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7 Tips To Finding A Good Academic Tutor

Education is the key to success for most students, promising them a bright future. However, it’s never easy to complete a program and get a diploma successfully. More often than not, studying requires effort, time and motivation.

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To make learning easy, many students seek the help of tutors. Unfortunately, finding a good tutor can be a daunting task. With plenty of choices, it can be tough to find the perfect fit. While some tutors are highly experienced, others may have little experience. You also have to consider the teaching style, cost, convenience and experience.

7 Tips To Finding A Good Academic Tutor

Below are some of the tips to find a good academic tutor suited for your needs:

1. Use A Tutoring Community Platform

Seeking out online tutoring community platforms like Learnmate Australia is one of the best ways to find long- or short-term academic tutors. These platforms connect students who want small group study support or one-on-one tutoring with highly experienced and qualified tutors.

The primary goal of tutoring community platforms is to help students boost their confidence and academic performance. With tutors available for primary and secondary subjects, including mathematics, science, and English, students or parents can quickly find the right tutor.

To make the most out of a tutoring community platform, you need to do the following:

  • Look for the tutors available near you.q
  • Create your account to access the tutor’s contact details.
  • Book your preferred lesson.
  • Learn more and achieve your unique study goals.

Make sure to work with a reliable tutoring agency or community platform. This way, you can be assured that you’ll enjoy a wonderful experience and convenience throughout your tutoring sessions.

2. Understand What You Need

Another way to find an excellent academic tutor is to know what you’re searching for. It’s helpful to create a list of the things you need. For example, if you want to improve your communication skills in English, you should know what type of tutor you prefer. If possible, ask yourself some questions about what you want to improve when studying and the goals you’re trying to achieve.

You might also like to gauge your comfort level with tutoring options. While some learners pursue their tutoring support and education online, you might want to be a student who prefers a few in-person tutoring sessions. So, figure it out before you secure an academic tutor.

Both in-person and online tutoring sessions have pros and cons. The decision will boil down to various things like your budget. For example, if you prefer an online tutor, one of the benefits you can enjoy is the freedom to take tutoring sessions anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection and laptop, you can work with your tutor wherever you want.   

3. Look Into Non-Profits

Several colleges and non-profits may offer free tutoring help for students who need extra support. Most of these organisations work with graduate and undergraduate students to provide tutoring on different subjects for secondary and primary students.

For non-profits, you can search online for options. You may also find tutoring options for students with special needs.

4. Research Your Options

Narrow down your options based on your needs. Regardless of what you’re looking for in tutors, you need to research to know more about the following:

  • References – If possible, check the tutor’s references. Many tutors who work with colleges, schools or private companies have passed a background check and some screenings. So, ask your preferred tutors for references to make a well-informed decision in the long run.
  • Tutor’s Credentials – What level of experience or education do you want your tutor to have? Keep in mind that expertise in one field doesn’t prepare somebody to teach students in another area. Tutors with a few years of experience and an excellent track record are a good start.
  • Teaching Methodology And Philosophy – You have had some teachers with whom you really connected, and most of their words continue to come back even after many years have passed. Often, it’s because of their teaching methodologies and philosophy.

Therefore, when looking for a tutor, know what’s essential to you, and seek these out when you research on your prospects.

5. Get References From Your Relatives And Other Parents

If you don’t want to spend your time searching online or offline for an academic tutor, you can ask other parents or relatives for references. The good thing about asking people you know is that they’ll tell you honestly about their experiences.

It’ll also provide you a solid context when selecting a tutor, and one that exceeds anything they can read about the tutor online or in a brochure. So, find time to contact your relatives or other parents who have used a tutor’s services before.

Once you have a list of tutors, you can begin selecting. Remember that not all tutors have the same experience level and expertise. If you’re looking for someone who can help you with your secondary subjects, don’t waste your time working with primary school tutors.

6. Ask At School 

Every school works hard to provide students with the best possible support and services. If you’re looking for a good academic tutor, you can reach out to the school to know your options.

Aside from providing you with a list of qualified tutors in your area, school staff may recommend programs or study groups designed to help students with various subjects. Typically, a test prep study session is available after school and during breaks to help students prepare for university or college education.

7. Determine The Tutor’s Availability And Your Budget

Consider your tutor’s availability and your budget when finding a good academic tutor. Remember that not all tutors have the same rates. While some tutors set their own rates, others base their charges on their agencies. Depending on your budget, choose the one that’s not too pricey yet can guarantee quality tutoring services.

Ask about the tutor’s availability to know how to fit your tutoring sessions into your schedule. For example, if you’re only available during the weekends, look for tutors who can provide sessions every weekend.

