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From A Chore To A Hobby: Making Cooking Fun

Many people tend to be too busy with their daily life activities. This is why they tend to run away from cooking. I mean, when you have a demanding job in spite of the fact that you are working from home and children’s busy schedules, cooking will definitely slide down your list of priorities. It could be worse even if you are single or live alone because you could be content with getting some processed or fast food. Shifting one’s perception about working with food and creating a meal alone may not appeal to everyone because some people do not just like going to the kitchen. So how about including striking features in your kitchen to make you want to go there. Let’s see some tips on making cooking fun.

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Create an inviting aura in your kitchen

This can help a great deal but it could be quite subjective to say the least. What may appear to be singularly uplifting for someone may not make another get motivated to go to the kitchen. However, there are some common features that appeal to the majority of people. It is all about creating a warm environment that makes you feel excited about going to cook. For example, you can make the surroundings cozy with some plants in vases. There may be a problem here with a lack of sunlight which is supposed to help the plants grow. LED grow lights could prove useful here. They won’t only be assisting with the growth of the plants but also help beautify the surroundings.

Introduce some soft music to enliven the proceedings

If you are the type that loves to listen to music almost every free time, why not take the music to your kitchen. You could put a small mobile Bluetooth speaker in your kitchen and play your choices of music and dance to them while waiting for some simmering or something to get fried. Music has a way of motivating the soul. It lifts one’s spirit and gets you up and about things you didn’t have the motivation to delve into earlier. 

Music is the Food of the Soul

After all, it is not for nothing that music is called the ‘food of the soul.’ This is why it is such a great idea to nourish your soul even as you whip up culinary delights to nourish your body as well.  You don’t have to dance to the groove while tossing stuff in the pan, but there is no harm in enjoying a little humming and tapping while your food is cooking, So you can try it today and see how things get for you. With a little experimentation, you too will learn to enjoy the beat and the tasty dishes you whip up. 

Have friends over to cook with you

It may sound like too many cooks spoiling the broth but when you are not in the mood to do something, there is the option of doing it with friends around so you can be better motivated. There is another catch here, you can learn some kitchen skills from any one of them who loves cooking and is very good at it. Apart from the fact things get done faster, there is better bonding with your friends and there could never be any dull moment with this arrangement.  There are plenty of recipes that you can try out and cook as a group. This will definitely get you a step closer to making cooking a hobby. 

Cook for and with your partner

You can also give it a shot with your partner. Cooking for each other is probably one of the most romantic things you can do. Add to that the fun of participating in such a wholesome activity. You can try to compete with each other to see who has the best taste for the sublime. It does not matter who cooks what. You will both come out as winners. Especially when the goal is the same. I.e. To please each other by making the best dish possible. 

Always make allowances for mistakes

One of the reasons why people get less motivated is because they feel it has been a long time since they cooked and so their cooking skills may have become very rusty. It will be a feeling of why cook when it will probably taste horrible? Well, you won’t be able to find out if you don’t try, would you? You have to give room for mistakes like the food not being well seasoned, getting your food burnt, or forgetting to add seasoning at all. It is okay to make mistakes and it should encourage you to try again. With more trials, you will get to perfection. You have to remember that there was never any handbook of cooking in the beginning. The different meals that are known today around the world were eventual products of many trials and errors until the most tasteful edition came about. 

When in doubt, follow your taste buds

So what if you do end up with a culinary disaster on your hands? Always remember, taste buds don’t forget and if they decide they don’t like something then it is better to accept their decision. Once you are in harmony with them, you will really enjoy your meals. It will just take some time to get to know what they like and dislike. After all, we all learn from our mistakes and take them as stepping stones towards eventual success. If handled correctly, you will know just what you have to avoid the next time and what you need to put in to create that perfect taste. A few debacles will go a long way in making your future efforts work out well for you.

Join a cooking class

Embracing cooking classes helps you meet new people, share cooking tips, and improve your cooking skills. You can search online for the type of meals you want to learn to cook and you should get people offering to give classes on those options. Joining a cooking class can also give you the motivation to try out new recipes on your own thereby making your cooking more creative. With time, cooking becomes a hobby for you. Luckily, there are many online cooking classes you can take now, the opportunities are endless! 

Apart from the above, a cooking class will help ensure that you don’t keep on making the same mistakes. Your instructors will be at hand to teach you everything you need to know. At the same time, you will also be in a better position to see just what you are capable of, as your fellow students taste your food and give their critical feedback. Your teachers will be at hand to evaluate your work and gently guide you so that you end up becoming an expert cook. With the right people to guide and motivate you, your culinary delights will easily become the talk of the town.

Do not fall into a rut

Regardless of how good you are at making a specific dish, the odds are that if you continue to make and eat the samve thing again and again, you will almost certainly get very bored. 

After all, as they say, variety is the spice of life and this idiom holds especially true in the kitchen. For example, you can go full meatless on  Monday then you can do Turkey Salad Thursday. Fishy and spicy Fridays to jazz up the weekend and a Sandwich Saturday before head off to paint the town red on Sunday.  It is very simple really. The themed dinner idea is quite in vogue these days, and it is very easy to see why it is like this. Once you decide to assign a category to each individual day, you will end up with a clear blueprint with regard to your dinner. Of course, the rules are not really set in stone. You can always swap days or simply order in if you feel like it. Nevertheless, having specific days to look forward to can sure help in whetting up the appetite. You can also mix and match if you feel like it.  

A healthy diet and exercise is the key to health

If you are interested in building a healthy lifestyle then cooking at home can help you stay fit. In fact, a combination of a healthy diet that you cook yourself and working out with the right gym equipment can improve your physical and mental health to a great extent.

A Final word

The best way to make cooking fun and not look like some burden is by making up your mind to enjoy the act. If you are able to realign your mindset, it would be easier to put things in place or think of ways that can help you achieve your goal. Purchasing groceries and doing your own cooking creates a feeling of independence. There is also a feeling that comes with people telling you how great a cook you are. 

Higher Technician in Cooking and Gastronomy
Become a MasterChef and take your culinary abilities to the next level, when you enrol in our Higher Technician in Cooking and Gastronomy Course.
Higher Technician in Cooking and Gastronomy
Become a MasterChef and take your culinary abilities to the next level, when you enrol in our Higher Technician in Cooking and Gastronomy Course.
December 17, 2021

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