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Enrol on this comprehensive sales training to hone your skills in driving a business forward by selling products or services to customers. Let us take you from the basic principles of salesmanship to the more advanced levels of digital marketing and executive targets.

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A salesperson has the objective to sell a company's products or services to individuals, businesses, and other organisations. These sales could be domestic or international and apply to a vast range of specialist sectors or general trade industries. Salespeople must approach potential customers with the aim of helping them and then winning new business or gaining contacts. This requires superior people management skills and the ability to maintain good working relationships whenever possible.

Sales Training Principles and Advanced Selling Techniques

All salespeople will have selling techniques that suit their circumstances, the items they are selling, and their strengths as an individual. You will be shown the most effective techniques that retailers use in various industries and how they can be applied to your chosen field. The concept of providing excellent service whilst achieving sales targets is the foundation of operations for all sales experts.

Negotiation Mastery and Sales Analysis

Successful sales require vital elements of negotiation, even when the price is set. Perhaps a customer is not sure that the item is helpful for them, but you know that it will be. You will learn how to enter into productive and positive negotiation sessions with prospective customers. However, this can only be successful if you know what the consumers want and what is trending, so this critical aspect of retailing is also presented.

Business Development and Digital Marketing

The retail industry has changed in a wide range of ways in recent years, and salespeople need to be aware of these changes and embrace them. You will be shown how to influence the growth and development of a business and ensure that it is profitable. The importance of social media and digital marketing is also explored, and the skills needed to make a brand stand out online is presented.

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Learn the principles and foundations of selling and how it has become an integral part of human society



Become familiar with how a customer thinks and what will attract them to certain products or services



Know how to apply different methods for selling something, adapting to circumstances and the customer's needs



Be able to enter into discussions and show flexibility when dealing with a customer's requirements



Gain the ability to increase the purchases of specific products by using promotional means



Use the Microsoft app to evaluate sales results and project what strategies need to be employed on the sales floor



Jump to the next level in sales and learn how to increase your profitability and brand recognition



Appreciate the importance of telesales and sales centres and become capable of running a regional centre



Become fully aware of the potential of digital marketing and how to best use it to promote sales



Know what is needed at a sales job interview and be able to start on the salesmanship ladder

Joel Brookes

Faculty, Program in Graphic Design
One Education

Joel Brookes

Faculty, Program in Graphic Design
One Education

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Skill-building Assignments and Specialist Knowledge

Skill-building Assignments and Specialist Knowledge

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First-class Coaching and Technical Support

First-class Coaching and Technical Support

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Career Path Advice

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Adaptable Study Structures

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