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Take this expert training to learn the skills and methods to work within Human Resources for a company or organisation. You will be shown how to advance and master various roles and responsibilities in this business field and attain senior roles.

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All Human Resource (HR) employees, managers, and administrators are critical to all large and small companies' smooth running and operational resilience. They are asked to develop and implement working policies crucial to relations with the workforce in an infrastructure. HR staff are expected to ensure that fairness and balance is applied to staff in all appropriate ways.

Managing Staff and Enforcing Employment Laws

All organisations will have a staff turnaround and need to recruit on a regular basis, injecting new blood into their infrastructure. You will be shown just how to manage the expectations of the existing workforce but also how to induct and attract new employees to your business family.

Developing Talent, Rewarding Performance, and Retaining Workers

An unhappy workforce is likely to seek employment elsewhere, and HR staff have the accountability to ensure that they have no grievances and are treated fairly by their management. This training teaches the importance of developing the abilities of staff in an organisation and recognising their achievements.

Dealing with Company Crises and Regular Administration

Being a member of an HR team means maintaining a balance between the expected and unexpected for a business. Employees need to know that they will receive their salary on time, and it meets expectations. You will be taught how to deal with critical breakdowns and emergencies (such as a company takeover) with a view of representing the average worker and not the executives at the top.

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Learn about HR Management Models and gain the skills of an HR Administrator



Know how to attract candidates to vacancies in an organisation and induct them quickly



Discover how to reward and recognise achievements, monitor progress, and develop employee skills



Be able to identify development needs and provide incentives for employees to show appreciation and loyalty



Understand how to ensure that crucial information and procedural changes are effectively delivered to 100% of the workforce



Gain total and comprehensive awareness of the roles and responsibilities that an HR administrator needs in their role

Joel Brookes

Faculty, Program in Graphic Design
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Joel Brookes

Faculty, Program in Graphic Design
One Education

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With a team of industry professionals producing and delivering our course content, you can be sure the skills and knowledge you learn are applicable to your career aspirations, whether that’s in management, administration or beyond.

What skills will you learn?

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All Our Programs Include

Skill-building Assignments and Specialist Knowledge

Skill-building Assignments and Specialist Knowledge

From real-world examples and input from experts in the field

First-class Coaching and Technical Support

First-class Coaching and Technical Support

From our trained team of helpers and IT staff

Career Path Advice​

Career Path Advice

Valuable assistance is given with your job-searching

Adaptable Study Structures

Adaptable Study Structures

Catering for all of your personal needs and time constraints

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