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Learn Microsoft Excel Online and Boost Your Career

I know this man named Harry, who has a corporate job. He has a lot of uses for spreadsheets or to be specific MS Excel. But he never learnt it. So, his boss is preferring his colleagues over him when doing favours or giving promotions. Now, he can’t leave the job because he has a family of 5 people that includes his old mother, wife and his two little daughters. And he can’t find time to go through classes on excel or other essential IT skills. With a career that wasn’t progressing and a life that in his words became “not worth living ” he set out to resolve this. Thus he went to his friend and a successful businessman Noah to help him with his wisdom.  Noah refers him to learn Microsoft excel online by taking courses with accredited certifications. Harry took the course from one education. And now he is making more money than anyone else in his office.

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What changed in Harry’s case? How did his life see such a sudden turnaround? What can we learn from it?

We will discuss all these today in this article. We will discuss why you should learn Excel as well as why you should learn anything online. We will pursue the same kind of results Harry found for us. Let’s begin-

What is Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software. In fact, it is the most prominent spreadsheet software of them all. Now one may wonder

What is spreadsheet

A file that exists of cells in rows and columns is a spreadsheet. It can help arrange, calculate and sort data the data in a spreadsheet. The rows in a spreadsheet have numeric names (1, 2, 3 etc) while the columns have alphabetic names (a, b, c, etc). So the names of cells exist of a letter and a number that points out their position in the grid.

So, a spreadsheet is a file made of columns and rows. It helps sort data, arrange data, and calculate numerical data. What makes a spreadsheet software program unique? It can calculate values using mathematical formulas and the data in cells. 

An example of how we may utilise a spreadsheet is creating an overview of our bank’s balance. The most prominent spreadsheet software is Microsoft Excel. And like MS Word and PowerPoint, Microsoft excel online training dominates spreadsheet tutorials.

Why learn Microsoft Excel

There are various important reasons to take Microsoft excel online training. Before we start the in-depth discussion, let’s go over the reasons once first.

Reasons to learn Microsoft Excel Online

  • It is the industry standard,
  • It adds to your skill-set,
  • It increases your work-efficiency,
  • It makes you more valuable,
  • It helps you analyse data better,
  • It helps you find patterns and stories,
  • It helps you manage and run your business.

Now let’s elaborate the reasons below:

It is the industry standard

Without a doubt, Microsoft Excel is the standard of the industry. People with skills on this software were adored across the world. The usage of MS Excel is so wide that it can be considered a global language. If you are efficient in MS Excel, you will find jobs anywhere in the world. Yes, these days the skill has become very common as everybody is learning it. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value. The program is still more valuable than ever as now it’s so expected to be in the candidate’s knowledge domain that nobody even puts it in their CV anymore. One has to know MS Excel to even be considered for jobs.

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It adds to your skill-set

Microsoft Excel teaches you a wide variety of skills.  Excel is your go-to tool to organise data in an easy-to-navigate way. It helps you do essential and complex mathematical functions. You can take piles of data into helpful graphics and charts with Excel. You can analyse data, make forecasting predictions as well as create, build, and edit pixelated images with Microsoft Excel.

It increases your work efficiency

Microsoft Excel online training will teach you a vast array of skills. You will be able to build a new set of skills when you learn Microsoft excel. It’s obvious how using Excel faster can make your use of Excel itself more efficient. Understanding Excel at an advanced level enables to complete a variety of tasks fast. It helps make decisions quicker. Also, to find the answers to questions immediately, both employer & employees. Learning Microsoft Excel also helps team projects move swiftly.

It makes you more valuable

When it’s evident that you have more skills to offer to your company, the faster you become at your work, the more useful to them you become. If you want to be essential to your employer, you must keep increasing your value. Otherwise, you’ll find that one day someone else comes along who has all the skills you have – and more. You can avoid that by always learning. And that can start with Excel.

It helps you analyse data better

MS Excel provides a wide array of tools and arranges data in its rows and columns of cells. This allows you to put and analyse data way better and well managed.

It helps you find patterns and stories

Once you find related data on your screen, you can immediately identify all necessary patterns in the data. Then the data becomes information. In that information, you start finding the stories and with them, you make your stories. If the data was scattered everywhere and not in one place, this wouldn’t be possible. So, we can totally say MS Excel helps you find patterns and stories.

It helps you manage and run your business

Once you know how to use Excel, you can always use that skill for your own businesses, not for another person. You can analyse data for your own businesses. Become a storyteller, unlike anyone ever was. Find patterns of such kinds that give you a competitive advantage over your competition. All in all, for the sake of keeping track of your business, you can always use your skills in MS Excel.

So, we did find a lot of good reasons to learn Microsoft Excel but why did Harry learn it online? How learning online better for us?

Why learn from online

There are many reasons to learn things online. We will discuss only the major reasons here in this article.

Reasons for choosing to learn Microsoft Excel Online

  • Variety of programs and courses
  • Lower total costs
  • The more comfortable learning environment
  • Avoid commuting altogether
  • Doing it by the side

Variety of programs and courses:

Online courses provide a wide array of subjects. Unlike traditional education where we only get certain subjects to study. From vocational skills to academic certificates and degrees, everything can be found online.

Lower total costs:

Online programs provide a more affordable option for everybody. Although some online degrees cost as much as college, they reduce the associated expenses.  But most online courses offer affordable pricing. The courses that offer certifications after taking exams give higher values when you take them to apply for jobs or higher studies.

More comfortable learning environment:

You can take an online course from anywhere. If you are to learn in your own home, without the pain of going elsewhere, imagine how easy life becomes. Well, this image can become a reality. You can wear pajamas and take classes prepared by experts from all over the world.

Avoid commuting altogether:

In times of natural calamities, your learning will be definitely hampered if you have to be elsewhere. With online courses, that problem will never occur. You can learn from anywhere in your own time. So, you are leaving the burden and expenses of commuting when you are taking the course online.

Doing it by the side:

As with the case of Harry, if you can’t leave your job for some reason, you will become stuck. Online courses could un-stuck you as you can learn it at your own pace. Even if you can’t spend more than 10 minutes a day, you can take online courses. The same can’t be true for traditional educational institutes.

So? What’s the play?

We can, in the end, say that choosing to learn Microsoft excel online could change your life as it worked for Harry. You could transform your career by taking an online course.

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October 6, 2021

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