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10 Hospitality management skills for your successful career

Hospitality management skill goes beyond hospitality. Hospitality management requires people who are ready to evolve with situations. Also, people who respond to changing customers’ expectations well. We have compiled 10 hospitality management skills for your successful career. So that you can get ready for your desired job in the hospitality industry. 

For a rewarding career in the hospitality industry, management skills are pivotal. Many of these skills are transferable to other service-related industry. These skills can be divided into two types –

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Hard skills

These skills are industry-specific, learned through formal education and training. This type of skills are specific to the job at hand and based on technical knowledge. 

For instance, operating a reservation system requires hard skills. These skills are also known as technical skills. Hard skills can be easily acquired with the right qualification and proper training. 

Some other examples of hard skills for hospitality management are – 

Soft skills

Soft skills or people skills are natural abilities. These are like emotional intelligence and can be useful in more than one sector. The soft skills aid human interaction. It affects one’s ability to work and interact with others in social situations. They are needed in hospitality management due to its cross-cultural and people orientation. For example, communication and interpersonal skills can help provide superior customer experiences. These skills come to some people naturally. But they can be acquired through perseverance and enough practice with proper guidance. Some examples of soft skills include –

According to a good deal of research, 85% of job success comes from having great soft & people skills. But, only 15%  of success comes from having technical skills and knowledge. 

Soft skills are six times more important than hard skills for any job success. But most of the training efforts and money go to hard skills. Hence, the skills gap in this industry. The hospitality industry has changed a lot in 2020 due to COVID-19. It has widened the ever-present hospitality skills gap. Due to the changed situation and expectations of customers, it is pivotal to end this skill gap. Following are some areas with skill gaps that create challenges in hospitality management.

Heterogeneous teams

With growing work demands, teams are becoming more heterogeneous in nature. These teams include a mixture of race, gender, religion, culture and age. They provide a range of experiences and opinions as opposed to homogeneous teams. The ability to work in heterogeneous teams is very important to get work done. The hospitality industry cannot run smoothly without teamwork.

Cross-cultural experience

Increasing diversity in the hospitality industry is making way for cross-cultural experiences.  For providing a better guest experience, you need to have cultural awareness. Cultural awareness helps to connect with people from various cultural backgrounds. Differing values & beliefs should not come in the way of providing the best services. After all, the aim is to give the customer the best experience. For a successful career in the hospitality industry, you need to be –

Flexibility and agility

Flexibility and agility are very important. Especially, when you are working with a lot of people from various departments. In this fast-paced world, you need to be agile to keep up with the rest of the competitors in the industry. New age dynamic problems demand flexibility. Having workplace flexibility results in a high level of engagement and productivity. 

Problem-solving approach

Ensure an entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving. It can lead your way to promotions and better compensation. Your attitude to problem-solving can get you noticed by your superiors. And it makes you more likeable and approachable by your clients. Your problem-solving ability shows them how resilient and competent you are. 

The above-mentioned skills create labour shortages in the hospitality industry. It also happens because of technological barrier and wage issues. When they are faced with a skills gap, they turn to technology to fill the void which might not always be viable.

With the proper set of skills, you can make a successful career in hospitality management. Develop these 10 skills to excel in your field. And prepare for your potential career in hospitality management. 

Excellent Leadership skills

Leadership is all about influencing people to reach a common goal. A successful leader directs their energies toward the goal and achieves it efficiently. Having a situational leadership approach can prove to be very beneficial. In this leadership style, managers recognize that different situations need different solutions. The manager has to adapt his or her leadership style to the demands of different situations.   Situational leadership can play a major role in making your career successful. Mostly, due to the unpredictable nature of the hospitality industry job requirements.

Leadership & Management Training Course
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Leadership & Management Training Course
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Impeccable Customer Service

The Hospitality industry is all about customer service. Customer service refers to a series of activities designed to enhance customer satisfaction. For any service related job, great customer service is pivotal. Just etiquette or good manners are not enough to get maximum customer satisfaction. Most of the customers are likely to recommend a particular product or service. In case, they have a positive experience.

Impeccable Customer Service

Customer satisfaction determines how well your hospitality business is doing. Poor review from the customers leads to a bad reputation for your business. Which in turn leads to fewer customers and a direct hit on the bottom line of that organization. Some ways to improve customer service quality are given below –

Lastly, remember that you can never over-deliver customer service. And there is always room for more improvement.

Multitasking Ability

Being able to multitask comes in handy in the hospitality industry. Hospitality services often demand getting a great deal of work done in a short period. Or they have to be done simultaneously. For example, in a situation, you may have to attend to a guest and listen to their complaints. You have to give directions to solve the problem while attending the guest. Hospitality management calls for functional and efficient multitasking skills. This is required to integrate many departments at the same time.

Can-Do Attitude

Possessing a can-do attitude makes way for a successful career in every sector. This is not just helpful in the hospitality sector. Maintaining a can-do approach to problem-solving helps to find solutions. Even in extremely difficult situations. It creates a positive and solution-focused work environment. Achieving a can-do attitude improves motivation. It opens doors for more opportunities and challenges.

