiene Course?


You will obtain a CPD QS accreditated certification confirming your expertise and dedication to food safety from One Education if you successfully complete the Food Hygiene Level 1 Training course. This well-known food hygiene certificate level 1 will contribute significantly to your professional reputation.

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The CPD QS Accredited Certificate Is Available In PDF Format, At The Cost Of £9, Or A Hard Copy Can Be Sent To You Via Post, At The Cost Of £15.​

Order Your Certificate here

The Food Hygiene Regulations 2006

The United Kingdom’s rules and regulations controlling food safety and hygiene requirements are known as the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006. These laws, which were passed under the Food Safety Act of 1990, are essential for guaranteeing the security of food produced and delivered in the UK. They cover various topics related to food safety, such as general hygiene concepts, hazard analysis, the duties of food company operators, personal hygiene, temperature management, allergy labelling, and local authority inspections. The laws are essential for preserving consumer confidence and safeguarding the public’s health since they apply to a wide variety of food-related industries. Being informed about any revisions or modifications to these rules is crucial.

Key Features

Why Study This Course?

There Are A Number Of Significant Advantages To Studying Food Hygiene, As Well As Reasons Why You Should Think About Obtaining This Food Hygiene Training.

Having A Food Hygiene Certificate Demonstrates A Commitment To Food Safety And Professional Development. It Could Increase Your Job Prospects And Open Up Doors To New Possibilities For You In The Food Industry. When Looking To Hire Or A Promote, Employers Frequently Give Preference To Applicants With Formal Food Hygiene Training.

You Should Consider This Level 1 Food Hygiene Training As Your First Step Into The World Of Food Safety. It Is Recommended That After You Complete This Level 1 Course, You Consider Enrolling In The Following Courses To Level Up Your Skills:

Frequently Asked Questions

A food hygiene course is a training that focuses on safer food preparation and handling. It covers concepts like recognising microorganisms, maintaining personal hygiene, appropriate food storage, preventing cross-contamination, cleaning practises, and food safety legislation to teach about preventing foodborne diseases. The courses are necessary for anybody involved in food preparation and frequently result in certifications demonstrating expertise in upholding food safety requirements.

A Food Hygiene Certificate Is A Certificate Awarded To Those Who Successfully Complete An Accredited Course On Food Hygiene And Safety. The Certificate Can Be Shown To Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) To Demonstrate An Individual Has The Appropriate Level Of Food Hygiene Knowledge To Work Safely In An Environment Where Food Is Handled Or Sold To The Public.

Yes. This Online Course Has Been Developed To Teach Students Everything They Need To Know About Food Safety And Hygiene.

This Level 1 Food Hygiene Course is self-paced, so students can go through it at their own pace for up to one year. However, it takes around approximately one hour to finish the five modules.

Yes, All One Education Courses Come With A 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee. You Can Contact Our Support Team Using This Link For Refund Requests.

Yes, you will get an accredited CPD certificate to make your skills formal after successfully completing the course from One Education. However, the certificate can be ordered for £9 in PDF format or for £15 to have a hard copy mailed to you.

The Level 1 food hygiene certification validates your dedication to upholding the highest standards of food safety and is often recognised and required in many food-related industries. So, it will undoubtedly have an impact on your skill set and portfolio; however, landing a job isn’t guaranteed.

Level 1 Food Hygiene Course Is An Introductory Course And Is Not Enough To Qualify You To Work As A Food Handlers.

To Work As A Food Handler In The UK, You Need To Complete The Level 2 Food Hygiene Course As Well To Meet The Legal Requirements. 

Depending on the course and regional regulations, a food safety certificate usually lasts two to five years. The certificate must be renewed after its expiration.

Getting a food hygiene certificate isn’t that hard; all you need to do is:
Step 1: Choose an authorised educational site like One Education.
Step 2: Enrol in this Food Hygiene Level 1 Training online course.
Step 3: Pass the assessment after completing the training.
Step 4: Get your accredited certificate.
Step 5: Renew the certification if necessary, and keep up with changes in food safety requirements.

Depending on your position and duties in the food sector and the regulatory framework in your region, you might need a specific food hygiene certification. There are typically several certification levels for food hygiene:

Introduction to Food Hygiene (Level 1): As a beginner or someone just curious about food hygiene should start with level 1. This food safety level 1 course will introduce you to the basics of food hygiene, its significance in public health, and awareness of common sources of foodborne illnesses and relevant regulations.
Basic Food Hygiene Certificate (Level 2): Individuals engaged in food preparation, handling, and serving, such as kitchen employees, waiters, and food handlers, should hold this certification.
Intermediate Food Hygiene Certificate (Level 3): Professionals in positions like supervisors, managers, or anyone in a leadership role in a food establishment should go for this certification.
Advanced Food Hygiene Certificate (Level 4 or 5): This level is intended for people responsible for food safety management systems and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) within an organisation.

It is imperative that you obtain the appropriate certification to suit the unique requirements of the job you have. Consult your employer or local regulatory authorities to discover which certificate is appropriate for your job, since standards vary depending on region and kind of food outlet.

Yes, if you are going to work in the food industry, you definitely need one. Start with Level 1 Food Hygiene courses and work your way up.

When discussing food awareness and hygiene, the term “S.A.F.E” typically refers to ensuring that food is safe to consume by adhering to recommended food safety procedures. “S.A.F.E” highlights the following fundamentals of food safety:
S – Storage: Food should be stored properly to avoid contamination, deterioration, and the development of dangerous germs.
A – Avoid Cross-Contamination: Stop hazardous bacteria from spreading from one surface or food to another.
F – Food Temperature Control: To avoid bacterial development, maintain proper cooking, cooling, and storage temperatures.
E – Employee Hygiene: Ensure that food handlers maintain good personal hygiene, including washing their hands often and dressing appropriately for the job.

Courses on One Education typically involve the following steps:
1. Choose a course, enrol in the course and pay the fee.
2. Access all course materials, such as lessons, assessments, and assignments.
3. Learn at your own speed and complete the tasks and evaluations.
4. Upon successful completion, receive an accreditation.
5. Make use of the given resources.
6. Some courses provide lifetime access to content.
7. Check the course specifications and platform policies for the course you’re interested in since specific details might differ.

It totally depends on you. If you need an upgrade in your skills and workforce, you should buy a level 2 training course. You can select One Education’s Food Hygiene Level 2 Training.

Staff that handle raw materials should pursue Level 2 or higher courses. However, they should complete Food Hygiene Level 1 Training first.

Food Hygiene Level 1 training tends to be insufficient to meet all inspection needs, particularly for organisations that engage in food preparation and handling. Higher-level training might be required to ensure inspection compliance.

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Introduction to Food Safety
Introduction to Food Safety 00:07:00
Module 02: Food Poisoning and other illnesses
Food Poisoning and other illnesses 00:11:00
Module 03: Contamination
Contamination 00:14:00
Module 04: Waste Disposal, Cleaning and Disinfection
Waste Disposal, Cleaning and Disinfection 00:13:00
Module 05: Personal Hygiene
Personal Hygiene 00:11:00
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Order Your Certificate Now 00:00:00

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