The best academic tutor has a flexible schedule and is willing to give you lessons anytime you’re free. So, if you need tutoring sessions any time of the week or day, on-demand online tutoring could be an option.

Good Academic Tutor

What Makes A Good Academic Tutor?

The right academic tutor must be interested in understanding the student’s needs before offering any kind of tutoring session. Mastery in subjects doesn’t make anyone a good tutor.

In fact, emotional intelligence is crucial in one-on-one learning as student problems may stem from various difficulties. For example, some students struggle with confidence problems, and the best tutor knows the difference.

Tutoring experts also recognize the student’s strengths, improve their weaknesses, and help them study effectively without fostering dependency. This way, students will feel comfortable and be more interested in getting tutoring sessions, motivating them to study better.

Benefits Of Hiring An Academic Tutor

It isn’t uncommon for students to lose their motivation to study harder. For this reason, this may affect their grades and academic performance at school.

While grades don’t reflect a student’s knowledge and intelligence, they’re still crucial and may affect their future endeavours. Therefore, hiring an academic tutor may come in handy.

Although hiring one may mean an extra expense, there are many benefits you can enjoy from working with an academic tutor, and these include the following:

1. Improve Academic Results

Students fall behind in school for various reasons. Some do so on account of health reasons. Some fall behind because of economic or personal circumstances that kept them from school for some time. Then there are some who cannot keep up because of learning disabilities.

The best thing about hiring an academic tutor is that it can help students stay on the right track, allowing them to improve their academic performance and get good grades at the same time. With the help of tutors, students may also enhance their ability to learn other subjects better.

The right tutor knows what students need and how they can help students achieve their goals. So, even if it’s another expense, investing money in tutoring sessions is worth it.

2. Fill The Gaps

As most schools cater to a huge number of students, it isn’t uncommon to see many students struggling with their subjects. Such students struggle in understanding topics for various reasons. For example, if students have problems with Algebra, it’s more likely due to their struggles in understanding the basic operations, such as division and multiplication. As they haven’t mastered the basics, they’ll have trouble understanding complex topics that apply the fundamentals. Unfortunately, school curricula cannot wait for students who haven’t mastered the fundamentals. For this reason, students may continue with the endless cycles of not understanding their lessons, making it difficult for them to understand the other topics.

With tutors, students can have the opportunity to learn the basics. Tutors can determine where the student fell off and pick it up from there. With this, students will overcome their situation effectively, enabling them to master the basics and solve complex problems successfully.

3. Strengthen Study Habits

Students who find various subjects, like chemistry and math, impossible aren’t actually struggling with the subjects. More often than not, they simply don’t know how to study effectively.

The good thing about hiring academic tutors is that they’re not only homework helpers. They’ll also help students learn how to study and boost their study habits.

Tutors can help students learn to deal with their problems independently and take better notes to have a study guide to prepare for future exams. Plus, students will be able to learn how to read long chapters in a textbook and retain only the most crucial information.

With good study habits, students will be able to improve their academic performance, which can be the key to their future. So, if you’re struggling with your study habits and want to improve them, you can never go wrong with hiring a tutor for your academic needs.

4. Personalised Learning Experience

Every student’s learning needs vary, and so do their retention and comprehension skills. Due to this, it’s beneficial for students to have a personalised learning experience.

With a tutor, students can benefit from learning on their own pace and right in the comfort of their home. Because of this convenience, this may help students improve their learning skills effectively.

Academic tutors adapt to the unique needs and learning style of students. Unlike at school, students usually adjust. With tutors, students co-create their learning experience and feel more involved throughout the process. This gives you a sense of investment you can look to each time you feel challenged during tutoring sessions. 

5. Improve Time Management

These days, most students juggle classes, extracurricular activities and upcoming exams. As a result, students feel anxious and stressed and can’t make time to sleep and bond with their friends and family.

One of the amazing benefits of good academic tutors is that they can teach students how to manage time more mindfully and effectively. Better study habits may go a long way towards helping students complete their homework and study for exams efficiently.

Tutors may also help students develop a system of prioritising and recording tasks. They can prompt the students to reflect on long- and short-term goals and ensure they’re spending time in accordance with these. Moreover, they can help students focus better and avoid distracting activities, keeping them alert and prepared to study.

Wrapping Up

Finding an academic tutor may be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be if you follow the above tips. You have the option to use a tutoring community platform, ask at school or get referrals from relatives and friends. There are various options you can choose from when finding a tutor best suited for your needs. Just settle with a tutor whom you feel comfortable with and ensure your learning style matches the tutor’s methodology and philosophy. Ultimately, it’s about finding a tutor who works well with and for you.


April 21, 2022

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