Effective Communication

Being articulate is necessary for every sphere of life. Thus making this essential for hospitality sector too. For communication to be effective, it has to be clear, concise and easy to understand. Other people must be able to understand the purpose of your message. If not, you have failed to deliver the message and your communication has no real value. Without effective communication, it is impossible to get any job done successfully.

Everyone has to be on the same page. Thus, it requires a continuous transfer of information via many channels. It demands competence in both oral and written communication. Another vital part of communicating is speaking clearly and confidently in public. Being good at public speaking is a prerequisite to be a good manager or leader. Consider this situation where you have to give directions to many teams at the same time. You have to be clear, confident, precise and articulate enough while briefing. Otherwise, they will undermine you.  For effective communication follow the seven C’s of communication –

Seven Cs of communication

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is a skill that comes in handy in many situations. As conflicts are inevitable in any workplace. While functional conflict increases efficiency and productivity, dysfunctional conflict does the opposite. Constructive conflict resolution provides an opportunity for productive change and growth. On the other hand, dysfunctional conflict reduces productivity. It hampers work relationships and creates a hostile work environment. Some fruitful ways to manage the dysfunctional conflicts are –

Your ability to handle conflict shows how competent you are in your position. It is also an important criterion to decide if you are to be promoted.  

Be Tech-Savvy

Innovative technology is constantly replacing expensive human labour in every industry. Being up to date about technology can help you stay ahead of others in the job market. Stay up to date about useful technologies used in the hospitality industry. For example, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, contactless technology is gaining popularity. Some other technology used in the hospitality industry are – 

Organisational skills

Organizational skill refers to the ability to be systematic, structured and efficient. Well nurtured and conscious organization skill helps improve efficiency and productivity. Employees who are well organized can multitask easily. More importantly, without losing track of any critical or time-sensitive tasks. This is very easy to learn. And there are many tools and software products available to facilitate this skill. For instance, if you are in charge of an event or project for your hotel, you can have tech support. You can use any project management software like Trello or Click Up. These apps will help you keep track of all your tasks. For instance, give you a timeline, meet deadlines and organize your dashboard. 

This is one of the easiest skills to acquire but very important for success. Cluttered or disorganized screams unprofessional and ineffective. Some important organizational skills to master are –

Flexibility and Adaptability

Flexibility and adaptability promote effectiveness in the workplace. It creates a more productive and positive work environment. This skill helps to adapt to new situations like the one we are currently in –  the coronavirus outbreak. The hospitality industry is still up and running because of its flexibility. For example, they are now using contactless technology. This helps to provide better services to their customers while maintaining hygiene. Moreover, they are providing more in-room services to social distance. These timely measures have helped them get more customers. And at the same time helped them secure more bottom line. 

Industry and Cultural Awareness

In order to have a successful career in any industry, you need to be aware of everything that goes on in the industry. Read industry-related articles and magazines to stay up-to-date on industry news. For doing well in a management position you need to be aware. You need to know about the occupational hazards that come with the job. Take short courses on fire safety and other hazard awareness. And due to the cross-cultural orientation, you need to be 

People are more likely to remember a great experience, not the price they paid for it. Culturally aware employees promote productivity, positivity and unity in the workplace. 

These ten skills mentioned above are very critical. But it is also important to maintain work ethics and professionalism. Discreteness is extremely valued in every hospitality job. 

To improve your hospitality management soft skills, follow these suggestions. In addition, practise self-awareness, self-regulation, and improving social awareness. 

Identify your Abilities and Potential

Self-awareness can play a significant role in improving your hospitality skills. It is essential to identify your strengths and abilities early on, that way you’ll know what you need to work on. For example, if you have great ideas, but you don’t know how to articulate them. To communicate properly you need to work on your communication skill. You should also work on building up confidence. If you know your strengths, you can leverage them to your advantage. 

Listen to Others

Actively listening to others is crucial to improve people skills. Instead of assuming what they want, ask them and listen to them. This way you can improve your customer service skills. Consequently, take a more proactive approach in problem-solving. Maintaining eye contact is always a plus point. It shows them they are your priority, and that they are valued. Ultimately, by listening to others, you are gaining one more loyal customer. At the same time, improving your interpersonal relationship skill and communication skill.

Stay Positive

Maintain an optimistic outlook in all spheres of life. But more specifically in your professional life. Face every challenge head-on, focusing on the positive side. If you keep up a positive attitude ultimately you’ll be more resilient. Focus on a problem-solving approach instead of being irritated, grumpy. A positive attitude is more likely to get you rewarded, promoted and recognized. Strive for optimism and resilience!

Take in Criticism

Constructive criticism can be very effective to brush up your people skills.  Criticism can help you refine your skills if you take it positively. It can shed light on the perspective that you may have overlooked. Sometimes we do not know about small things in ourselves that people may notice. You can ask questions to deconstruct the feedback so that it is more effective. 

Practice Non-Verbal Communication

Communication is key in every occupation, more so in the hospitality industry. It can play an important role in enhancing a guest or customer’s experience. Communication does not mean only verbal and written communication. It includes non-verbal communication also, but we often ignore that. Pay attention to their body language and expression, it may give you important cues to work with. 

Hospitality Management
Become an expert in the thriving sector of Hospitality Management by enrolling in this comprehensive course.
Hospitality Management
Become an expert in the thriving sector of Hospitality Management by enrolling in this comprehensive course.

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